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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  James Atticus Bowden
Bio: James Atticus Bowden
Date:  March 5, 2008
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Don't be stifled by political correct conformity. Speak the plain truth.

Speaking Obama’s whole name, Barack Hussein Obama, is attacking Obama.  According to Liberals.  It’s a racist, anti-Muslim baiting of Obama.  Because the name Barack Obama points to Africa.  The name Hussein points to Islam.  His name “plays on the fears of voters.”  It doesn’t matter that his name is his name.  Speaking the truth about Obama, even in saying Obama’s name, provides racist, anti-Muslim clues to voters.  When Obama becomes the Democrat candidate, simply opposing Obama will be racist and anti-Muslim bigotry.  Liberals will Obama-bait.

Get ready for the new narrative.  “People oppose Obama only because he is black.  Only racists oppose a black candidate.  Everyone who opposes Obama is a racist.”

The first variation on the theme of Obama-baiting will be, “People use his middle name,  Hussein, to associate Obama with Muslims.  Only anti-Muslim bigots oppose a Muslim candidate.  Everyone who opposes Obama is a religious bigot.”

*The would-be HRH Hillary I was going to use the Feminist variation on these narratives to paint all who oppose her as bigots afraid of strong women.   But, the racist and religious narratives are far more effective.  And threatening to the American body politic.

The Black narrative fits under the Liberal trinity of race, class and gender(s).  Race, class and gender(s) defines Diversity – and religion, too, as long as it isn’t Christian.  So, defining Obama by his race, is by definition, the first order of Liberal ‘thought’, the first station of Diversity, and the first line of attack.  Democrats mastered race-baiting with Jim Crow segregation.  They artfully shifted the race bait to a different set of voters. 

Now, the Democrats use racism to attack others as racists.  Democrats, as good Liberal Human Secularists and their useful Sissy Christians friends, use religious bigotry against Christians to attack others as religious nuts.  Likewise, Liberals will Obama-bait – precisely by accusing all opponents of Obama-baiting their own voters. 

The result, if it works, will be more groveling by politicians.  Like John McCain repudiating an Ohio Conservative radio talk show host who invoked Obama’s middle name three times.  Like Karl Rove caving because the MSM perpetuates the narrative that Republicans are bigots. 

Note to McCain and Rove:  The MSM and Democrats will Obama-bait regardless of what anyone does or says.  Once Liberals silence any criticism of Obama, starting with using his real name, they will move on the more forceful narrative – voting against Obama is racist and hateful bigotry. 

The Liberal Human Secularists are the masters of speech codes, hate speech, and thought crime.  They adapted Political Correctness from the Communist Human Secularists and refined it.  Go to any University and many K-12 public schools and see.

Now is the time to speak the truth.  About all things of political consequence – like Barack Hussein Obama running for President of the United States of America.  Suffer the consequences – let the MSM/Liberals/Democrats/Fellow travelers accuse you of racism and religious bigotry.  Then, mock them and say the truth again.  Over and over.  Be defiant in the truth.

Barack Hussein Obama has a lot of questions to answer.  Don’t be afraid to ask them.  Don’t be intimidated into not asking him - and using his full name – hard questions. 

James Atticus Bowden

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Biography - James Atticus Bowden

James Atticus Bowden is a military 'futurist.' His novel, Rosetta 6.2, should be published in mid-2006. A retired United States Army Infantry Officer, he is a 1972 graduate of the United States Military Academy. He earned graduate degrees from Harvard University and Columbia University. He holds three elected Republican Party offices in Virginia.

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