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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Jayme Evans
Bio: Jayme Evans
Date:  January 15, 2007
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Steel Yourselves

If the current House and Senate Democratic leadership were sitting atop Capitol Hill when the US entered W.W.II, you'd be eating schnitzel in celebration of Oktoberfest, or ringing in the new year with a nice warm sake.

Would you like to speak German? How about Japanese? Ever wanted to learn Spanish, Arabic, Korean, or Farsi? If the Democratic Party has it's way, you may get your chance to reach native fluency in one or more of these foreign languages sooner than you thought.

If the current House and Senate Democratic leadership were sitting atop Capitol Hill when the US entered W.W.II, you'd be eating schnitzel in celebration of Oktoberfest, or ringing in the new year with a nice warm sake.

It is only by coming together as a nation that we were able to defeat Nazi tyranny and Japanese imperialism. Back then, the cost was hundreds of thousands of US combat deaths. So with the country more divided than ever in our history, how do Democrats expect to defeat the enemy in Iraq?

Oh that's right, I forgot. Democrats aren't interested in victory, only in retreat, or as they like to call it, "redeployment".

They keep arguing that Bush has caused terrorism to flourish in the Middle East, that the world is more dangerous than ever, and that it's Bush's fault.

For the sake of argument, let's say that were in fact true. Are we --as Americans-- going to sit here and play the blame game, hold some hearings, perhaps impeach another President while our enemies grow stronger, or are we going to come together and do what's necessary to achieve victory?

If you think Muslims are mad now, what happens when we leave Iraq, and it descends to the depths of hell? It's really easy to say it's someone else's problem, but it's not. It is our problem, collectively as a nation. Radical Islam makes no distinctions. Soldier or civilian; Democrat or Republican; Jew or fellow Muslim, it doesn't matter. All non-practitioners of worldwide jihad are infidels, and will be treated as such.

If we run away instead of fix this problem, we'll be forced to return within five years as the only combat force on the planet capable of bringing order to the resulting chaos, and we'll leave a bigger trail of destruction with even more dead US soldiers.

This is not just about Iraq. It is about countries like Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, and China, cooperating militarily, economically, surreptitiously, tacitly or rhetorically to ensure the eventual demise of the United States.

It is about the sacrifices of heroes such as Marine Corporal Jason Dunham, who has posthumously received the Congressional Medal Of Honor, the world's most revered combat medal. Corporal Dunham, like Navy Petty Officer Michael Monsoor threw himself on that grenade because it wasn't about him. America should heed their example.

Recent strikes in Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq in the last couple of weeks have shown that we are more than capable of continuing this fight, yet if you listen to the Democrats it's curtains for the US military.

All of this Democratic hand-wringing and knee-jerking is poisonous to this country, and I want no part of it. Only by rejecting these tendencies, did the United States become the military, industrial, economic, and technological superpower that it remains today. Only by rejecting these tendencies every time we confront them, will we continue to remain a free nation.

History, not Congressman Chuck Hagel (R-NB) will be the judge whether the addition of 20,000 plus troops was the most dangerous foreign policy blunder since Vietnam. Nor will history look favorably upon the naysayers in either party, once the consequences of a defeat begin to materialize. You are, in essence, betting against your own military.

At this critical time in our nation's history, I say to Democrats, as well as waffling Republicans:

Steel yourselves. Snap out of it, and stiffen your resolve. Now is not the time for retreat. Unless you have a viable plan to clean up the resulting mess from a full scale retreat or "phased withdrawal", then let the Commander-In-Chief conduct his war. America asked for, and the President promised a change in course, NOT RETREAT. The President appears to be delivering, so I'm not quite sure what all the uproar is about.

Anything less than complete victory by the United States in Iraq will be considered a victory for militant Islam and will recruit more terrorism than George Bush ever could.

Jayme Evans

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Biography - Jayme Evans

Jayme Evans is a veteran of the United States Navy, a military analyst, conservative opinion columnist, and an advocate for disabled and other veterans. He has served for many years as a Subject Matter Expert specializing in the testing of systems software for numerous major US organizations. He has extensively studied amateur astronomy and metallurgy, as well as military and US history. His brutally honest, in-your-face political commentary has been published in many west coast newspapers, and he is a regular contributing columnist to a multitude of internet sites, including, The Conservative Voice, and Conservative Crusader. Mr. Evans has also written guest editorials for Military Magazine, and he has been a frequent guest columnist on WorldNetDaily, writing about legislative and veteran's issues.

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