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Author:  Dr. Tom Barrett
Bio: Dr. Tom Barrett
Date:  June 7, 2007
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Speaker Tells Students: "Have Sex, Do Drugs"

After reading about a student assembly at Boulder High School in Colorado, I am more happy than ever that my wife and I chose to home school our daughter. Dr. Joel Becker, a professor of psychology from (surprise!) the University of California at Los Angeles told kids 14 and up, "I am going to encourage you to have sex and encourage you to use drugs appropriately." He went on to encourage them to "explore their sexuality" by experimenting with homosexuality.

The Boulder school Board was confronted by Boulder High sophomore Daphne White and her mother, Priscilla White, about the event (see LINK below). Mrs. White told Board members it's inappropriate for such a message to be delivered by a public school. She was reading excerpts of the presentation to the board when Board President Helayne Jones told her to stop, because the language was inappropriate. For heaven's sake! If the language was "inappropriate" for adult School Board members, how in the world could it be considered appropriate for 14-year-olds?

"The panel discussion was a completely irresponsible and dangerous invitation to Boulder High students to have sex and take drugs," her daughter, Daphne, told the board. The conference which she was forced to attend was supposed to have been about STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Daphne accused panel members of presenting one-sided views and discrediting abstinence. "The panelists irresponsibly advised Boulder High students to have sex and use drugs. Teenage abstinence was dismissed as an unwise choice and indicative of religious hang-ups."

During the assembly a female student also asked the panelists, "Would you have sex with someone you liked? But say he doesn't love you?" The unanimous consensus of the four panel members was "Yes."

During the assembly, Dr. Becker said, "We all experiment. It's very natural for young people to experiment with same sex relationships~There are psychiatrists who will do sessions under the influence of ecstasy. If I had some maybe I'd do it with someone." [EDITOR'S NOTE: Ecstasy is a dangerous psychedelic drug.]

These are Dr. Becker's exact words from a tape played on a Boulder radio station: ""I'm going to encourage you to have sex, and I'm going to encourage you to use drugs appropriately." Yet the planner of the assembly, Jim Parker, claimed: "None of the panelists told the students they should or shouldn't use drugs or have sex. Rather, the panelists told students to make decisions that are appropriate for them and to know the consequences." Either the tape lied or Palmer lied.

The incoming Boulder Valley Superintendent, Chris King, agreed no student should have been forced to be at that panel discussion. The current Superintendent, George Garcia, conceded that many of the comments by the panelists were "crude" and "inappropriate." Yet the School Board plans to continue with the same type of assemblies next year (see LINK below).

I want to assure you that the Boulder High School assembly was not an isolated incident. Many other high school students nationwide have been forced to attend school assemblies designed to recruit impressionable kids into the perverted homosexual lifestyle.

Newton North High School Principal Jen Price refused to allow parents to attend assembly promoting homosexuality (see LINK below). Price is an open lesbian, who with her "partner" has two young children. (Newton, Massachusetts must be an extraordinarily liberal town, since the principals of both her high school and the Newton South High School are homosexuals.)

With a homosexual principal, it should come as no surprise that the school has a whole department to promote perversion. Under Administration the school's website there are four listings: the principal, the two vice-principals, and the director of the Office of Human Rights Education. They are very up-front about why this office exists (see LINK below): "The Office of Human Rights Education focuses on issues of human rights and reflects Newton North's commitment to issues of diversity. It serves as a resource for issues regarding gender, race, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) identity."

Since parents weren't allowed to attend the assembly, their only source of information was the student newspaper, which reported that the seminar included topics such as "It's natural to be gay." and "Fabulous Gay History." Students were given a brochure that informed them how to "discover" if they were "gay," and graphically described "safe" ways to engage in homosexual acts. Another brochure listed sixteen pages of contact information for homosexual, bi-sexual and transgender organizations.

The brochures can be found at the pro-family website of Mass Resistance (see LINK below). Also, make sure you watch two video clips on their site that are part of a one hour video that is used in schools across the nation. In the clips you will see actual footage of homosexuals brainwashing very young children (see LINK below). You MUST see these videos to know what is happening in our schools. Double-click the PLAY arrow. You may have to wait a few moments, but it will be worth it.

