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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Barbara Anderson
Bio: Barbara Anderson
Date:  November 25, 2007
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Michael Savage In CAIR's Crosshairs

Enemies of Michael Savage are trying to remove his voice from the radio. They recognize his influence. They know he can, and has, outed them and their plans for the U.S., which are not the plans most Americans embrace.

The latest group is CAIR, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has moved to boycott his programs by bringing its clout to bear on Savage’s advertisers. This is a serious threat to his livelihood, but more serious in the big picture is the threat of stilling an unique voice that dares to confront anti-Americanism wherever he finds it. His audience is huge in the talk show format venue. Millions rely on him to educate them. Even more valuable, perhaps, is his ability to rally them when nobody else on the air is doing so. He regularly updates the number of respondents to his question of whether he should run for president. As of late, the number is over 28 million. This is an enviable vote of confidence, one that many now running for president would welcome. His website reports approximately 2,300,000 page views and unique visitors per week, another vote of confidence.

Savage is no stranger to squeeze plays. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors, supporters of illegal aliens, did not like some of his remarks and issued a “condemnation” of them. The first try was not successful, thanks to the dissenting vote by native Chinese-American, Ed Lee. As despots do, they removed their opposition by getting rid of Ed Lee, then revoted unanimously for the condemnation. Undaunted, Savage still speaks out about the dangers of illegal immigration, and still points out the radical positions of the board. The latest such radical position was its vote to give identification cards to all residents, including illegal aliens, thereby giving them entrée into facets of citizenship privileges not accorded to them before.

Now CAIR has brought its influence to bear on some of Savage’s advertisers. Never mind that these advertisers were well served by advertising on his program. That is why they signed up with him in the first place. They know he has millions of devoted listeners who take him seriously and are apt to follow his recommendations when it comes to choosing products. His followers know instinctively that he is sincere and passionate about anything that interests him. They trust him. That is very valuable to anyone trying to sell a product.

Michael Savage can rightly be called a prophet, using the meaning of the word prophet that means “one who foretells future events”. Savage was certainly that when he joined only a few forward looking people who recommended natural means for healing. His site still brings information about natural remedies. Having established his bona fides in this genre and others, Savage has earned the right to be called a prophet. If what he is saying does not echo what the so-called “mainstream media” is saying, it does not mean he is necessarily wrong, but that he may well be ahead of the news and information curve.

That is certainly the case in his warnings about CAIR. He has repeatedly exposed their intentions. Only a few writers give information about CAIR, Bill Gertz being one of them. In an article published for the Washington, Gertz lays out the influence CAIR has on our society, even the Congress:

“…….CAIR officials recently met with Mr. Conyers, Michigan Democrat, and then wrote a letter asking him to lobby the new attorney general on behalf of the group, and to hold hearings.

CAIR is among several hundred Muslim groups listed as unindicted co-conspirators in a recent federal terrorism trial in Dallas into activities by the Holy Land Foundation Inc., a group linked to funding the Palestinian Hamas terrorist group. The trial recently ended in a mistrial and prosecutors have said they plan to re-try the case.

Despite its uncertain outcome, the trial has produced a large amount of information and evidence identifying U.S. and foreign groups sympathetic to or direct supporters of international Islamist terrorists”.

In addition to giving CAIR a reputation of helping terrorists, the co-conspirator designation would preclude it from getting government funds for conducting “outreach programs” to Muslim groups. Sound familiar? Something else that sounds familiar is the predictable claim to victim hood. Gertz writes:

“CAIR’s letter to Mr. Conyers said that ‘you remember many of these abusive practices from the McCarthy era and the civil rights movement‘”.

Bill Gertz mentions Steven Emerson, another one keeping track of CAIR:

“Steven Emerson, executive director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, said the secret collaboration between CAIR and Mr. Conyers raises concerns over the lawmaker’s support for ‘a group unambiguously proven to be part of the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas infrastructure.

‘This combination demonstrates the degree to which radical Islamic groups have insinuated themselves into the highest reaches of the U.S. government by using deceit,’ he said.”

Meanwhile, we read of a Saudi rape victim from the by way of WorldNet Daily. This woman was sentenced to six months in jail and 200 lashes. The sexual assault was by seven men who kidnapped her and a male companion at knifepoint. Seems she was in the company of a man not her husband, not allowed in the Muslim society of Saudi Arabia. Her original sentence of 90 lashes was increased after she spoke to the media. She has been warned about speaking again to the media, and the court dealing with the case has revoked the license of the woman’s lawyer. That lawyer has been summoned by the justice ministry to appear before a disciplinary panel. Thus, even a person who is legally defending you may face discipline just for doing so.

Where are the political women leaders in this country? Where is Nancy Pelosi, the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives? Where is Mrs. Clinton, the most prominent woman in this country, and who is now running for president? We have certainly heard many times of their dedication to women’s rights and how they are the protectors of women. What about this woman and others cruelly treated by this system of law? Or is it not politically correct to point out these gross occurrences of mistreatment and suppression of women? Of course, there are votes to be had by blocs that Democrats court.

While working on John Conyers, Jr, Michigan Democrat, to gain for it a favorable designation so it can raise funds, get government largess, and give the American public the idea that it is benign, CAIR is also busy trying to stifle its opposition on the radio airwaves. To illustrate how successful Michael Savage has been in his revelations about this group, CAIR is now trying to shut him up by threatening his sponsors with a boycott of their products.

Savage has warned his listeners early on and often about the radical plans Muslims have for this country. They are intent on installing Sharia law, by stealth and incrementally, when necessary. What does Sharia law mean?

Islam includes a complete political and social structure, ruled by its religious law, Sharia, that takes precedence over any civil law. Islam insists that no secular or democratic institutions will be superior to Islamic law. Islam preaches that it, and it alone, is the true religion and Islam will replace all other religions and democratic institutions.

Saudi Arabia is the spiritual home of Islam and does not permit any other religion to practice in its domain. At its heart Islam includes the basic tenet of spreading the faith by any means necessary, including violent conquest of territory and those who do not believe. It calls for violent jihad, (holy war), against those who will not convert or submit to Islam. This jihad may be carried out by deception or subversion of existing institutions.

If CAIR has come after Michael Savage, who is next on the list? If CAIR can silence Savage, it will be only the first of such attacks on our freedom of speech. Nobody who criticizes them will be free from their attacks. So far, none of Savage’s broadcasting peers have come to his defense. They misunderstand the single-mindedness of those who are after Savage.

Now is a good time to ask: Who wants control over the U.S. most, you or CAIR?

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Voltaire

Barbara Anderson

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Biography - Barbara Anderson

Barbara regularly writes for CapitolHillCoffeeHouse. She also appears in California Chronicle, Border Patrol, and Citizens Caucus. Her primary interest is illegal immigration, but she writes about other subjects as well.

Barbara lives in a large city on the West Coast. Her loyalties are with God, family, country, heritage and borders.

She enjoys music, painting, poetry and song writing.

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