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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Andrew Benjamin
Bio: Andrew Benjamin
Date:  December 14, 2018
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Topic category:  Liberal/Progressive/Left

Choom Nation, Comatose Nation, Fluke Nation, Degenerate Nation: Barack Hussein Obama's Legacy

As I wrote way back when, before many Americans noticed, when the political left stepped left, the political right stepped left right along with them. It is the well-practiced dancesport we witness right now, as Republicans relinquish the House. This dance automatically assures the results desired by both political parties: The left winds up far left of the edge of sanity, taking the deep plunge, and the right will tag along to become the political left on their way to the place of no return. America winds up, once the left takes American's guns, with two left parties, as there's nothing else left to take but property and minds. After the guns, property of all kinds can be taken, and all property may be up for grabs. One cannot defend life or property without access to the means of defense.

The minds have already been taken by America's universities.

Americans and Canadians have learned to dance with two left feet, two left brains, two left-sided arguments and narratives, two leftie parties aiming for leftie results, and arguably, with no right brain hemisphere at all. What we have collectively witnessed here folks, is the synergy of a genuine medical miracle.

The conservative movement has stepped left on the matter of abortion.
Then it doubled down by funding it every year with a half billion dollars with taxpayer’s money, while the recipients with their bloodied hands dance left all the way to the bank.
It has stepped left on a transgendered military. Pink pussyhats will become the new military dress.
It has stepped left for universal trannie bathrooms where boys will be girls with a closetful of skirts of their own.
It has stepped left in support of "gay marriage." Never mind the oxymoron. It was, anyway, a Near Miss. Or a Jumbo Shrimp. Factually, most conservatives really don't care what a bunch of swarthy, sweaty men with a bad case of halitosis do in their fuschia themed boudoirs. We don't want to know. And then we have the leftie Evangelicals who can be found in the same boudoir.
It has stepped left by acquiescing to adverse court decisions that crushed businesses’ rights - and freedom - to refuse to do business. Instead, it is forcing them to serve those with whom they don’t want to be seen in public.
It has stepped left by accepting sanctuary places where half-naked perverts of unknown sexual predilection strutt their “stuff. "Perverts," s'cuse me, happens to be the correct description. What next? Will businesses be forced to join your local men-and-boys love society? It has stepped left, and without protest from the political center, aka Republicans, in the subverting of Federal Laws to advance the Choom Nation to Opiate the Masses. Instead of securing a drug-free America and its children's future, it abandoned them all to the legal cartels who send money to Democrat politicians who promote a drugged America of nitwits. Vodka was the opiate of the masses in the communist block. In the United States choom is. Both have already, or will result in, entire nations of the unproductive, incurious, physically sick, lacking in motive and backbone. As the Soviets have found then, we will soon find ourselves with a workforce that votes to feed their addictions. Mindlessness and "huh?" is the new socialism. Soon you'll hear demands for free pot.
It has stepped left concerning the freedom of speech by ignoring the tyrannical, fascistic, racist, antisemitic and violent conditions at America’s universities staffed 90%+ by leftwingers who can expel at whim students and even encourage riots against speakers who speak for conservative, freedom-seeking, American and Judeo-Christian values. The last two happen to be one and the same. The administrators, staff, and students at these universities have even gone so far as to shout down, shut down, and get courageous conservatives like the great Oleg Abatshian, a Gentile, thrown in jail for exercising his right to protest against the enablers of racist, violent, Jihadi Jewhate.

With Republicans in Congress getting ready to approve and continue the CRs (continuing resolutions) for funding government, meaning no change will happen, we can expect zero funding for walls and border security. We can expect a lack of determination for immigration reform. We can expect a move to reduce American military appropriations at the very time our nation needs to project global power against the growing threats from enemies abroad that have recently modernized their forces. We can expect a tax increase that will surely "improve the economy" by making sure workers have less money to spend. We can expect a reversal of good-for-American workers trade deals to be "modified" in the interests of good-for-American globalist-invested billionaires. The same folk who backed Hillary Clinton, the CEOs of the largest and wealthiest globalist megacorporations Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Apple; and the rest invested in alternative energy and huge portfolios of international businesses: Soros, Bloomberg and Steyer.

