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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Barbara Anderson
Bio: Barbara Anderson
Date:  March 12, 2007
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The current Senate, led by Democrats, is working up a “new” comprehensive immigration bill. In actuality, it is reported to be a warmed over version of the effort in the last session, S2611., with even more provisions to benefit illegal aliens. Under the leadership of Senator Kennedy, this Senate is debating just what benefits illegal aliens are going to receive in their “earned amnesty”, “guest worker program” or other offerings from the taxpaying American public.

Certain senators have been falling all over themselves in a frenzy to give away all the benefits citizen taxpayers have provided for years. It already is a law that every illegal alien is entitled to a free education in our schools. In some states they may also take advantage of in-state tuition, courtesy of the taxpayer.

It is also a law that hospitals must provide care for anyone coming into their facilities. They may not ask a person’s citizenship status. Many Illegal aliens use hospitals as primary care, a most expensive use. Because illegals are likely to make low wages and receive no benefits from the employer, hospitals are used more and more in a way that was never intended. Because of the misuse of illegals, some hospitals in the southwest have been forced to close. They simply cannot keep providing care for those who do not pay. This leaves the community without skilled care for people who desperately need it in emergency situations, such as a heart attack or stroke. If a victim’s nearby hospital or emergency room has been forced to close, the victim might not make it in time to get treatment at a place farther away.

Mexican consulates hold days of information to provide ways for their citizens to get social welfare benefits. Some states, such as Oregon, direct their social welfare people to attend these days of information, even on Saturdays, with the attendant extra pay for this service for Saturday work. Tables are set up by state workers to guide the illegals to state funded benefits. Information is given in the language of those applying.

These Mexican consulates issue the Matricula Consular card as a sort of fake I.D., since they are not issued by our own government and have little in the way of verification as to actual names, birthdays, etc. These cards are only needed by ILLEGAL aliens, since those who are here legally have papers which are recognized by this country. The Bank of America is now issuing credit cards, based on the Matricula cards. They are not alone, as many others are giving loans to illegal aliens. Some of these loans probably are backed by the government and if there is default, the banks will not lose money, We the People will. There is a boycott of Bank of America for “aiding and abetting” those who broke our laws, American citizens and legal immigrants are fed up with these transparently greedy practices.

Among the benefits being considered by the Senate is that of Social Security. Senator John Ensign, R-Nev. proposed that illegals who become legal should be prevented from collecting the benefit on wages they earned while working unlawfully. Ensign is quoted as saying that “Social Security was not intended for people who entered our country illegally”.

However, Senator Kennedy, one of the sponsors of the McCain/Kennedy bill, differs. He says “Their money sits in the Social Security Administration waiting to be matched with an eligible beneficiary, and once those workers establish the eligibility, how in all fairness can we deny them the credit for their past contributions?” How do they establish their eligibility.....with more fraudulent documents? Evidently Senator Kennedy believes in rewarding lawbreakers. Two agencies who have massive evidence of such fraud are the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration. Citing “privacy” issues, they refuse to turn over such evidence to investigators who could use it to indict illegal aliens and their employers. The IRS has collected millions of names of people who are using fake Social Security numbers and the employers who hire them. Could one of these fake Social Security numbers be yours? Don’t look to the Social Security Administration to inform you if that is the case. American citizens are being notified that they owe taxes on their wages because their SSN was used fraudulently. It is a horrendous task to try to sort out this kind of fraud on a person. Anyone who suffers identity fraud can attest to that.

Also, the IRS could fine those employers who routinely submit wrong data about their workforce. However, according to an analysis by the Knight Ridder Newspapers and the Charlotte, N.C. Observer, one internal study found that a restaurant company had submitted 4,100 duplicate Social Security numbers for workers. One child’s SSN was used 742 times by workers in 42 states. Because the law does not require companies to verify that workers give them names and numbers that match Social Security numbers, it is difficult to make these companies accountable for such flagrant misuse.

While arguing for a “one-time” amnesty in 1986, Senators Kennedy, Orrin Hatch and John McCain promised that amnesty would be given to only 300,000 illegals. The reality is that the number turned out to be nearly three million. That amnesty showed that the INS and SSA knowingly accepted massive numbers of fraudulent rent receipts, earning records and birth records. Today, we are being told by Senators Kennedy and McCain that we need to make the same mistake. The estimated twelve to thirty-five millions of illegals here will be added to the Social Security rolls. The estimate could be low, as we found out in 1986. Nobody really knows just how many this amnesty might involve, since no definitive records are kept. Agencies that might have even quasi-accurate numbers are not allowed to give out the information.

Meanwhile, the border was never secured and millions more have come into the country and their advocates are the special interest groups lobbying Congress for amnesty right now.

While some of our legislators are busy trying to give away rights to those who will be made legal, they resist any effort to stem the massive invasion from across our southern border. The Republican House in the last session insisted on a provision that would ensure that a fence be built along that border. Although the provision was made, and a modest 700 miles was to be fenced, efforts to stop the fence have succeeded, and the efforts to erect it are spotty and ineffectual. That means that if amnesty is declared, we will still have the problem, since the borders will still be almost wide open. The pattern repeats itself.

How many millions more will come across into our workforce to compete with native Americans for jobs? Gone are the days when illegal aliens came just to work in agriculture. They are getting hired unproportionately now in construction, where American workers cannot compete with those who will work for less pay and no benefits. Oddly enough, some in the special interest lobby are unions. They think that the millions who will be forgiven their lawbreaking will come into their ranks, thereby swelling their wealth and power.

As a parting shot, the Senate in its last session included the provision that any discussion or plans for a fence along our southern border must include the Mexican government.

Unfortunately, the heroes in the Senate are outweighed by the ones who want to pander to big business interests and ethnic voter blocs. If you value Social Security, now is the time to find out which senator is willing to give it away. It could be your own senator.

Barbara Anderson

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Biography - Barbara Anderson

Barbara regularly writes for CapitolHillCoffeeHouse. She also appears in California Chronicle, Border Patrol, and Citizens Caucus. Her primary interest is illegal immigration, but she writes about other subjects as well.

Barbara lives in a large city on the West Coast. Her loyalties are with God, family, country, heritage and borders.

She enjoys music, painting, poetry and song writing.

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