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Author:  Dr. Tom Barrett
Bio: Dr. Tom Barrett
Date:  June 7, 2010
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Topic category:  Energy

Never Let a Good Oil Spill Got To Waste

Let’s look at what Obama has and hasn’t done to help clean up the Gulf oil spill in the last two months.

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s hatchet man, is famous for saying of America’s recent financial crash, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” True to his word, as Obama’s Chief of Staff he has led the Administration’s efforts to use America’s pain for Obama’s gain. At every step of the way they have used the fear, the loss of good people’s retirement plans, and the massive unemployment to advance their Socialist agenda, with no concern for the people they’ve hurt along the way.

They’re using the same tactics with the Gulf oil spill. They smile, tell us how much they’re helping us, and slip the knife into our backs. Then they give it a good twist to make sure it didn’t miss any vital internal organs. As millions of Americans have discovered since Obama scammed his way into office, the scariest words in the English language are, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”

Let’s look at what Obama has and hasn’t done to help clean up the Gulf oil spill in the last two months.

What he has done is talk a lot about what he is going to do. He and his spokesmen have made a lot of noise about the fact that they will “take away” the cleanup effort from BP unless it is effective and then the government will handle it. But when the admiral in charge of overseeing BP’s efforts was asked what the government would do if it took over the cleanup, he said, “What could we do that BP isn’t doing?” (I guess he didn’t get the memo.)

Also, despite all his big talk that “The buck stops here,” and, “As President I am ultimately responsible for fixing this,” and (my personal favorite), “I won’t rest until this is taken care of!” For a guy who’s so busy fixing a major national crisis that he has no time to rest, he’s sure found time for an awful lot of partying.

In recent polls most Americans gave Obama “thumbs-down” for his mishandling of the oil spill. Obviously the rest of them either haven’t been watching the news or are hopelessly brainwashed Obama-zombies who have lost the power to think anything but positive thoughts about their messiah.

Since the explosion in the Gulf, while Obama has made this his “single focus” (as he has said on several occasions) he has partied with Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and Jerry Seinfeld, met with Bono, played basketball and innumerable rounds of gold, gone on not one but two vacations, met with fellow economic whiz Arnold Schwarzenegger, flown to Buffalo for hot wings, and done several Democrat find raisers. (Make sure you check out the LINKS below for great videos and photo essays about what Obama was REALLY doing when he said he was focusing on the spill.)

Obama even took time off his focus on the oil spill crisis to host a politically correct “Cinco de Mayo” party at the White House to celebrate what the White House website called “Mexican Independence Day.” In his speech, Obama said, “We gather to mark a day that’s become as celebrated here in the United States as it is in Mexico.” Actually, Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico’s Independence Day, and it is an official holiday in only one state in Mexico, the State of Puebla. It celebrates the unlikely victory of a local Mexican militia over the French Army in 1862, and is celebrated far more in the US than in Mexico. It is used the way Obama used it – as a way to curry favor with Hispanics.

Meanwhile, proving that this is indeed Obama’s Katrina, our Procrastinator-in-Chief never showed his face in the Gulf until Day Thirteen of the disaster. Obama was extremely critical of President Bush’s supposedly slow response to Hurricane Katrina. But Bush was there within a few days, as soon as his presence would not be a hindrance to the life-saving efforts. There was no such concern in this case; in fact, local officials were begging for face-to-face meetings with Obama from Day One. But he was too busy eating barbeque, playing golf, and partying with sports and rock stars. So he showed up two weeks late, but just in time for a photo opp.

On Day Twenty-Five Obama finally gave a speech about the spill. And on Day Thirty-One he announced that if the current plans to cap the well didn’t work, his staff was working on “contingency plans.” I can just hear my old Marine Corps Drill Instructor saying to him, “You should have had your contingency plans ready from Day One, Son.” To be fair, he did send a Nobel Laureate in Physics to Louisiana to “consult” on the crisis. The only problem is that he has absolutely no knowledge or expertise in petroleum. But he does have a PhD, which is apparently all it takes to impress Obama.

Let’s talk about what Obama didn’t do. Many experts have recommended from the beginning that the federal government do as other nations with similar spills have done: Bring in super tankers to suck up the oil-laden water, separate the oil, and dump the water back into the Gulf. (The oil would rise to the top of the tanker, and the water, which would still have some degree of contamination, would be pumped out from the bottom.)

The environmental weenies in the Obama Administration apparently didn’t like this. Something about regulations against putting water that had a little oil in it into federal waters. Well, duh, Dilbert! It had a lot of oil in it before; now it has a little. Can you say, “Emergency”? Apparently Obama and Company couldn’t understand this simple concept (which has worked extremely well in many other spills), so they turned it down.

There’s been a lot of speculation that Obama has been so easy on BP because of the huge campaign contribution the company made to him during his presidential campaign. There may be some truth to that. Although he has belatedly criticized BP, it has not been in the scathing, belittling tone he normally uses for Capitalists.

But I believe the problem with his inaction goes far deeper and is far more sinister. I believe he wants the end result from this spill to be as disastrous as possible so that there will never again be the possibility of drilling off the shores of United States.

Think about it. For decades his party has blocked drilling for totally safe oil in the Alaskan wilderness, where the people of the state of overwhelming in favor of it, and only the federal government is stopping progress. The Democrats have also blocked safer drilling in shallower coastal waters, forcing drillers to drill mile-deep wells such as the BP well that caused this disaster. Had this well been in shallower waters, it could have been capped within days, rather than the months this is going to end up taking

Obama has both hindered and delayed the response to this spill. His actions and failures to act have not been in the interests of the people of the Gulf region nor of the people of the United States in general. They have been strictly in the interests of Barrack Hussein Obama and his political party. Are we surprised?

His primary goal is to bring the United States of America into a one world government. To that end he must further the conspiracy in which the Democrat Party has been engaged for decades to enlarge the size of government until the citizenry is completely dependent on government.

Part of their plan is to increase taxes so much that we will become like the Socialist states of Europe, many of which pay well in excess of 50% of their wages in taxes. How does this connect to the oil spill? Do you remember when Candidate Obama promised to destroy the coal industry in America? He admitted then that if he succeeded his actions would double the cost of electricity in America.

Obama plans to allow this spill to get much worse than it should have been, and to use the public outrage to stop all offshore drilling. (Look at how successful they have been at using Three Mile Island to stop all new nuclear electrical power generation for three decades.) Between this and the Cap and Tax energy bill he’s pushing through Congress, we could easily see gasoline go to European prices – between $6 and $8 per gallon.

How’s that for Hope and Change?

Dr. Tom Barrett
Conservative Truth (Publisher, Editor)

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