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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Andrew Benjamin
Bio: Andrew Benjamin
Date:  December 17, 2018
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We know that Russian caviar and Russian dressing is getting us all unhinged. So we must act now and declare our loss and our poverty of ideas a win against corrosive prosperity.

I implore Democrats to go out and vote to get rid of American success, prosperity and security - and Donald Trump's making America great.

We need to make America small again, not great.

There's nothing great about being great!

Please go out and vote for the massive middle class tax increase we are proposing so we can put less food on the table and we'll have to sell that second car we can no longer afford.
We need to make America not strong, but weak again, so we can once again know our place in the world and apologize for our greatness.

Being great is nothing to be proud of!

By getting Democrats elected we can bring antisemitism and racism back to our nation where it belongs - right from our colleges where they have become the social justice norm.
It's not that we need to oppress Jewish students on campus. It's that we don't need Jewish students to begin with on America's campuses that are wholly Democrat. We don't need them because Jews excel and exceptionalism is unacceptable.

Mostly we don't need them because their presence, clear thinking, and their religion offends our Muslim brothers and sisters.

America doesn't need success. Why success does no one any good can be found at

Rather, we want OUR president Barack Obama back, to again assume his rightful seat in the Oval Office to help out with his zero economic growth, greatest workforce non-participation rate in US history, high women's and minority unemployment, factories and jobs leaving the United States, IRS and Benghazi scandals, and the race riots in our inner cities which we are already missing. Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland are quiet. Cities not burning is socially unjust!

We need to repeat Obama's taking NATO's missiles out of Poland to prevent collusion with the Russians just in case they are thinking of invading Ukraine or sending troops to Syria. But that would never happen under Obama's watch, would it?

We remember how Barack saved our nation's economy and all our car companies after the economic collapse of 2008 by instituting TARP and QE's (quantitative easing.)

Oops, sorry about that, he was George W. Bush who did that October 2008 while Barry was still editing his ghost-written bio after attending the Reverend Wright's antisemitic church. If not that, Al Sharpton's or Jesse Jackson's or Louis Farrakhan's antisemitic churches.

Never mind history. After all, Barack Obama is responsible for Donald Trump's economy.
Don't believe me? Believe him. If not him, believe anything you hear on CNN.
It is so even after Donald Trump reversed each and every one of Obama's economic policy decisions.

Trump reversals of Obama's wishes leave no doubt why Obama's economic thinking moved the DOW up forty percent since Trump got elected.

Trump had nothing to do with it. Obama had everything to do with it. I knew you'd understand the logic.

We need to get the pussy hats out to vote again to remind us that, when if comes to major issues: foreign policy, economics, building infrastructure, new defense systems, military power and extending America's hegemony to fill the vacuum left by a preceding president, and negotiating better trade or nuclear deals almost as good as were Obama's and Bill Clinton's in North Korea and Iran, we need to turn to the real experts:

Madonna, Kate Perry, Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin and other Hollywood stars.

Unlike the man with the Orange Hair, these are America's genuine, highly educated and experienced experts and brilliant minds from Hollywood and the music industry. They could again remind us how to negotiate nuclear deals by giving everything away up front - including billions in hard cash spirited out of the country on bales in the middle of the night.

Obviously, that is not something an enlightened president like Barack Obama might do. Or agreeing to get nothing in return but a promise to shelve the Iran nuke program for a few years - after which they are welcome to renew it.
He wouldn't have done that either.

We know the Iran deal would have worked if the man with the Orange Hair would have stayed out of it. It would have worked that same way the NK deal worked after having been negotiated by Bill Clinton.

Exactly the same way, when Bill assure us back then, just like America's greatest president, Barack Obama assured us four years ago about Iran, that it "was a good deal for America." And an even better deal for Israel.

All deals for America negotiated by the Democrats are good deals.

They became even better deals after the cash wound up at the Clinton Family Foundation.
At that point the deals got even better after the money paid off political operatives at the FBI and congress to launch a special prosecutor against the Orange Hair Man based on a fabricated PP Dossier that cost $12 million!