It has gone over the heads of the poor left and the socialists who fell through the holes, they're not the brightest bulbs on the block - but the Democrats are the party of the monoculture of Wall Street, Big Business, Big Banks, Hollywood and Big Media, the super rich; while the Republicans have become the party of Average Joe American who has been screwed over for four decades.

We can expect no comprehensive solutions whenever the extreme political left, otherwise known as Democrats, want none.
We can expect no consequences for the massive criminal activity of the Democrats and their allies. For example GOOGLE that is now preparing China's search engine that will censor opinion not in line with communist party speech, the same way GOOGLE censors opinion not in line with Democrat speech in the United States, the same way both GOOGLE and FACEBOOK censor speech in opposition to George Soros and the European Union in Europe.

To mollify the growing left who are enabling and participating in multiple voting violations buttressed by the ongoing invasion from the nation's south, conservatives have learned to dance with two left feet and a newly-discovered asynchronous leftie rhythm, whereas one left foot will find solutions the moment it stepped on the other left foot.

America's two left parties have mostly forgotten the laws enshrined in the US Constitution, a document they rarely, if ever, mention.

The Hill's conservatives with a few exceptions are a soulless, pointless, spineless, thoughtless and gutless gaggle of disingenuous McCains and Flakes who have awakened only the last month in which they could have taken control of America's future. That, only after two years of deliberate ineffectiveness. Now they opened their eyes, after having witnessed countless scandals and constitutional violations by our law-enforcement agencies that targeted conservatives only. These agencies tried to frame the party's presidential candidate on funding for a fakery fabricated by the political opposition, and is still in business - its only business - trying to frame the President for crimes the left has themselves committed.

Only this time the negligence by the Republicans is more appalling, as it is compounded by deeply-inserted Deep State operatives of the previous administration that has enthusiastically sicked itself only on conservatives. The Deep State is represented by the wholly-Democrat Mueller Team and talking heads at CNN-MSNBC, as it continues to use IRS and DOJ operatives to frame and convict innocent parties - only Trump associates of course - of minor process crimes for misstating what they had forgotten.

Mueller and the Democrat phonies in Congress were never in the business of investigating a crime.
They are in the business of investigating Trump and trying to reverse the results of November 2016.
The end of this travesty is not in sight.

The disloyal opposition established a Special Prosecutor on false premises to hound, wiretap, falsely accuse on perjured warrants, and attempt to find a crime where none existed. Or make it up if all else failed. The purpose, to frame the winner and his associates. Our newly-minted leftwing conservatives, we shall call them the New Left (as opposed to the Old Left and the Leftover Left), just discovered in the few days left to them, that maybe former FBI and DOJ heads James Comey and Loretta Lynch should have been deposed months ago by asking them "When did you know it and when did you know you knew it? And with whom did you discuss the plan to wiretap and spy on the Trump campaign?"

By the time these "witnesses" who actually represent the Deep State have been fully interviewed after they had answered with 500 "I can't recalls," 800 "I don't knows," 1500 "I was unaware ofs" and 1200 wink-winks, the Republican's time to have achieved anything of significance will have been history. The nation's last chance to have resolved these issues in the service of social justice for a constitutional and responsible government will have never begun. Going forward, the New Left - aka, congressional conservatives - will enjoy the status of second class lefties.

The first class Lefties and America's privileged class are the Democrats, Facebook, Twitter, and Google, the Clintons and Team Muller.
And We, The People, will enjoy the privilege of morphing from citizens to subjects.
From knowing what is going on, to getting no information at all, except from CNN-MSNBC.

From the vantage point of the improbably sane, for example George Orwell, one might rightly assume that America decided to turn leftward five decades ago and will have reached its goals fully two years from this date.

What were Republicans thinking for the past three years while their leader and his family were literally pummeled and framed by a gaggle of greedy, self-dealing piranhas and their in-the-pocket press, to turn public opinion inward against the nation on fabrications, inventions and fictions backed by nothing more than hate, spite, Fake News, fake dossiers paid for by Hillary, the DNC, and FBI, and the funding by the same far left that is doing likewise in Europe?

