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Author:  Barbara Anderson
Bio: Barbara Anderson
Date:  May 30, 2008
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Women of the World, Unite!

Colorado, the first state to enact a "transgender nondiscrimination" bill, has now told women they have to accept men in their public restrooms and locker rooms.

Aside from the inherent danger in such a move, women will recognize the unsanitary conditions this will engender. There are some companies that now only offer unisex bathrooms. Those who have had to visit them know what a mess this bill will cause.

Governor Bill Ritter, Democrat, signed into law SB 200. How progressive! Is this part of the “change” promised by the Democrat front runner, Obama, and his party?

The law states that nobody may be denied the privilege to public accommodations based on gender identity or even just the “perception” of gender identity. Some guessing will be going on for some, but not the majority of users. But, how broad-minded!

This is the latest PC effort to tell us that there is no difference between guys and dolls. Any mother with both, after cleaning up the bathroom, will tell you that’s a crock. Apparently those who are confused as to their sexuality have experienced, or “perceived” to have experienced, discrimination, or at least, stares. To spare their feelings, said the Colorado legislators, let’s make a law!

Now, if you want to bypass Colorado as a place to vacation, it might be a good idea. But, if you are only planning on driving through Colorado, remember that the roadside rest facilities are subject to this latest law.

James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, as reported by WorldNet Daily, weighed in, showing more concern for women than Colorado’s state legislature and its Democrat Governor Bill Ritter:

“Henceforth, every woman and little girl will have to fear that a predator, bisexual, cross-dresser or even a homosexual or heterosexual male might walk in and relieve himself in their presence. The legislation lists every conceivable type of organization to which this law applies, including restaurants, bathhouses, massage parlors, mortuaries, theaters and ‘public facilities of any kind. Those who would attempt to protect females from this intrusion are subject to a fine of up to $5,000 and up to one year behind bars‘, he continued.”

So, you mothers just grin and bear it and don’t try to shield your little girl from any careless, or even exhibitionist male who shares your bathroom. Same goes for your little boy, who might appeal to a pervert hanging around.

Also from James Dobson:

“By the way, because of the way this bill is written, it is not subject to the initiative process. There is no recourse‘, Dobson said.”

So, forget about any redress, except to throw the bums out, a lot harder than even going through the initiative process.

Aside from the inherent danger of the sexes, (or “perceived” sexes), sharing bathrooms and locker rooms, there is the yuck factor for most women. Lots of women I know avoid the unisex bathrooms because they are uniformly dirty and have wet floors. Many bladders have been stretched to the limit after their owners passed up the unisex bathroom to find a “women only” facility. Ask any woman whose bathroom they would rather clean. Overwhelmingly they will tell you that men are mostly slobs and while they can hit a basketball hoop from six feet out, they seem incapable of hitting a target right under noses.

We women love ‘em, anyway, but not in our public restrooms. What the Colorado folks should have done is forget about opening the restrooms to all comers and, instead, mandated that for every one restroom provided for men, two should be provided for women. I mean, have you ever been to a concert or a sports event and observed the lines. The guys are breezing in and out. Remember, there is little care taken to aim straight, so it’s a quick stop. The womens’ lines are backed up, with little girls standing with crossed legs and pained looks on their faces.

Now, a law requiring more facilities for women would be one that women could embrace. It would show CS, (common sense), instead of mindless PC.

Women, it is time to let the world know what we want. We want restrooms designated for women only, and lots more of them!

Women of the world, unite!

Barbara Anderson

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Biography - Barbara Anderson

Barbara regularly writes for CapitolHillCoffeeHouse. She also appears in California Chronicle, Border Patrol, and Citizens Caucus. Her primary interest is illegal immigration, but she writes about other subjects as well.

Barbara lives in a large city on the West Coast. Her loyalties are with God, family, country, heritage and borders.

She enjoys music, painting, poetry and song writing.

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