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Author:  Dr. Tom Barrett
Bio: Dr. Tom Barrett
Date:  May 1, 2006
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The War Against Fathers

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the social agenda of the liberal left is their unrelenting attack on fathers. Of course, feminists and their allies have attacked men in general for decades, portraying them as stupid, dominating, and every one a potential rapist.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the social agenda of the liberal left is their unrelenting attack on fathers. Of course, feminists and their allies have attacked men in general for decades, portraying them as stupid, dominating, and every one a potential rapist. They have in recent years broadened their attacks to include boys, an agenda that Christina Hoff Sommers (a converted feminist) brilliantly exposes in her book, "The War Against Boys." But the bulk of the forces against males today are focused on an unprecedented attack on fatherhood.

Let me begin this article by saying what should not be necessary. The fact that I support and encourage fatherhood and the traditional two-parent family does not mean that I hate, put down, disparage, or disapprove of single parents of either sex. I was a Singles' Pastor for many years, and know better than most that the majority of single parents are not in that position by choice. The people to whom I ministered would be the first to say that they would prefer to raise their children with a loving mate if that was possible. I recognize that that ideal is not always possible. I am simply pointing out that it IS the ideal family. Thirty years ago about 7 million children in the United States lived in homes without a father. That number has QUADRUPLED in the last three decades. FORTY PER CENT of American children will lay their heads tonight on pillows in homes where their father does not live. This is a frightening statistic, considering the differences between the futures of these children and those who live in homes headed by two parents. Consider:

These are FACTS. A cursory Internet search will yield these and other alarming statistics. Three sites you may wish to start with are listed below under INTERNET RESEARCH. They all offer links to other sites with valuable research material. Given these facts, why would anyone attack fathers? More importantly, where does the attack on fathers originate?

An unholy trinity of liberal politicians, feminist activists, and the media leads it. As I read my own words, I find myself thinking what you must be thinking: "Why in the world would they do this? What do they have to gain?"

Liberal politicians depend on poor voters and those on welfare. Without this constituency they could not remain in office. Their message is that government handouts are the answer to society's ills. They buy votes by promising more welfare programs and higher wages. Do they destroy families deliberately, cold-heartedly attacking fatherhood for political gain? In most cases, I don't think so. But I do believe that in the back of their minds, they realize that they must keep a large part of the population dependent on them. They have done this with no-fault divorces; taxes that penalize marriage; laws that encourage co-habitation instead of marriage; and a host of other anti-family measures. Perhaps the worst is the welfare system that penalizes families where the father is present in the home. Yes, this actually happens. Fathers who would prefer to live with their families must actually leave their homes so that their wives can receive welfare payments.

Earlier I mentioned "feminists and their allies." N.O.W., the so-called National Organization for Women, would be better named N.O.L.A., the National Organization for Lesbians and Abortionists, since those are the main agendas they push. Originally founded to promote equal rights and pay for women, the organization has been taken over by homosexual activists and militant abortionists. The vast majority of American women no longer support this organization. But their attacks on men, families, and fathers in particular are supported by organizations and institutions that one would not expect to do so. As the saying goes, "Politics makes strange bedfellows." So we see groups that need N.O.W.'s support for THEIR agendas (such as the teacher's union and Hollywood movie producers) supporting N.O.W. when they push legislation intended to demean fatherhood. And in return, the women of N.O.W. turn a blind eye to the damage the N.E.A. does to their children, and the violence caused to women by Hollywood's pornography.

Finally, Hollywood and the liberal media have for years ridiculed fathers, portraying them as stupid oafs in sitcoms, as oppressors of women in movies, as violent beasts in news coverage. One glaring example is the way child sexual abuse is portrayed. In TV dramas, movies, and in the news the natural father is almost always seen as the offender. The fact is that unmarried sexual partners of mothers, family friends, and relatives perpetrate most child sexual abuse. Some fathers do commit incest, but statistically the safest place for a child is a home where her natural father resides.

With all this said, I do not believe that the root cause of the attack on fathers is political ideology or radical social agendas. I believe the reason these ideologies and agendas exist is spiritual. God created the family, and He gave the father the responsibility for the physical and spiritual well being of his wife and children. The family is the basic building block of the church and of society. As such, it is under constant attack by every force of evil. Any attack on the family must start with an attack on the father, for he is the protector of the family.

As a nation, we tend to be passive. It is hard to get Americans to be passionate, to get them involved on most issues. This is one where we had better get involved. Every time you see an attack on fathers and families, you had better speak up. Every time legislation is proposed that will further weaken fatherhood and the traditional family, you had better let you representatives know where you stand in no uncertain terms. For if the family is destroyed, America will be destroyed.

Dr. Tom Barrett
Conservative Truth (Publisher, Editor)

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Dr. Tom Barrett has been an ordained minister for 30 years. He has written for local and national publications for most of his life, and has authored several non-fiction books. He has been interviewed on many TV and radio programs, and speaks at seminars nationwide. Tom is the editor and publisher of Conservative Truth, an email newsletter read by over fifty thousand weekly which focuses on moral and political issues from a Biblical viewpoint.

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