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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  July 14, 2015

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A Woman of Faith and Prophetic Warnings

As we draw closer and closer to the fulfillment and finalization of longstanding Biblical prophecies, more and more people are receiving warning messages of things to come shortly as well as well as spiritual sustenance from God. It is my belief that Patricia Green is one of those individuals and that now is the time to begin sharing the messages with my readers. I foind Patricia to be an amazing woman and hope you find the same after reading her story and her messages.

Patricia Green's Bio

Dr. Patricia Green is the founder and president of Joy Ministries Worldwide which is a nonprofit ministry that preaches the full Gospel message of Yahshua. She travels the world preaching the gospel and equipping the saints with the Baptism of Holy Spirit, the Baptism of Fire, and the Seven Spirits of Yahweh. Patricia has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, a Master’s degree in Missiology, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy of religion specializing in world evangelism. Her heart’s desire is to see millions of souls birthed into the kingdom of Yahweh and empowered by His Spirit.

The Interview

Sher: Thank you so much for joining us, today, Patricia. I believe that, with the world in the state it is today, you bring a very strong message to the world. I was intrigued when I first heard you on Tribulation Now. Having had my own personal experiences as a child and into adulthood with many of the same revelations pertaining to the US West Coast, I was both fascinated and deeply sobered by what you had to say. You talked with the host about a warning to inhabitants of the US East Coast. Would you share some of the information you received with the readers?

Patricia: The Lord said, “The United States of America is a whelp; I gave her birth to be an ally of Israel. The United States will decrease and Israel will increase in the end. At the end of the age, there will be no greater nation than Israel. I will cause events to happen that will diminish the power and influence of the USA. People will say this cannot happen, but indeed it will happen, because I have spoken it!

“Nations that had great power in the past ages no longer exist because I declared their demise. You will declare these things and the people will scoff at you and say you have not heard from Me. But truly I say to you, these things will happen before I return. Do not fear to speak My truth. I am all powerful. I can wipe out a nation with My breath. With My voice I can flatten mountains, move islands, and create earthquakes, floods, and famines. Man is frail compared to My great power and with My outstretched hands I protect, provide, and possess My chosen and holy people. I want you to know that no matter what I show you about these end times, you are in the palm of My hands. Do not fear or worry. Just know that I am with you and I will bless you and your family.

“When famine, pestilence and disease strike the nations, I will protect and provide for My children. There will be a distinction between My people and those of the world. Tell My people not to fear because I am in control. In the end, the righteous will shine as bright as the morning sun and the wicked will perish. I am preparing My people so they do not die from the sword, the pestilence, and the famine.

“Many will get saved during this horrible time. The fear that the end is near will cause people to seek out Christians for truth. Just know that all must proceed as Holy Scriptures has stated. The sword will be the nuclear war. The famine will result from the drought when I withhold the rain. The pestilence will be a new strain of a disease that is not known and there will not be a cure. It will quickly kill people like the black plague. The war will last five years and the famine will quickly follow. My children will need wisdom to survive this tribulation. Food will be scarce, but My children will be prepared for the famine. I am instructing My children to begin to fill up their storehouses before the famine strikes, just as I instructed Joseph while he was in Egypt. It would be wise to begin storing provisions before the outbreak of the war.

“War is coming to America. There is wickedness in high places both in the spiritual realm and the natural realm. They are plotting behind the scenes to take America down. Important information was given to the Russian government regarding the USA and the Russians will use this information to attack the infrastructure of your nation. Many will hear of this plan but will ignore it, thinking it could never happen to their beloved nation. There is wickedness in high places in government, banking and independent companies who line their pockets with gold at the expense of your people.”

Sher: Patricia, please tell us about the dream you had concerning the US East Coast tsunami.


First Tsunami Dream April 17, 2013

These two dreams and vision occurred within two weeks of each other and they pertain to the United States. In this dream my husband and I were traveling in a vehicle in North Carolina. We were driving up a mountain road when we saw a policeman with his blue light flashing as a warning signal. He had stopped traffic which prevented us from proceeding up the mountain. In the dream, I got out of the vehicle and walked up the steep mountain road and the officer motioned for me to stop. Then all of a sudden a large wave rolled over the crest of the mountain and was heading towards me. I placed my back to the wave and was able to ride on the crest of it until it washed me back to the bottom of the mountain. At that moment in the dream, I knew that the Atlantic Ocean had washed in as far as this mountain in North Carolina.

Second Tsunami Dream April 27, 2013

In this second dream which occurred ten days later, I was at a beach on the East coast. There were many people at the beach enjoying the sand, sun and the ocean. There were some college aged boys who carried a couch and a rug to the edge of the shoreline as a joke. I warned them that the tide would come in and wash their couch away but they just ignored me and laughed. Then all of a sudden I saw this massive wave that was taller than the hotels and buildings and it was posed to crash onto the beach. In all my life, I had never seen a wave this high at the beach or in pictures. It towered above the tops of buildings.