Most importantly, we need the aforementioned racism and antisemitism to return.

Thankful to Jewish liberals who send their children to America's liberal universities, where they cannot identify themselves as Jews, racism has indeed returned. Just for the Jews, because they were chosen.

Thankfully 80% of America's Jews support Democrats to make sure Iran will deliver on its promise to wipe out the Israeli relatives of America's liberal Jews in America.

The Clinton money can also be used to get other Democrat politicians, cited below, get re-elected. Inshallah.

For example, we need to elect Virginia's Democrat Leslie Cockburn who wrote a book about how Jews control America's foreign policy (that's before they have harvested your kidneys to make kidney pie), Pennsylvania's Scott Wallace who gave tens of thousands to pro-BDS groups, and NYC's Ocasio-Cortez who accused Israel of genocide. Take Texas Democrat Beto O'Rourke, a future presidential candidate who signed on to funding HAMAS (on the US terrorist watch list), Michigan's Rahsida Tlaib, an enabler of Hamas who will not denounce the self-same terrorist group, Minnesota's Muslim Democrat Ilan Omar who called Israel an "apartheid regime" and said the Jews hypnotized the world.

It gets better - especially for America's Jews:

The U.S. Democratic Congressional Central Committee endorses and funds a congressional candidate whose entire family links to Hamas.

Ammar Campa-Najjar 28, in California's 50th Congressional district in the San Diego and El Cajon area is running for congress. Ammar is the grandson of one of the masterminds of the Munich terror attacks the PLO faction Black September undertook in Munich where they butchered the entire Israeli Olympic Team in the name of tolerance, equality, social justice, and Democracy.

The Democrats should adopt a new motto to follow Hillary's unfair defeat, so please, when you go out to vote, hold up a sign with:

"We Are All Palestinians."

New York's junior Senator Gillibrand and Cory Booker have allied themselves with Jihadi Linda Sarsour of the #metoo and #womensmarch. Sarsour advocates for women's liberation and women's equality by demanding that women be given a very enjoyable clitorectomy.

All women should be equal and all women shall have a clitorectomy.

Sarsour also called for a Jew-free Israel she calls "Palestine," preferably one with a field of dead Jews from the Jordan to the Med.

We can make the entire process even simpler for America's liberal Jews who are chief financiers of the Democrat Party that hates them for good reasons and bites the hands that has fed them since the Party's inception.

1. American Thinker: 2. Federalist: 3. Frontpage: 4. List of 74 antiSemitic Democrats: 5. Democrats - Officially the Anti-Semitic Party:

Finally, and it's still true: America doesn't deserve or need success, prosperity, jobs, businesses and factories returning to the US to make people who don't want to, eat. We need socialism just like Venezuela's where we can eat each other.

We don't need that oppressive prosperity to dominate our lives. We have no right to enjoy money for retirement, or even retirement. We don't need a good life others in Palestine don't have. Many Americans are, anyway, too overqualified to eat or to own cars that actually run. That's why we need to tear down walls, not build them. That's why we need to open our homes to Guatemalans who have no homes. Preferably MS13 members. We need to feed Mexicans, Hondurans, and Guatemalans, and not Americans who've already eaten at least one good meal last year.

What we need is to return to the good old days pre-2016, for more racism to erupt and kill innocent cops in our inner cities, to burn down entire neighborhoods and loot stores before setting them on fire. WE need more sons like Trayvon, the son I never had.

We need to expand the 24/7 Trump derangement and hate we see on CNN and MSNBC throughout every day, because 48/16 just isn't enough time.

Anyway, when Barack Obama reminded us as frequently as possible, "That's not who we are," he was grinning from ear to ear.
And winking.


That's exactly who we Democrats are.

Andrew Benjamin

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Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team's Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, political and economic issues, the Mideast and its history, terrorism, technology, high end audio, migration issues and transnational politics concentrating on Europe.

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