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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Barbara Anderson
Bio: Barbara Anderson
Date:  June 14, 2013
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Obama is being told to lay low. He has lots of problems, but he really wants this amnesty.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Obama is being told to lay low. He has lots of problems, but he really wants this amnesty. To his problems is the item of Benghazi, it rankles. Then there is the item of the Tea Party, who IRS harassment went on for months. The IRS still doesn't have an end to their predicament. The media have been upset, seeing one newsman, James Rosen, called a crime . Obama's popularity has dipped to 45 according to the tolls.

Dennis Michael Lynch is far more than immigrant-educated. He has traveled the border, and he knows the border. He says the border is wide open. There is a warning sign, in English, Spanish and Chinese. Chinese? This warning is put there where the most people can see it. They are educating whoever might come into the country. The last warning to who might wander into this area is on a sign in Chinese. Aren't we concerned about English and Spanish? What is the government saying? Chinese?

Lynch knows border security. Janet Napolitano says the border is as good as its ever been. She will only say this; she won't give estimates of what is certain. The sign in Chinese tells us that Chinese have been coming into the country in large numbers. There are also cartels hiding. Cartels are very good at their stealth. They make themselves scarce. Napolitano knows this. Who will give us the right knowledge to protect us? Lynch has said that Napolitano is a downright lie.

Marco Rubio in his senate campaign, said "I will never support-never have and will never support-any effort to grant blanket legislation, amnesty to folks who have entered or stayed in this country illegally."

Rubio is trying to have it both ways. He has plans for the future of the presidency. His statements are so wishy washy, from day to day. Rubio said, to a largely audience of Hispanics: let's be clear. Nobody is talking about preventing the legalization. Rubio, just where do you stand? The American people are watching. He has changed from saying the border has to come first, to saying the legalization from illegals comes first. Ann Coulter calls Rubio "the jack Kevorkian of the GOP".

Steve King met with Lynch. When asked about the sign, King hadn't seen the sign about Chinese. He was nonplussed about the Chinese. King is very well versed about the immigration problem. But, he doesn't know it all.

Lynch was at the World Trade Center when it went down. It stays with him as he asks if you saw the people jumping 80 stories to their death. He says it is not a pretty sight. The date stays close to his heart. It is September 11, 2001.

Lynch was a poor student. He had trouble getting a job. He did get a drivers license. He also made a movie, with accolades. He thought that making a movie would mark him as important. He was eager to start. The movie was very successful. Several stars gave him the heads up. With this success at his back, he looked around to see what his next movie would be. He found it in illegal immigration.

On the opposite side of the street were the day laborers. We're supposed to feel sorry for the day laborers. They are just poor workers. Problem is, that is no longer the case. Some are driving SUVs, and are using iPhones. $20 thousand to cross the border. And, many of them are not here for the "shining light on the hill".

We know that there are millions of illegals in this country. Where do they live? What do they eat? They are living in neighborhoods, and are being fed and clothed by you and me. They also know how to get what they need from welfare. Do you think there is a magic box, that they can live in the country without getting sustenance?

Janet Napolitano knows the border isn't secure. She just says it is secure enough, as good as it has ever been. It is a bag of baloney. The Border Patrol is in a tight spot. She is trying to get as many as possible out of prison. Not so long ago, Napolitano released 2,000 from prison. They were illegals. Nobody reviewed the 2,000. Why didn't she let American prisoners out? She wanted to let illegals out. The great Border Patrol is being nullified and not able to do their jobs.

Some states issue drivers licenses for illegals . Many more are being petitioned so they can have drivers licenses. And, some are eager to please. For people who want to have drivers licenses, they are making laws to do so. The drivers license is always being petitioned. They don't have anything else to do; to have the licenses is foremost for them. The license is something they want very bad. You and I can make it a reality, or not.

Dennis Michael Lynch has remarked "I would love to run for office one day." Perhaps he will.

Barbara Anderson

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Biography - Barbara Anderson

Barbara regularly writes for CapitolHillCoffeeHouse. She also appears in California Chronicle, Border Patrol, and Citizens Caucus. Her primary interest is illegal immigration, but she writes about other subjects as well.

Barbara lives in a large city on the West Coast. Her loyalties are with God, family, country, heritage and borders.

She enjoys music, painting, poetry and song writing.

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