I was horrified when I saw that the first clip included a Quaker religious school celebrating its fourth "Gay and Lesbian Pride Day." Part of the film showed a faculty meeting in which a black teacher expressed concern about teaching the children their parents were wrong if their religious beliefs were that homosexuality is sin. She was told that she should teach the kids that their parents' beliefs were wrong.

In another horrendous abuse of the power of government, authorities at Deerfield High School in Deerfield, IL, 14-year-old students were forced to attend a pro-homosexual assembly. Then they were required to sign a confidentiality agreement promising not to tell their parents! (See LINK below.)

Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues for Concerned Women for America (CWA), stated, "This is unbelievable! It's not enough that students at Deerfield High are being exposed to improper and offensive material relative to unhealthy and high-risk homosexual behavior, but they've essentially been told by teachers to lie to their parents about it."

According to the CWA website (see LINK below), "Remarkably, even after the school district's surreptitious actions were exposed, parents were nonetheless told that they were not welcome to sit in on the "freshman advisory" and were not permitted to have access to materials used in compiling its activist curriculum.

A few weeks ago I was asked to speak at the Palm Beach Republican Women's Club. At the conclusion of my speech, I talked about the importance of electing not just a Republican in 2008, but a CONSERVATIVE Republican, if we are ever to have federal judges and justices who will follow the Constitution in their rulings. If we don't, the problems discussed in this article will only get worse.

Consider the case of David Parker, in which a federal judge ruled that schools have not only a right, but a duty to promote homosexuality, and that parents should not be able to opt their children out of homosexual brainwashing sessions.

In this case, U.S. District Judge Mark L. Wolf dismissed a civil rights lawsuit brought by Parker and ordered that it is reasonable, and that in fact there is an obligation, for public schools to teach young children to accept and endorse homosexuality.

The lawsuit was brought by parents of children in the Lexington, Massachusetts, Estabrook Elementary School who believe that the school violated state law and their civil rights by indoctrinating their children about a lifestyle which the Bible says is sinful.

Brian Camenker, head of the Mass Resistance Organization (see link BELOW) called the ruling "every parent's nightmare. In the ruling, Wolf makes the absurd claim that normalizing homosexuality to young children is 'reasonably related to the goals of preparing students to become engaged and productive citizens in our democracy.' According to Wolf, this means teaching 'diversity' which includes 'differences in sexual orientation.'

"In addition, Wolf makes the odious statement that the Parkers' only options are (1) send their kids to a private school, (2) home-school their kids, or (3) elect a majority of people to the School Committee who agree with them. Can you imagine a federal judge in the Civil Rights era telling blacks the same thing - that if they can't be served at a lunch counter they should just start their own restaurant, or elect a city council to pass laws that reflect the U.S. Constitution?"

Judge Wolf also stated that even allowing Christians to withdraw their children from classes or portions of classes where their religious beliefs were being violated wasn't reasonable. "An exodus from class when issues of homosexuality or same-sex marriage are to be discussed could send the message that gays, lesbians, and the children of same-sex parents are inferior and, therefore, have a damaging effect on those students."

Parents, you had better start getting involved before it is too late. A whole generation of public schooled children is growing up believing that homosexuality is "no big deal," to use one youngster's words from the video I referred to above. They are being brainwashed into believing that homosexuality and homosexual marriage is just as valid as heterosexuality and the God-ordained sacred institution of marriage between a man and a woman.

As a pastor, I have counseled with many Christian parents who are confused when their children express view like these that contradict the Bible. "We don't understand. We raised them right. We took them to church and Sunday School." But you failed to recognize the huge control the school system has over your child's mind. The school teachers spend more time with your kids than you do. And most of them are required to push the radical homosexual agenda (even if they disagree with it) in order to keep their jobs.

Get involved with legislation requiring parental notification. Sit in the classes yourself to see what is actually being taught. If they refuse (as is often the case), send a hidden tape recorder with your child to these classes. Demand copies of the books and curriculum materials. Make a pest of yourself! You owe it to your child.

Dr. Tom Barrett
Conservative Truth (Publisher, Editor)

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