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Author:  Dr. Tom Barrett
Bio: Dr. Tom Barrett
Date:  August 9, 2006
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France: Mouthpiece for Terrorists

What in the world is wrong with France? Why has this nation taken upon itself the role of negotiator for Hezbollah?

What in the world is wrong with France? Why has this nation taken upon itself the role of negotiator for Hezbollah? The United States and Great Britain have introduced a very reasonable draft resolution to the UN Security Council that would provide both short and long term solutions to the current Middle East conflict. But France (which has veto power on the Council) has made it clear that unless the resolution is watered down to please Hezbollah, they will torpedo it.

The US/British draft includes a requirement that Resolution 1559 (see LINK below for the full text), passed by the UN Security Council on September 2, 2004, be implemented as part of a cease-fire agreement. This is an important point, because without the disarming of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, any cease-fire would be temporary at best.

Why France would be against implementation of a Resolution it voted for would be confusing, unless one realized how much Jacques Chirac and Bill Clinton have in common. The "leader" of France and our ex-President are both truth-challenged as well as integrity-challenged. Chirac directed his UN Ambassador to vote for 1559 two years ago because it made him look good. Now, with no explanation, he is trying to block its implementation.

The US and Great Britain want any international force to have the ability to actually DO something if they risk their lives by going into Lebanon. France prefers the status quo, which at this point includes the UNIFIL (UN Interim Force in Lebanon) troops, which are only allowed to "observe." My article last week went into detail about this "Interim" force that has been in Lebanon for 28 years, doing nothing (see LINK to this article below).

The proposed international force would have had the ability to disarm Hezbollah. This would be in the best interests of Lebanon, Israel, the surrounding nations, and the international community. It would be good for everyone except Hezbollah. So naturally France has refused to go along with it.

France's brilliant solution is that Hezbollah should be disarmed only when they agree to disarm. That would be like saying to street gangs in New York City, "The police are not going to take your weapons away from you thugs. Tell us when you are ready, and they will come and pick up your weapons." This will happen when pigs fly.

The other part of the French "plan" is that the Hezbollah terrorists would be integrated into the Lebanese army. Granted, the national army of Lebanon needs help. They have been helpless in controlling the Hezbollah forces. But the answer is NOT to incorporate mass murderers into the army. To use the analogy above, that would be like telling the NYC street gangs, "Now that you've been good boys and given up your guns, we have a surprise for you. Here's a badge, a better gun, and a pretty uniform. Now go out and catch guys just like yourselves!"

I have a pretty good idea of why France is acting this way. I believe France will be the next nation conquered by the militant Muslim world conspiracy. Muslims make no secret of the fact that their ultimate goal is for every nation of the world to be controlled by a strict fundamentalist Islamic government. France's lax immigration policies, combined with its low birth rate (and the very high birth rate of its Muslim population) will result in a majority Muslim country not too far in the future. Visit the Louvre while you can; soon Mona Lisa may be wearing a face veil.

Dr. Tom Barrett
Conservative Truth (Publisher, Editor)

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