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Author:  George M. Haddad
Bio: George M. Haddad
Date:  July 11, 2004
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The American Bolsheviks and the Alphabet Agencies
Part 1 of 2

What is happening today is nothing more than a drop in the bucket as it relates to the annals of all human history. We do, however, have a dynamic series of events which promise the eventual demise of a nation. A nation which has accomplished more towards the uplifting of humanity, the creativity of the human spirit and the innate drive for individual freedom than any other on this earth.

As his inauguration in March 1933 came to an end FDR found that his promises for economic recovery and for keeping us out of war had to take priority. He blasted full force with his New Deal and thus initiated the era of the alphabet soup agencies which were to cure our ills. He created an unfettered allotment of Frankenstein Departments which many to this day still plague us starting with the FCA, FCC, FDIC, FHA, FLA, MLB, NLB, NRA, NYA, PWA, WPA, SSB, TVA and over 40 others.

As these New Deal programs were viewed from afar they did little to lessen the depression and its impact on citizens and it held on into the early 1940s. FDR badly needed a war to bolster the economy and he got it. Our involvement in World War II with the drafting of young men into the armed services and the creation of millions of new civilian jobs in the defense and war industries finally brought the Great Depression to an end.

His legacy of alphabet soup agencies remained indelibly etched in the thinking of what was once a Democrat party and during its 40 year legislative reign these agencies not only became an integral part of government but also the strong arm wings of a society moving towards socialistic thought and action. In time were added such agencies as the EEOC, FDA, EPA, OSHA, AFT, DEQ and others. They have become so powerful in terms of intrusion into our daily lives that in too many instances they have made the KGB of Russia and the Gestapo of Germany pale in comparison. These agencies, independent of one another, have grown in muscle to the extent that congressional rules as interpreted by them allows for their actions as judge, jury and executioner.

Roosevelt's legacy was more than just the alphabet soup doctrines. As one could interpret in the Forrestal Diaries, it was during his tenure that his softness towards communists and communism was shown not only in his bequests to Stalin of most of Eastern Europe but he also unwittingly opened the door to the infiltration of communists and socialists into our government and into the key institutions which pervade our daily lives. Beginning at that time, his party has and had been slowly taken over by what history will show to have been a bloodless coup. It is now run by Bolsheviks and/or a Democratist group, if you will, who have been successfully hiding under its old name of Democrats.

Today, in a time of war, we are under siege from four main quarters. First the continual attacks on our basic human rights by the watch dog alphabets of the government. Secondly, by a political party pretending to be something more than what it is as it continually aids and abets the enemy. Thirdly, by a communications media which presents us daily with highly selective news coverage representing only doom and gloom of a deadly war which our administration is vainly attempting to keep off our soil. And fourthly, with a radical muslim terrorist network which has confronted us with a methodology of conflict with which we are entirely unfamiliar. We will cover the first now and the latter at a later time.

What was once conceived as noble human endeavors have been turned over to fringe fanatics and treacherous zealots. These agencies being historically and ineptly managed by political appointees have been easy prey to the acceptance of junk science, mediocre research and activist groups. The slow destruction of private and public ownership rights and the proliferation of selective environmental rules have been increasing at an increasing pace for a number of years. Their socialistic basic concepts are unmistakable. The misuse of the Power of Eminent Domain by the taking of private property is now as much the rule as it is the exception. Vintage Marx and only the tip of the iceberg..

These agencies, spawned and ennobled by the American Bolsheviks over a period of years, have shredded our constitution and delivered telling blows to everything that we historically have held dear. The hundreds upon hundreds of cases throughout our nation have impinged upon our basic constitutional rights, especially in the last 15 years.

Here are a few: In California a landowner was bankrupted while in farming his land he interfered with the kangaroo rats. The fanatic concern for the snail darter, the spotted owl, the mousey desert shrew and the kangaroo rat at the expense of human productive energy is a sickness which falls parallel to the disease of socialism which is now running rampant in our country. In Michigan recently a landowner was harassed for the farming of so-called wetlands (commonly referred to as mosquito havens) which in the past both the courts and the army engineers had deemed as not wetlands. What these leaches representing government are trying to do has not been fully understood other than the landowner had been targeted and for some strange reason possibly being used as an example of government power. In Michigan the Dept. of Environmental Quality has made the call for a Midland dioxin cleanup upon the suspicion that dioxin levels may cause various illnesses. At risk are property values, homes, businesses and the livelihood of all Midland residents. There had been no study made of any potential health risks nor a shred of evidence that there is a problem of any kind. In Gross Ile, Michigan the Township has been temporarily thwarted in its attempts to confiscate a privately owned bridge. And now the EPA has decreed that a seven county area in Southeast Michigan is out of compliance with new clean air standards for fine particle pollution. SEMCOG, a regional planning partnership of local governmental units serving almost 5 million people, strongly disagree since their monitors claim otherwise. Seemingly nothing is available to stop these people from exercising their powers. They have happily assisted government in where, when and why people should smoke or not smoke; they have entered our bathrooms and told us how much water should be in the toilets and they are now in the process of determining our diets in compliance with the latest fads.

These legal felons imbued with orgiastic rites have subjected us to global warming, the ice age, the earth is now getting brighter, one third of the earth's surface is at risk to becoming desert, mercury emissions, earth day, the DDT fiasco, carbon dioxide emissions, tree thinning, asbestos scare, the combustion engine, ozone depletion and whatever else will ensure them more money and power. Their agenda has evolved slowly and has become a mindset emboldened by the encouragement and the emotional bondage of the Bolsheviks in the Congress. Only the people themselves can stop this blatant tyranny. Possibly we need another Boston Tea Party.

Continued in Part II ...

George M. Haddad

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Biography - George M. Haddad

George M. Haddad has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and a Masters Degree in Social Administration with extensive work experience with the mentally ill. He is a World War II veteran having served in the Infantry; Interpreter of the French language; Interrogator in Technical Intelligence and Sgt.-Major of a Separation Center. Also the former Executive Director - National Institute for Burn Medicine - affiliated with the University of Michigan. He is retired from the National Staff of the YMCA as a troubleshooter in financial management and administration and has worked as a management consultant to non-profit corporations. He has written frequently on medical, social and political issues and has many published articles to his credit. He currently writes from Franklin, Michigan and can be contacted at

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