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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 31, 2015

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Taking on Leftist Hollywood--The Matrix Reloaded...Again!

What would you do if a large portion of your life's work was stolen by the billionaires in the Hollywood entertainment community? You're about to find out what one brilliant and intrepid woman did. She has her detractors and supporters, alike. She has had judges rule against her only to have rulings overturned in her favor. Some rulings she won by default because the defendants and their attorneys didn't show up in court. She has spent an inordinate number of years fighting the very powerful Hollywood Entertainment Complex. It has been an increasingly uphill battle all the way. Note: I don't know of anyone who would have spent decades of her life and suffered the paid troll “she's crazy” treatment unless she knew she was right and fighting for that which was and is rightfully hers. You decide.

Through a dynamic mutual friend, I was introduced to one of the most interesting people I've yet met. On a much smaller scale, I had a similar experience as did my interview guest so her story rings more true than false with me. Both the Matrix and Terminator franchises have made billions of dollars for those who brought them to the screen. Under most circumstances, this would have been well deserved by the individuals who developed and produced and brought the projects resulting in blockbuster films. However, in the case of these projects, there was and is one immense problem. The properties were, ostensibly, stolen from the rightful author/creator. Her name is Sophia Stewart. This is her story.

Brief BIO

Sophia Stewart received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in journalism and minors in law and psychology from the City University of New York. While attending the University, she studied under the guidance of many celebrated authors and writers such as; Max Segal a former journalist of the New York Times. Publisher, editor, essayist, and critic, Emile Capouya, and Paul Cherry, a playwright for Broadway. She, also, served as an intern for television at the Public Broadcasting Station WNET Thirteen, where she worked with Oscar winning film documentary producer, Perry Miller Adato. Her graduating class was honored with a special letter/citation from President Jimmy Carter.

Sophia studied cinema at the University of Southern California (USC). It was there she had the opportunity to study film under the auspices of producer Leon Roth; father of Eric Roth, screenwriter of the movie Forrest Gump. By the early 80’s Stewart had started writing professionally. It was through her association with the entertainer Janet Jackson that she became involved in a special project that enabled her to write her first television scripts entitled “My Special Love” and “Blue Short”. During this period Ms. Stewart also had the opportunity to work at Columbia Pictures in the office of Vice President Dick Berres. It was at Columbia Pictures where Dick Berres supported her aspirations to write and gave Sophia five first draft scripts. One was called “From Here to Eternity”. She is an accomplished award-winning poet who has published over one hundred poems. On June 2, 2007 she was nominated for the international award called: 'Lifting Up the World with a Oneness Heart.' An award offered to people who have made exceptional contributions to the human family.

Awards (partial list)

Rosa Parks Award' from the NAACP in December 2005, honor award for empowering the people from the Las Vegas Music Awards in September 2006,

Mother of the Matrix as she is affectionately known, wrote her Epic “The Third Eye” while she was studying cinema at the University of Southern California. This ingenuous work, copyrighted since 1981, is the foundation and contains the core elements of the blockbuster films: The Terminator and The Matrix.

The Interview

Sher: Welcome, Sophia! Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me and I know my readers will be extremely interested in what you have to say. You are the author of both the Matrix and the Terminator series Yet, there were those who thought you wouldn't dare fight them after they—for all intents and purposes--stole your works. Those who stole your work believed they were so powerful that you would never successfully challenge them. This truly is a David and Goliath story. In fact, the awards you've received from these lawsuits are said to be the largest of their kind. Would you give us the background of what led you to file lawsuits against some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in Hollywood?

Sophia: I believe that all people around the world should fight against any standing evil or injustices. I was offered a settlement for $5-7 Million dollars by Warner Brothers in 1999, because they do not and have never owned Matrix nor Terminator Franchises. Anyone can do a title search and find out this information. The Wachowskis Brothers never owned Matrix or wrote it, nor did they sell it to WB. These defendants, among others have been lying and paying slush fund monies for years just to stay out of jail. We have the most horrible movies, because of the theft done by the studios. Some of the best movies came from the many books and story brought from the people. This is why the “Hellywood” industry is falling apart within. The movie theaters are empty, no matter who are starring in them.

Sher: After the shock of realizing what the perpetrators had done to you what were your initial actions toward gearing up to fight back?

Sophia: I am an American paralegal, author, screenwriter, producer so I was never shocked nor surprised about the theft. I also come from a law enforcement and Military family. I went to the FBI and the US Attorney and filed theft of copyrights on the defendants. The theft of the Matrix and Terminator was validated by both the Department of Justice and FBI. I never saw the 84' Terminator, but I was informed by the bureau in 2001 that I was also the writer of the Terminator Series. I created the characters in both Matrix and Terminator, and the line "I'll Be back" comes from me verbatim, all validated by the FBI and court evidence entered into the Utah Federal Courts on June 25, 2014 (case no. 2:07cv552-EJF-DB) . So every time Arnold Schwarzenegger says that line he owes me money!

