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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Mike Graham
Bio: Mike Graham
Date:  September 30, 2008
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Obama And Democrat Leaders Failed To Stop Wall Street 9-11 Crash

"No-Vote-Obama" who is out there somewhere with a cell phone and a big airplane with his campaign logo painted on it; saying call me if you need me.

Obama is quick to say now, that he warned of the financial crises coming last year. So, why didn't Obama use his so-called leadership to take action and stop it? Senator McCain in 2005 tried to stop it, but the legislation was defeated by Obama and other Democratic leaders.

Senator Obama's failed leadership to include House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank's use of disgraceful partisanship venom during this national financial crises has been a disgrace to our nation. Together they have set in motion a full undermining of our nation's foundation. Americans should forcefully remind our federal elected representatives that they work for US, the American tax payer, not Wall Street nor corporate companies.

A message to Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank: Corporate lobbyist interest no longer trump US, your boss; the American tax payer! No more golden parachute lobbyist money hand-outs for you!

American voters demand a bill be brought about and passed that bans all Corporate lobbyists from U.S. Capitol grounds! Corporate leaders should only appear before Congress members during public, open-hearings to oversee issues that pertain to their industry and; only, if called upon to do so.

It's a national disgrace that hard working American moms and dads are even having to consider bailing out Wall Street multi billion dollar corporate companies while knowing Congress members are lining their pockets with lobbyist cash, candy hand-outs.

The fact that Democrats and Republicans defeated a $700 billion emergency "Bailout" sent a massive, strong message to Wall Street and elected federal representatives who are in the back pocket of corporate lobbyists that American voters are fed up with it. It's time for Congress members to get out of bed with Wall Street lobbyists!

I say it's time for a "Real Boston Tea Party with real Indians; corporate Custer wannabe's are invited."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the mouth heard around the world, screaming on the house floor, it's all Bush Republicans and John McCain's fault was the straw that broke the camels back in this presidential election propaganda war. Democrats have been in control of the House over the past two years, only now has House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seen fit to tell Americans and the world she now knows how all this mess came about as she sees it and her hands are clean and Obama can do no wrong.

I'm an American first, a veteran and a registered democrat.

I want my democrat party back from the left wing nuts like party leader Howard Dean who is running our party into the ground in a despicable manner with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Barney Frank.

Their grandstanding on national TV using the first ten minutes, trashing as they call it Bush-McCain policy and then praise "No-Vote-Obama" who is out there somewhere with a cell phone and a big airplane with his campaign logo painted on it; saying call me if you need me. Then they look into the TV with a smile telling Americans they're working together hand-in-hand with Republicans to protect the interest of all Americans.

It has become obvious that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressmen Barney Frank have not only been double dipping in the cash party pool of Wall Street corporate lobbyist hand-outs to include Senator Obama, that they are over-medicating themselves with free federal government health care provisions conveniently located on the capitol grounds.

For the past week Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank have shown Americans and people around the world that they're Democrats first, American last. Nancy Pelosi should try out for the lead roll of a remake of the movie OZ starring the new wicked witch. Barney Frank should try out for a job at Saturday Night Live because between the two of them they have no clue just how mad Americans are at the way our government elected representatives and leadership are dealing with this crises all the while knowing this is the most do-nothing Congress on earth, other than wasting our tax dollars on ear-marks with Democrats leading the pack, and Obama second in command with lobbyist cash hand-outs.

This message of outrage also goes to mainstream left-wing national media that has for decades preached to Americans don't be racist, sexist or make fun of others with disabilities. In order to elect Obama as President, we see that you have put that message on hold pertaining to Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain and Governor Sara Palin and family.

What American voters get, and the political left-wing media groups in our country do not understand, nor report on; is that Wall Street greed and cash hand-outs to our elected representatives almost accomplished what terrorist tried to do to America on 9-11.

This financial national disaster began back when President Bill Clinton was in office, with his good intentions and a bigger heart, he wanted Americans to have the chance to own a home and live the American dream. Wall Street corporate (Me First, America last) said well, leave it to us.

Well, here we are today still not over the foreign terrorist attacks against our home land on 9-11, that we are now having to dealing with Wall Street home grown financial greed terrorist crashing our nations markets, plus holding us and the world hostage for a trillion dollars; with no jail-time and a paid vacation trip to Hawaii.

It's all a national sick joke when one thinks about our sons and daughters fighting and giving their life today for our country on the front lines against terrorism.

Mike Graham
United Native America (Founder)

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Notes:  Native Americans Against Obama For Good Reasons

Biography - Mike Graham

Mike Graham is a citizen of the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation, a retired service connected disabled Army veteran. Founded United Native America in 1993 to form a national group to take action on American Indian issues. The groups main issue is to bring about a federal national holiday for Native Americans. United Native America's motto is, "Standing up for America and the American Indian community."

Graham has been a guest speaker on national and international radio talk shows to include television programs concerning Indian community issues, his reports on Indian issues have been published in newspapers all over America. He has traveled across the country discussing issues with Indian nation leaders, he has presented Indian issues at college's and high schools.

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