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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Jayme Evans
Bio: Jayme Evans
Date:  September 29, 2006
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This Is Not Bubba's Fault
(Depending on what the meaning of the word "is" is,that is)

Clinton's pathetic attempt to slip his interviewer the figurative "explosive cigar" by politicizing the war to favor Democrats blew up in his own face.

America's first black President, the former Philanderer-In-Chief, Bill Clinton is at it again. He just can't seem to stop seeking the spotlight, even when it illuminates his malfeasance in office. Much like Ken Starr exposed the stain on that sullied blue dress.

Not content neutering entire generations of Americans into cynicism, complacency, and silence as a result of political correctness, Mr. Clinton had to foist all of his scandals, as well as his treachery upon us, and our children. To fully document the Clinton scandals, one would need to pen a monumental tome.

He took wordsmithing to all time lows, splitting hairs over the definitions of "is", "ever", "never" and "sex". It was actually painful to watch.

The following 3 examples should eliminate any further confusion about the meaning of the aforementioned words:

1). The Clinton presidency is the worst pox to have ever been unleashed upon this nation ,although Bush's Presidency ranks a close second.

2). The damage Bill Clinton has done to the security of this nation is so severe, we may never recover.

3). Bill Clinton's lies and his propensity for receiving oral sex from interns young enough to be his daughter are what led to his impeachment.

Clinton disgraced veterans all across this nation when he buried one of his minions who never served a day of active duty in Arlington National Cemetery; Hallowed ground which is nourished by the very blood this nation has shed in defense of freedom. He had to dig up the ripened corpse when we got wind of what he had done.

He systematically gutted defense and intelligence budgets, and hamstrung their ability to operate effectively for years.

On numerous occasions his administration failed to act when they had the opportunity to kill Bin Laden. The failure was the combined result of institutional myopia, persistent hand-wringing over collateral damage, and a lack of political will when it came to the prospect of killing innocents or damaging mosques - even if it meant stopping public enemy #1.

Clinton's pathetic attempt to slip his interviewer the figurative "explosive cigar" by politicizing the war to favor Democrats blew up in his own face.

It was the most undignified performance by a President, sitting or otherwise that I have ever seen. When he squinted his eyes, wagged his finger and got in Chris Wallace's face in that heated interview, all I could think about, and the one thing I will always remember about Bill Clinton is that famous lie: "I did not... have... sexual relations with that woman... Miss Lewinski..."

But by far, the worst transgression of Mr. Clinton's watch, was the failure to get Bin Laden at the Sheikh Ali Camp back in 1999. In February of that month, the CIA received tip-offs that Bin Laden was spending a lot of time at the camp with visitors from the U.A.E. When intelligence was collected in advance of an impending strike, the U.A.E. link was confirmed by the presence of one of their official aircraft.

Incidentally, it was the U.A.E. that was supposed to be our trusted partner in the war on terror. Trusted enough to run our port operations, and yet here they were, in 1999, sleeping with the enemy.

Needless to say, political pressure from the Lewinski scandal, and his other "Bimbo eruptions" just a year earlier squeezed what little manhood was left out of Mr. Clinton's family heirlooms after Hillary was through. The risk of killing an Emirate prince, even if he associated with Bin Laden, was too great, and the strike mission was aborted in the third trimester, which -as we all know- is how liberals prefer their abortions.

Jayme Evans

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Biography - Jayme Evans

Jayme Evans is a veteran of the United States Navy, a military analyst, conservative opinion columnist, and an advocate for disabled and other veterans. He has served for many years as a Subject Matter Expert specializing in the testing of systems software for numerous major US organizations. He has extensively studied amateur astronomy and metallurgy, as well as military and US history. His brutally honest, in-your-face political commentary has been published in many west coast newspapers, and he is a regular contributing columnist to a multitude of internet sites, including, The Conservative Voice, and Conservative Crusader. Mr. Evans has also written guest editorials for Military Magazine, and he has been a frequent guest columnist on WorldNetDaily, writing about legislative and veteran's issues.

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