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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  October 9, 2016

Topic category:  Other/General

Media: Trump's Locker Room Talk more important than Hillary's Crimes Against Humanity

The shock...SHOCK from the media over an 11 year-old locker room-type pre-show conversation between Billy Bush (who apparently secretly taped it) and Donald Trump is truly staggering. Not being able to find anything substantive to throw against him, the media have decided to trash him because he's a “too-high-testosterone-crude-talking-behind-the-scenes man!” Yikes! He's a MAN!!!”

Was Mr. Trump crude? Why...yes he was. However, I seem to remember a few other US Presidents who have, also, been crude in their talk about their prowess in bed and their women. These include, but are not limited to LBJ (Democrat) who named his penis “Jumbo,” JFK (Democrat) who said "You know, I get a migraine headache if I don't get a strange piece of ass every day," Warren Harding (Republican) whose nickname was “hard-on,” Richard Nixon (Republican) "these bitches who write for the Post and the New York Times," Bill Clinton (Democrat)--Yikes, where do we even start with Bill who demeaned women all of the time, to the point that his wife Hillary Clinton had a team (or several teams) whom she would send out whenever one of them brought up rape and other abuse charges—Juanita Broderick was beaten badly by Bill—and I think most of us remember Monica Lewinsky and the “cigar incident.” Others are listed below in my source materials, as they're too numerous to place here.

On the other side, Hillary Clinton has brought down countries (think Libya as a starter), gotten rid of the leaders of countries (think Muammar Gaddafi whom Hillary publicly stated she detested). She has aligned herself with countries that are anti-gay, anti-women's rights, pro-Islamic and anti-USA in order to receive huge amounts of money from them--think Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE and, also, Brunel and Jamaica. Clinton has committed one crime after another including, but not limited to, using a private server in her house to conduct US government business and hide what she was really doing and to whom she was sending emails and information—which included Top Secret documents--as Secretary of State. In recent releases from Wikileaks and Judicial Watch, it's been shown that Obama and other Democrats knew about it and Obama even used a pseudonym to correspond with Hillary over her illegal server.

Hillary, also, has been and continues to be protected from prosecution of her crimes by Obama, his DOJ and FBI head James Comey...who provided the same services to her when she was embroiled in her illegalities during the Whitewater investigations. At that time, Comey's comments about her actions in the Whitewater scandalwere almost identical to the ones he made regarding her criminal activities in destroying evidence during “ServerGate.” After acknowledging her crimes, he “rubbed the American people's face in it” when he announced he would not recommend indictment. Note...we assume he laughed loudly and long when he was out of eye-shot of the cameras and ear-shot of the Mics.

The bottom line is this...Trump has the plans to actually fix the country, as he's created and fixed companies that are now thriving. He's the only one who has a chance to actually make the USA thrive again. Clinton has said she will continue Obama's policies which are in the process of killing our country. Trump has dealt with world leaders for years toward building and creating. Clinton has traveled to other countries and met with their leaders. But, notwithstanding all of her trips, she has done nothing to improve the USA. In fact, she didn't do anything to help the people of New York when she was one of its senators. She will continue to do nothing to better the USA but, will continue Obama's program to destroy it.

With Hillary and her husband, it's all about the money, folks...and our money is their money. It always has been and always will be. With Trump, it's about building, creating, growing and helping all to thrive. It's your decision as to whether you want to thrive with Mr. Trump or support the Establishment Class and their wholly-owned media who have no intention of allowing you to manage yourself, your families or to reinstate your religious beliefs and financial stability. In the end it comes down to Hillary who represents the Communist Collective State and Trump who represents individual rights, personal liberty and true--not-crony--capitalism. If we all look at what's happened to us and our country over the last 8 years, the choice is a very easy and simple one. Our choice is death with Clinton or the potential for our country's renewed life with Trump.

On choosing a leader...”The one who exhorts, in his exhortation; the one who contributes, in generosity; the one who leads, with zeal; the one who does acts of mercy, with cheerfulness”-- Romans 12:8

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