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Author:  Barbara Anderson
Bio: Barbara Anderson
Date:  March 14, 2013
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Topic category:  Immigration/Emigration

Blacks vs Illegal Aliens

It's the worst of times. Twenty million people are out of work. Of that number, Blacks are 14.4% unemployed and Blacks 16-19 are seeking work at 39.7%. And, yet some want to bring people into our country. They want more illegal aliens.

It's the worst of times. Twenty million people are out of work. Of that number, Blacks are 14.4% unemployed and Blacks 16-19 are seeking work at 39.7%. And, yet some want to bring people into our country. They want more illegal aliens.

As the illegal aliens gather and hope, some politicians are trying to effect "reform" for the illegals. Their numbers are Senators Rubio, Menendez, McCain, Graham, Durbin, Flake, Bennet and Schumer, and they are intent on swelling the illegal aliens' rank.

Lindsey Graham opines that htere is "a shortageof labor" and Grover Norquist and Marco Rubio think that "Hispanics are the future of the Party". Republican Party, that is.

John McCain has been known to exclaim, after some American people pressed him on it, that he would go ahead and build the "goddammed fence". His heart has never been in it, and he doesn't talk about building the "goddammed fence" any longer. There is no way the border can be secured. That is what the senators promised, that they would secure the border....first.

Where are the Blacks in this? Black teens, aged 16-19 who are seeking work, number 39.3%. Didn't you get a high school education to be able to get certain jobs? Aren't there jobs out there?

Nearly 3,000 illegal aliens from 2009-2011 received Medicare. In addition, 91.6% were fraudulant, although the government claims it is going bankrupt.

Democratic politicians are friends of Blacks, aren't they? Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King !!!, Shelia Jackson Lee all are for illegal aliens. Obama is also for illegal aliens. No Democratic politician goes against the grain, when it comes to amnesty. Don't they know that championing illegal aliens means fewer jobs for Blacks?

La Raza, MALDEF, the Southern Poverty Leadership Conference, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, CHIRLA, the Coalition for Human Immigrant Righrs, LULAC,...... and more, are pushing for illegal aliens. . There are many, all dedicated to the same cause, the illegal alien getting citizenship in America. How many Blacks are agitating for their own cause?

The CSCCB, the whole of Bishops in the U.S. is giving $800,000 to mobilize Catholics on illegal aliens. To allow them to "come from the shadows" said Bishop Jaime Soto, Chairman of Sacramento. The Catholic Legal Immigration, Inc., will be teaching about immigration. It's "never been closer" said Soto, as more than $3,500,000 has been used the past year for iilegal aliens.

The Interfaith Prayer Service of the Blessed Sacrament was hosted by Jaime Soto. John Perez is 100% for abortion. Soto wrote a letter in support of Andrew Christian Anderson, one of only two priests ever convicted of sexual crimes of molestation. Anderson pleaded guilty against 26 counts of four boys. Sins of silence? On another interview, "That is going to be an ongoing issue, one of the most transparent organizations with regard to this issue", one that always "was upfront and put the cards on the table." Up front. Too many young boys are living the transparency that is Soto's.

Cardinal Roger Mahony has promised to pay $9.9 million in settlement for four men for sexual lawsuits. Mahony was in the thick of nurturing illegal aliens and went to lobby for them. $9.9 million would have gone a long way to help the poorest parishioners. These bishops, who almost anybody would label as breaking the law, are still supporting illegal aliens.

This is especially egregious. Not only is it illegal to promote this, the law states that even the "aiding and abetting" is against the law. But, we know that the pews are thinning out, and the need is to get more membership.

Where are the blacks to champion their cause?

How many are in the country already? No numbers are taken; we don't know how many are in the country. Estimates are at 12 to 20 million. Ronald Reagan said of himself, that it was the biggest mistake he made. The amnesty law was passed in 1986. It was agreed that hiring or recruiting illegals was against the law, that no one was to receive assistance from the government, and the border was to become secure. All of these things have been broken.

Governor Rick Perry's office released the statement that Texas resources were "woefully inadequate to secure the border with Mexico....". Cartels are in the country, are selling drugs to our kids, and nobody seems to care. Janet Napolitano seems oblivious to the problem; all she can say is that the border is as safe as it has ever been. Border Patrol agents are being used to do other things.

Meanwhile, along that border, many Sheriffs are shorthanded.
Another thousand being released will hamper these sheriffs, who often do dangerous work. We are supposed to think that apprehensions are trivial. When you run up against an illegal alien, intent on taking your goods, raping you or, worse, your life, trivial isn't what you think.

Our borders are tenuous, at best. Now, it has been announced that 60,000 federal employees, that protect and secure our borders, have been told that they will be furloughed for up to 14 days. Vital Border Patrol and Ports of Entry include these people.

Weren't we told that terrorism is the most important aspect of border safety. Now, we are getting rid of the safety found in border patrols and Ports of Entry. Meanwhile, terrorists pour into our unprotected borders, allowing drug dealers and others who wish to harm us. Terror is still there, but no protection will be found to counteract it.

Obama has said he wants illegal aliens to be afforded the benefits of legal aliens. He has said this many times. 2,000 illegal aliens have been released. 3,000 more are poised to be released in March. Napolitano has said she is considering the numbers. She says she and Obama never knew of the numbers. Odd that both parties are claiming to be ignorant of the numbers of illegal aliens. $120 million dollars are receiving Medicare even though illegals are not supposed to be eligible for the program.

Obama's actions have consequences. Blacks, in particular, are suffering now. They will continue to suffer.

What does the president of Mexico think about amnesty? He has been largely silent but what he has said is that he is for amnesty. And, why shouldn't he be? In 2009 Mexican workers in America, many of which are illegals, sent home $21.2 Billion to Mexico. Mexico got rid of their non-productive jobless people and gained a $21.2 Billion income, which was sent to Mexico from America. It was definitely a win-win for Mexico.

But, where are the blacks?

Barbara Anderson

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Biography - Barbara Anderson

Barbara regularly writes for CapitolHillCoffeeHouse. She also appears in California Chronicle, Border Patrol, and Citizens Caucus. Her primary interest is illegal immigration, but she writes about other subjects as well.

Barbara lives in a large city on the West Coast. Her loyalties are with God, family, country, heritage and borders.

She enjoys music, painting, poetry and song writing.

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