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Author: Sher Zieve
Date:  June 12, 2017

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Time to Shut Down the Partisan Witch Hunt against Trump

We-the-People already know—and have known for almost a year—that the faux “Russian-collaboration investigation” into now-President Trump and his team is just that…false. Despite the continued Deep State’s attempts to try to have something stick to our president—think lying Clapper and John Brennan as well as pretend non-partisan former FBI Chief Mueller and his discredited BFF (and student) former FBI Chief James Comey--it has been a partisan witch-hunt from its inception.

I have been writing about the peculiar, if not highly inappropriate, associations and actions for many months and have received a huge amount of leftist flack for my commentaries. However, now the inimitable writer, political expert and former Speaker of the House under President Bill Clinton’s reign Newt Gingrich has deftly written and published his latest column “Comey Invalidates Special Counsel.” I highly recommend it.

During the time both Mueller and Comey worked at the FBI, a mentor-student relationship began and, then, developed into a deep friendship that continues to this day. Theirs is also a canny relationship. During the Bush Administration, Comey was the Deputy AG to US Attorney General John Ashcroft. When Ashcroft was stricken with a severe gall bladder attack and rushed to the hospital, Comey was fearful that someone would get to Ashcroft and, possibly, have him sign off on a project dubbed Stellar Wind. Comey had been in a battle that had been escalating into a war with then-POTUS George W. Bush and the White House, Comey intended to stop Stellar Wind. Garret M. Graff at Politico writes: “When Jim Comey first learned that Andrew Card and Alberto Gonzales were on their way to the George Washington Hospital room of John Ashcroft, his first call for help was to Bob Mueller. Comey knew that the White House chief of staff and the White House counsel would try to push the attorney general to renew the National Security Agency’s Terrorist Surveillance Program, code-named STELLAR WIND. Comey, who was then Ashcroft’s deputy, had spent the preceding weeks leading the charge against the White House and especially Vice President Dick Cheney against the program, which the Justice Department’s lawyers had determined was illegal. For days, Comey had weathered intense pressure to reauthorize STELLAR WIND, the debate escalating as the program’s expiration date neared. Cheney’s office had told Comey in no uncertain terms that if the program wasn’t OK'd, Americans would die—and their blood would be on Comey’s hands.” Note: Fearful even then, Comey called his very close friend the-FBI Director Robert Mueller and asked him to intervene and ‘fix it’ as he begged: “Don’t let them remove me!” Mueller complied with his good friend’s request and ordered his Secret Service Agents to allow Comey entrance into Ashcroft’s hospital room. This is but, one example of the close relationship between these two men.

By the way, does anyone really believe Comey wasn’t working for Hillary? In October 2016, I wrote in my column “Hillary & Tim—Are they Both Nuts Now?: “Then there was Whitewater, which was a fraudulent scheme to bilk huge amounts of money from investors. Incidentally, Hillary’s buddy FBI Director James Comey was around then, too. At that time, he was Deputy Special Council on the Senate Whitewater Committee. And…guess what? He said almost the same things about her behavior then…as he did recently about her cavalier treatment of Top Secret US documents. During the Whitewater scandal, Comey, also, proceeded to refuse to recommend prosecution of Hillary even though she was clearly guilty.” Comey’s reasoning was ‘She didn’t intend to commit fraud’. Sound familiar? Of course! It’s the same reasoning Comey used and gave for—after he had listed all of her crimes—his not recommending any charges of Clinton pertaining to her email scandal…which included illegally passing along classified and top-secret information in emails…many of which ended up on sexual predator and former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer. And, now we have this same Comey character being fired for (IMO) very good reason—although none was necessary—who is now furious that President Trump had the audacity to do so. Comey had twice under oath said that neither Candidate nor President Trump had ever—personally—been under investigation for any Russian connection before and/or during the November 2016 election. Comey—from his own mouth—also quite arrogantly told the investigating Senate Intelligence Committee that President Trump asked for Comey’s “loyalty” and may have asked him to end the Michael Flynn investigation. Comey wasn’t sure if he had or not but, said that he had an “uneasy feeling.” Holy smokes! AN UNEASY FEELING! Why...that should surely be enough to impeach the president!!! Well…in a sane and law-abiding world it isn’t enough by a long shot. However, as even an NPR reporter writes, about a proud Comey before the Senate committee: “Comey revealed, it was Trump's tweet about those alleged tapes that prompted him to call up a friend to leak the memos about his conversations with the president to the press last month in hopes that doing so would lead to the appointment of a special counsel to oversee the Russia investigation.”

Comey has been manipulating many things in order for the public to buy a completely false narrative. In other words, he manipulated situations and lied to get back at the president for firing him. Is this what passes for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, these days?

Although Trump has done nothing illegal or wrong, the “investigation” is heating up with Mueller and the Boyz hiring one top-gun prosecutor after another and calling it a War Room. They are at war with President Trump and Mueller appears to be intent upon “getting Trump” for his tall (but, insufferable little man) confused and fearful buddy no matter whom he has to slay, how many laws he may have to break and how many ethical and moral compasses he has to crush beneath his feet.

At the very least, due to his conflict of interest surrounding James Comey, Robert Mueller needs to be replaced by a truly unbiased Special Prosecutor. At the very best, this witch-hunt of a faux “investigation” needs to be stopped…and President Trump can—Constitutionally—stop it. There are just too many lies and too many manufactured fake scenarios bubbling up to allow this increasingly vicious farce to continue. It’s time that it ended, so that President Trump can fully return to serving We-the-People with his leadership, his intelligence and his strength.

“These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.”-- Proverbs 6:16-19

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Comey Invalidates Special Counsel: http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/comey-invalidates-special-counsel?f=must_reads

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