Why did the former president stay behind in Washington to cause more damage than he already has accomplished over eight years of his rampage and pillaging of this nation of its history, destiny, security, sense of self, wealth, and pride?

Mark Levin: “No one, no human being has done more damage to the security of this nation, to the wellbeing of this nation, to future generations of this nation than Barack Obama. Nobody. Nobody’s done more damage to the United States military, America foreign policy and this nation than Barack Obama.”


The invasion at our borders this man with the genuine and authentic birth certificate caused is chiefly responsible for what's behind the news today.

The change he promised on the tails of hope are creatures of historically and economically-ignorant socialist nitwits being puked out with advanced degrees by their failed-in-their-own-lives socialist professors who have never turned a page in a history book. Or one on economics.

Obama's Legacy is a dying health care system where providers and insurers have left, their health providers have left, and left the nation with skyrocketing premium costs that may go up 40% in 2018! Reminder, it was Barack Obama and the Democrats that passed Obamacare, not Donald Trump.

Obama's legacy is a dying Iran nuke deal left over from his Jihad against the Jews and Israel. After which he gave $150 billion in a secret operation to support the mullah's terror against Israel and the west, capped off with his aye-ing the disingenuous anti-Israel resolution at the UN on his way out. That was ranked as 2016's most antisemitic act. The Pittsburgh Temple shooter killed a dozen. Obama's act is likely to murder tens of thousands if not cause a world war where tens of millions may die.

Obama's legacy is a China and Russia on the warpath and invading other nations.

Obama's legacy is Sandra Fluke and her mates of the sexually clueless whose warehouseful of condoms helped the aforementioned health care system go belly up.

Obama's legacy is that entire states have gone off the rails chasing choom and the state of unconsciousness.

Obama's goal was a Comatose Nation, not a WOKE nation.

A nation lulled to sleep to ignore the dangers within and the dangers scratching at the Supreme Court's gates.

The danger at the Gates of Vienna.

In America's rush leftward, what Barack Obama left us with, the Choom Nation, is asleep and unable to defend itself and its borders, a politically left Fluke Nation filled with dependents whose entire lives are centered around their orgasm, and a politically left free to advance their vision of a Degenerate Nation of potheads hoping to get stoned - and then get laid. What the man left us with is a nation with a HUUUUGE deficit.

A deficit of seriousness.

A nation unable to look inward for purpose and for meaning, while drooling inane slogans such as FORWARD!, Hope&Change, and I'M WITH HER.

Obama's legacy is the unmasking and surveillance of Trump associates and the Trump campaign, wiretapping, spying on the opposition party, and using fabricated evidence and perjured FISA warrants to scuttle first the Trump candidacy, and second, the Trump presidency. Obama's legacy is denying what now we all know today to be true. He, not Trump, lied. No one but Obama could have ordered the highly illegal and constitutionally illegal massive spy operation on Donald Trump and Associates - using several intel agencies and their top operatives in an attempt to implicate Team Trump in crimes ONLY the Democrats, Obama, and Hillary, committed! Obama's Legacy, insofar as his non-achievements are concerned, are gone. But not the acrid stench of the fakery on which this impostor with a mostly unknown past rose to power, to cynically satisfy the temporal urges of his just as degenerate, clueless and juvenile-minded followers marinated in the socialist monoculture of their Safe Spaces.

The man of Kenya, Indonesia, wherever, but certainly not of America, started out as a degenerate and stayed on a degenerate behind in Washington DC to create more havoc. He's the Degenerate-in Chief. He stayed on to continue his degeneracy, to corrupt and poison the air and nation he never liked. He stayed on to leverage the poison of his mindnumbing narratives of fictions over a solid eight painful years, beyond his legal term in office.

That, is Barack Obama's legacy.

Is it not time to call Barack Obama to the witness stand in the US Senate chambers?

(c) Andrew G. Benjamin

Andrew Benjamin

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Biography - Andrew Benjamin

Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team's Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, political and economic issues, the Mideast and its history, terrorism, technology, high end audio, migration issues and transnational politics concentrating on Europe.

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