Third Tsunami Vision April 30, 2013

The third warning about this massive wave came in a vision. In the vision, I was walking side by side with Yahshua in heaven and He spoke these words to me. “Patricia, I want to show you some things.” Yahshua parted the clouds so I could see on the earth below. I saw myself on the earth and there was a mighty wave rising up ready to crash on the shore line. Before this mighty wave hit, I was lifted up. The wave was hundreds of feet tall. Then Yahshua spoke these words to me. “This wave will hit the East coast. Warn the people to get out. This mighty wave will devastate coastal cities and will wash inland for many miles. Florida will be decimated. Washington, D.C. will be under water. New York Harbor will flood the city. In North Carolina, the water will come as far as the mountains. The water will not go beyond the Appalachian Mountains. There are those who will not believe what you are reporting. They will perish in the wave. Millions of people will lose their lives. Nothing of this magnitude happens on the earth unless I speak it through My prophets. I have shown many of My prophets this tsunami and they are also reporting it will happen.”

Yahshua did not give me a day or even a year when this massive tsunami wave will hit, He just instructed me to warn people. As a prophet of the Lord Most High, I am posting this warning for all to see. Many will think it could never happen and they will not heed this warning. But those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit of Understanding has revealed will take the necessary action to be safe.

Sher: Prior to the 2008 General Elections, what did you see then regarding Hillary Clinton and Obama?

Patricia: When I received this word from the Lord, Hillary Clinton was slightly ahead in the Democratic race.

“Barack Obama will win the democratic nomination and he will be the next president of the United States of America.”

I quickly said, “Lord, do you expect me to vote for a man who supports abortion and homosexuality?

“Child I did not tell you to vote for him. I am telling you he will be the next president of the United States. Barack Obama is a fork tongued devil.

“Your country has been pushing for abortions and homosexuality so I am giving you a president who will promote abortions and homosexuality. But be rest assured, My hand of judgment will come against your nation while he is president.”

Sher: When we recently talked, you said that there are 3 devastations coming to the USA and that you, also, see Martial Law under Obama as a certainty. Please tell us what you see coming in those arenas.

Patricia: Holy Spirit spoke this prophetic message to me. “The United States of America is about to swing into a new season. At first it will be a prosperous time, but it will be short lived. Next it will be a season of devastation from all directions. The first devastation will hit and when she is reeling from that one, the next will be right on its heels. When it looks like it cannot get any worse, indeed it will. This series of devastating events will cripple your nation and bring her to her knees. She will realize that she is no longer the powerful nation she once was. Look to the skies and you will see the first devastation. Look to the seas and you will see the next devastation. Look to the earth and you will see the third devastation. I the Lord of the heavens, the earth, and beneath earth have spoken.”

The Lord said, “I want to show you things that will happen in the United States of America during these years of tribulation. It will be a time of great national distress. All these things will occur in the final years before I return.”

This is what was revealed to me through Holy Spirit. There will be dams that break, which flood the lands and the people below. Hoover Dam will be one that breaks. Power supplies will be cut off to major cities and it will plunge people into darkness. I saw a vision of a huge ash cloud and bits of debris were falling to the earth. I saw tall buildings crumbling to earth in a heap of rubble, much like the Twin Towers collapsed. I saw bridges collapsing and falling into the waters below. Causeways that connected islands to the mainland were collapsing leaving people stranded on islands without food or supplies. I saw deep fissures in the earth’s surface as a result of great earthquakes. Universities, colleges, and schools were shut down because of the national disasters. Many people were dying because medicines were scarce during this time. I saw people being killed with guns and Holy Spirit said that martial law would replace the civil law of the land. The imposition of martial law would mean the suspension of civil rights and civil law would be replaced by military authority. There would be curfews, roadblocks and check points to maintain order and control. An executive order signed by President Obama has already broadened the government’s power to enact martial law even in peaceful times.

Sher: You said that the collapse of the USA is coming. Would this be via the previously mentioned devastations or is there a greater one coming?

Patricia: All the devastating events the Lord has shown me about our country are certainly enough to bring about the fall of the USA. The Lord said, “The United States of America will fall because of her wickedness. I raise nations up and I take nations down according to My will. I bless nations that follow My commands and I curse nations that disobey My commands. All that will happen to your nation will be a result of your nation’s sin. As a nation you have clamored for rights. People say that those rights are a freedom, when in fact it is bondage. Homosexuality is not a civil right; it is bondage to sexual impurity that destroys the covenant of marriage that I established. Abortion is bondage because of the emotional destruction that comes from taking a life of an innocent child. Sin is bondage and all sin is abhorrence to Me.”

Sher: Finally, do you see Obama remaining in the White House after his term as POTUS is up? He has even begun calling the White House 'his' house and 'his' home.

Patricia: I have not received anything from the Lord regarding whether Obama will remain in office even when his term is over. I have heard other credible prophets reporting that either martial law or war will prevent the elections of 2016 to occur and thus keep Obama in office beyond his term.

Sher: Thank you so much, Patricia. The warnings are extremely ominous but, they bring with them the extreme good news of the Lord's return! May God bless and keep you...and us all.

Warning to the US East Coast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tn3LVSSGV4

Joy Ministries: http://www.joyministriesworldwide.com/

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