Sher: What were the initial results when you contacted attorney firms? Were they fearful of going against the powerful Hollywood Entertainment Complex? You took this fight on and won many of the lawsuits pro se. Please tell the readers what you've had to go through over the last few decades in your battle to regain your own work.

Sophia: I did not contact any law firms. I filed the Law suit myself, on April 24, 2003 in the California Federal Courts (case no. CV03-02873-MMM(VBKx). The Chief Federal Judge was Terry Hatter Jr. and second judge on my case was Margaret M. Morrow. Hatter court ordered RICO (Racketeer, Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ) served on the defendants immediately after I answered his 20 questions. I went to the FBI June 10, 1999 after, the settlement with WB was aborted because it was Criminal Copyright Infringement. None of the defendants had bought nor contracted my work from me. I would not take the settlement money because I would be selling my copyrights that are worth billions, instead of millions of dollars. These same defendants told Judge Morrow that they had settled with me, when they knew it was not true (see California court documents). I am not afraid to stand up and fight for my copyrighted IP. No one should be afraid to take what is their by divine rights. Matrix and Terminator is Black Art work originated in America and it did not come from Europeans. It comes out of my soul and mouth when I speak about my work.

Sher: Two of your properties were made into films and a series developed for and from each. Terminator was released in 1984---over 30 years ago. It appears the two projects—the Matrix and Terminator—were “split apart” from your work The Third Eye. Is that correct? At any time did you have or were you offered an agreement from any of the entities named in your lawsuits or did they simply think that you were too small to take on the 'great and powerful'?

Sophia: Yes, several movies, among other derivatives come from my 81' 83' 84' script treatment and book both entitled "The Third Eye ". All theft and agreements with other third parties were done behind my back as I have already stated. My work early on was put into constructive trusts such as: Pacific Western, Hemdale Films, Caroleo Pictures, Term Matrix, etc and a host of others dummy companies as stated in my court documents, validated FBI evidence and exhibits. The corporations, which are the machines are not afraid of anyone or anything except the truth. Their survival depends on fooling the unsuspecting public who support the movie productions they go to see, thus the reason for the deception and concern. The public does not support theft, they simply will not buy a ticket. WB stocks will take a major hit. Again, not any of these same defendants ever bought nor contracted any of my work. I am the creator and legal owner of both the Matrix and Terminator Franchises. The same defendants stole and bought [an] $85K teleplay from Harlan Ellison, gave him a little credit and then removed his name.

Ellison did not author Terminator. He was used as a cover for James Cameron, because the whole Hollywood Industry knew that Cameron first project called Piranha bombed. He was not [the] writer, but [he was] a good liar. He often mentioned in the news [that] he had stolen from others. I have those articles for anyone to see, but they can be found in the News archives on James Cameron. The bottom line is the studios steal and gag all the time , so the public will not find out about their dark dirty deeds. The public will never support theft and will not forgive or forget it. Stealing from the people is pure greed. Why steal , when you have the money to pay for it? It is a sickness. It is also corruption that needs to be wiped from the face of the Earth.  

Sher: During our phone conversation, you mentioned that you'd like to make the Matrix 4 film, as the book is already written and available at your website. Are you looking for producers to assist you in developing it for theatricals release?

Sophia: It is never the writer's film, it is always the director that get the credit for that. Few writers ever win an Oscar Award. It is always the Director's vision, no matter how great the writing or bad the director is. The writers are never given creative control , whether the studios buy or steal it. The studios adapt the writer's work the way they want to. After they have adapted the work, there is no guarantee that the film will be a failure or success. It is all a toss up like gambling in Las Vegas. The fans decide whether they loved the written work or not, because they buy the book. The book becomes a best seller. For those who are not informed, it is not the studio that creates the success of a film. They wish for that power. I am talking to production companies, producers, investors etc. This movie will cost $150 Million to make. This is not an 'Ma and Pa Kettle' project, and never will be. Matrix and Terminator have 3-4 billion fans globally, which makes it a major branded success. It must have care and [an] A-list director. The director is over the film's budget. I have approached Keanu Reeves about owning the script and producing the M-4 Movie. I am praying that he will personally get involved with the Matrix 4 Film Project as the original actors are getting older. The Matrix 5 Movie will have the younger Neo, Trinity, Morpheus etc. to carry on the movie franchise that is loved by all people around the world.

Sher: What advice would you give to budding script/screen writers or those who are planning to market their books in the Hollywood community?

Sophia: I always tell people to protect their work with copyrights, but it did not make a difference with my copyrighted work. It was still stolen, but I fought though the Federal courts and got it back. I also got $3.5 Billion Dollars in Liens on record for theft of service. My three court cases are a great example for others to gain knowledge and information. You can get this information from my website: www.matrixterminator.com and please take note that I now have a trademark case. My Campaign Link : http://www.gofundme.com/ngmyi8

For all the fans who love my work, please get Matrix 4 Book. Matrix 4 Movie coming soon.

Sher: Thanks so much for your time, Sophia. It's been a pleasure and an honor talking with you.

Truth about the Matrix: http://truthaboutmatrix.com/index.html

Author wins Copyright Case for Matrix movie: https://www.cctvcambridge.org/node/209881




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