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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Barbara Anderson
Bio: Barbara Anderson
Date:  November 22, 2006
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With the change in the U.S. House and Senate, the issue of illegal immigration is likely to be on the Democrat agenda. Democrats have shown they are consistent advocates for amnesty for the twelve to twenty-five millions of illegal aliens in this country. Almost all Democrats voted against the tough House bill that would have mandated a fence on our border and a policy of making employers accountable for hiring illegal workers. The House bill was HB4437, which 92 percent of Republicans supported and 82 percent of Democrats opposed. Democrats largely favor amnesty, which would put illegal aliens on a par with citizens and non-citizens who are here legally, with our permission.

There are no reliable numbers available as to the true amount of illegals here, since nobody is allowed to keep track. Our welfare agencies, for instance, are not allowed to ask the citizenship status of those applying for aid. The IRS and Social Security Administration, who receive information as to invalid Tax I.D. and Social Security numbers being used, could have the most accurate numbers, but may not give out that information, in the interest of “privacy”

Even without good numbers, it can be discerned just who is profiteering from illegal immigration. Besides the illegal aliens themselves, their employers and both political parties, there are various entities that go to bat to keep the status quo and to even increase the numbers.

It would not seem that schools get much benefit from illegals, but they gain enrollment, which gives them an inflated head count for the federal government, and they are paid by head count. Also, the various programs, such as English as a Second Language, demand more teachers, adding to the power of the teachers’ unions. However, those English teachers are not the only personnel required. Every student is entitled to an education, which sometimes demands interpreters, counselors, and if the student thinks he/she has been wronged in some way, an attorney is provided as an entitlement.

Head Start was touted as being a way to prepare children for school. It has become a large program. However, the latest statistics show that if there is any benefit at all, it is dissipated by the third grade. There are now calls for pre-kindergartens paid for by the government (taxpayers). Another entitlement, meaning more taxes for the average person or family.

For much the same reason, welfare agencies benefit. The more “clients” they have, the more money will be in their budgets, therefore justifying their existence.

Some labor unions advocate for amnesty. New workers swell their rolls and dues coffers, translating into clout. Ironically, these unions protect the lower paid workers who are here illegally to the detriment of citizen workers, who must compete for jobs, thereby driving wages down.

Various Hispanic groups, such as LULAC and La Raza, oppose any lessening of illegal immigration. Their reasons could be racial solidarity, which extreme is support for reconquista, the taking back of “their” country, which some teach their young as part of their history. In recent- demonstrations calling for rights, many signs called for reconquista, expressing slogans that declared they were the true owners of the Southwest, that they were going to take it back, and we citizens should get used to it, or leave the country.

Because our borders are left largely unprotected, smugglers of people and of drugs prosper. Both crimes are proving to be very lucrative. The same border that lets the smugglers through is also vulnerable to potential terrorists. As a demonstration test, some citizens brought material for mock bombs across the border that could do great damage to citizens and territory. They headed for the nearest law enforcement and showed them what they had been able to do. This experiment was repeated at least two more times. The mammoth Department of Homeland Security receives breathtakingly huge amounts of funds for its work, but can’t find the money to do its sworn duty to protect the citizens and sovereignty of this country.

Those who make money by housing illegal aliens, which falls into the “aiding and abetting” category, are outraged by towns and cities who are passing local laws to fine landlords who do this. As could be expected, the ACLU is representing objecting landlords in some of these cases.

The ACLU is only one advocate for illegal aliens. Attorneys are finding ample work in representing those who have broken our laws by entering the country, taking up residence and working here.

Even various churches take sides in the battle and appeal to our empathy for the plight of poor, largely uneducated people. Perhaps the largest of the churches is the Catholic Church, which even uses its pulpits to campaign for amnesty. Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles has announced that he will not obey laws that punish illegal aliens here, and he would instruct his priests to join him in his disobedience of our laws. It is difficult to ignore the emptying of pews in the church and not come to the conclusion that the cardinal’s extreme advocacy of illegal immigration may be based on his desire to fill those pews.

Lending institutions have recognized a large market for their goods. There are now banks who lend illegal aliens money for mortgages. Also, those in business to send money out of the country have seen the advantage of catering to illegal aliens. Money sent to Mexico alone last year totaled over $20 Billion. Illegals cannot live on low wages any more than citizens can, but they are often paid “under the table”, so pay no taxes. Their employers provide no medical benefits for them, so they use hospitals, who can’t by law turn them away, as primary care. Several emergency rooms and whole hospitals in the Southwest have had to close their doors because they can no longer provide care without being paid for it.

Mexico is one of the biggest beneficiaries of illegal immigration. While Mexico is getting rid of its poorest, those poor are sending back money to their families. That money is going out of our economy and into the economy of Mexico. Our businesses are not getting them as customers, thereby depriving us of money being spent here that is earned here. Mexico is not a poor country, contrary to belief. It is the richest country in South America. However, it doesn’t have a real middle class. The wealth is held by a relatively few families. The more of their poor we support means the fewer they have to support. We are acting as a pressure valve, taking the discontented who might even revolt against the practices of their government.

Perhaps the most egregious profiteering is done by the political parties, which have the power to stop illegal immigration. Democrats want to swell their voting ranks, and know they will always out-pander Republicans in promising taxpayer provided benefits. Republicans are influenced by big business, which loves cheap labor. Lined up on the Republican side are such groups as The Wall Street Journal and The U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The two political parties are rewarded by special interests on both sides of the aisle, if they vote for those interests.

It would seem a simple question of obeying our laws and protecting the citizens of this country. However, the taxpayer is arrayed against powerful groups who demand illegal immigration. The equation is: profiteering special interests vs. American taxpayers. We can only hope our legislators will begin to take the side of the American taxpayer, and soon.

Barbara Anderson

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Biography - Barbara Anderson

Barbara regularly writes for CapitolHillCoffeeHouse. She also appears in California Chronicle, Border Patrol, and Citizens Caucus. Her primary interest is illegal immigration, but she writes about other subjects as well.

Barbara lives in a large city on the West Coast. Her loyalties are with God, family, country, heritage and borders.

She enjoys music, painting, poetry and song writing.

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