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Author:  James Atticus Bowden
Bio: James Atticus Bowden
Date:  April 5, 2006
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Topic category:  Other/General

No Borders, No Nation

There’s a reason why we Americans don’t speak Pictish. There’s a reason why the present government of the United States of America serves an American Nation built from an American Civilization that is based on American Culture – instead of the Picts. There’s a reason why most Americans speak English – at least for now. The Picts couldn’t keep their borders. The Picts were destroyed. No one mourns. No one cares. Borders protect the Nation. People and Will preserve the Nation.

The Celtic tribes, especially the Belgae, didn’t invade the large Western island of Europe. But, they infiltrated in such numbers as to transform the culture with a Druid priesthood and chariot warfare. The former Pict place was a different people in a different culture when the Romans invaded (43 A.D.). The Romans conquered most of the island and made ‘Britannia’ a Roman province for over 300 years.

The two Roman Legions were recalled in 402 and 407 A.D. The barbarian Angles, Saxons and Jutes raided, invaded and settled in the land on their terms. 300 years later the Danish Vikings did the same until the land was divided between Anglo-Saxons in Wessex and the Danes in the Danelaw (878 A.D.). 300 years later the French-speaking descendants of other Viking Norsemen, the Normans, conquered the land. William the Conqueror defeated King Harold II at the Battle of Hastings (1066) only 19 days after Harold had beaten back a Viking invasion. One border was held but the other was lost. And, so was the kingdom.

Since 1066 no one has successfully violated the borders of England and conquered the People therein. The Spanish Armada failed. Scottish arms were defeated. Which is why, Jamestown, Virginia was an English-speaking settlement in 1607. French, Spanish and Indians were all over the continent when that tiny fort was built on the river re-named ‘James’. For 400 years, the English-speaking People defeated, destroyed, assimilated or purchased their way to impose their culture, civilization and nation(s) across most of land called ‘North America’ by its conquerors.

American conquerors could have been Picts. But they didn’t keep their borders. It could have been the Romans, but they were overrun. Or, it could have been the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, or Danes. But, they were beaten. Instead, it was an English-speaking People. There’s still a ‘post-1066’ England. Although, their immigration population time bomb of unassimilated Muslims may end it. What about America?

The English Speaking Peoples have been here for 400 years, and their great Nation is pushing 230, or about the length of time the Romans, the Angles-Saxons-Jutes, and the Danes held sway before they were conquered or overwhelmed. How much longer will America stay American? Almost a thousand years like England (1066 – 2006 A.D.) or is the time about up? How many immigrants does it take for an immigrant invasion to conquer?

There are 298 million Americans on the population clock. About 11 or 12 million are illegal aliens. 3 million more illegals will cross the border this year. There are 6.5 billion humans. Over 5 billion live poorly. How many folks can enter the U.S. in the next 10 years if the government, expressing the Will of the People, fails to control its own border?

If President Bush gets his amnesty program – the price of amnesty is 11 years and $2,000 – how many more illegal immigrants will cross the border during this amnesty – maybe 33 million? Or more? Why would the pace slow as the world gets better connected when the poor get poorer? Especially from Latin American countries where new socialist rulers will destroy what wealth they have.

What to do about illegal aliens already here is irrelevant if the borders stay open. There will be millions and millions more regardless of what is done – or not. It just doesn’t matter if the border isn’t controlled.

How much longer will The People wait on the government that they elect to act? If we wait too long, we go the way of the Picts. If we act resolutely, we can survive another seven centuries or so. If and when the government defends every border and controls immigration, the tough issues can be answered.

Like how many or few immigrants can be legally admitted? Is anyone favored over others by region, skill, or religion or not? Guest workers, how many, how long, or not? Amnesty, penalties or deportation?

Mr. President, Congress, Governors: Control the borders, now. Don’t let a single illegal alien invade. Not one. Forever. Then we’ll talk.

James Atticus Bowden

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Biography - James Atticus Bowden

James Atticus Bowden is a military 'futurist.' His novel, Rosetta 6.2, should be published in mid-2006. A retired United States Army Infantry Officer, he is a 1972 graduate of the United States Military Academy. He earned graduate degrees from Harvard University and Columbia University. He holds three elected Republican Party offices in Virginia.

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