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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Barbara Anderson
Bio: Barbara Anderson
Date:  June 26, 2007
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As the Senate gets ready to vote on amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, the dynamics of handling the bill get very interesting. It seems the Senate has tired of just handing out domestic pork and are going into the more exotic distribution of pork to non-citizens.

How else to explain what they are willing to give away, thanks to the taxpayers? It seems there is no benefit too precious for them to extend to the people who have come into this country without our permission, and who remain here and work here, breaking two more laws. From cradle to grave, every benefit extended to citizens will be given to lawbreakers.

As soon as the Congress passes the amnesty bill, every illegal alien will be eligible to apply for a Z card. They will become legal almost immediately. There is a provision that they must pass a background check, but that check cannot last more than 24 hours. No matter if they belong to a dangerous gang. No matter if they have been ordered to appear in court for deportation hearings. Even those who have ignored deportation orders will be in. No matter if they are terrorists who are able to assume a false identity. No matter if they are rapists, murderers, robbers, identity thieves or drug traffickers. All they have to do is assume an identity and get a Z card and they are made legal. Full citizenship may be had later if somebody wants it. But why would they want it, in particular, when they can access every benefit now available only to citizens?

Those benefits are:

Freedom to compete with Americans for jobs.

Race based preferences. These newly made legal will have access to programs that are not available to most Americans. It will put them at the head of the line for educational opportunities, jobs and endless state and Federal entitlement programs. They will assume minority status and be considered ahead of the majority of citizens for all these programs.

Social Security. Those granted amnesty will be able to collect Social Security benefits that they never paid into. If they have stolen or “borrowed” somebody’s Social Security number to get a job, they do not need to worry. All will be forgiven.

No back payment of taxes. One version of the bill originally stipulated that illegal aliens would have to pay three out of five years in back taxes. That was considered too harsh and the payment of back taxes was dropped.

Although the bill is huge, certain parts bear scrutiny. S1639 says, in part:

Sec. 413. Bilateral Efforts With Mexico to Reduce Migration Pressures and Costs.

(a) FINDINGS - Congress makes the following findings:

(1) Migration from Mexico to the United States is directly linked to the degree of economic opportunity and the standard of living in Mexico.

(Yes, because the ruling elite in Mexico has lots of money, but provides little in the way of help for those who want to start businesses, etc. Mexico is not a poor country, per se, but is rich in oil and minerals, for instance. As long as it can push its problems across the border into the U.S. it will do so.)

(2) Mexico comprises a prime source of migration to the United States.

(3) Remittances from Mexican citizens working in the United States reached a Record $17 Billion in 2004.

(That is money taken from our economy and sent into Mexico’s economy, another little noticed drain on the United States.)

This part of the bill goes on pointing out the obvious, that the jobs here are a magnet drawing illegal aliens across our border by the millions. It closes with some proposed solutions.

(9) The Partnership for Prosperity is a bilateral initiative launched jointly by the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Mexico in 2001, which aims to boost the social and economic standards of Mexican citizens, particularly in regions where economic growth has lagged and emigration has increased.

(10) The Presidents of Mexico and the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada, at their trilateral summit on March 23, 2005, agreed to promote economic growth, competitiveness, and quality of life in the agreement on Security Partnership of North America.

(b) SENSE OF CONGRESS REGARDING PARTNERSHIP FOR PROSPERITY. It is the sense of Congress that the United States and Mexico should accelerate the implementation of the Partnership for Prosperity to help generate economic growth and improve the standard of living in Mexico....

The provisions that follow are aimed at assisting Mexicans to prosper, with the help of financial lending institutions and the extending of financing for rural economic economic activities beyond direct agricultural production.

Evidently it is not enough that we have a large number of Mexico’s poor and disadvantaged here that we will be giving all our social welfare dollars to, we must provide institutions in Mexico with whatever is needed to enrich the citizens left in Mexico.

Our senators are very practiced at ladling out the pork, but we have always thought that it was going to our own citizens, many of whom pay taxes. Now, we see them gearing up to spread the pork around to those who have not been paying taxes.

We also see the camel’s nose of the North American Union poking its head under the tent. Why would such an agreement be mentioned in an amnesty bill? The North American Union would be a pure communist endeavor, that is, “from each according to his ability to each according to his needs”. Many citizens in Canada are alarmed by this treaty-like agreement, which has never been ratified, or even mentioned, to our Congress. Yet, it promises a merging of the three countries and sharing of its resources.

Mexico would be the big winner in the North American Union, since it has more poor people who would need resources. Canada would be a loser, but not as big a loser as the United States, which has the lion’s share of the wealth right now.

For a better look at the North American Union, access Jerome Corsi’s articles at World Net Daily and the most comprehensive treatment at StoptheNorthAmericanUnion.

The amnesty bill has many provisions, mostly to the detriment of average citizens, but a boon to big businesses who live on cheap labor. They get cheap labor, and we get the bills.

It will soon be evident as to how many senators buy into this giving away so much of our wealth in amnesty. Those who vote for it will stand out and be accountable to the voters the next time they come up for election. It is crunch time for them. It will be interesting to see who is willing to gamble and give away what taxpayers have provided and built as safety nets for the most vulnerable among us.

Follow the money, and follow the pork.

Barbara Anderson

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Biography - Barbara Anderson

Barbara regularly writes for CapitolHillCoffeeHouse. She also appears in California Chronicle, Border Patrol, and Citizens Caucus. Her primary interest is illegal immigration, but she writes about other subjects as well.

Barbara lives in a large city on the West Coast. Her loyalties are with God, family, country, heritage and borders.

She enjoys music, painting, poetry and song writing.

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