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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  George M. Haddad
Bio: George M. Haddad
Date:  June 19, 2008
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Governance By The Cult (Part II)

A brain washed nation has become immune to the dangers of a Socialist society

The history of our country is a dynamic adventure and too many of our children will never be able to savor it. It is interesting that we are in the throes of the very dilemma which faced our nation in the late 1700s. The Federalist party still favored the British and British rule and were named, in the more gracious moments, British Loyalists, British Anglos, British Monocrats, Tories and at times the British Faction. The Republicans of that period, with Thomas Jefferson in the forefront, favored the French and at the same time were staunch defenders of the newly formed constitution and a Constitutional Republic. Their only commonality was in the belief of a strong military.

Thus today’s Cult which we kindly but erroneously refer to as Democrats are staunch advocates of the Socialist/Communist doctrine of government with its Bolshevik base while the remnants of those whom we call Republicans are still advocates of a Constitutional Republic with its inherent freedoms. Its conservative base is still lacking the intestinal fortitude of our forefathers. And it does not have anyone nearing the stature and the statesmanship of a Thomas Jefferson. Today, however, there is no commonality when it comes to our military. The Cult has hated and despised our military even to the extent of wishing to take away its absentee ballots in the Bush-Gore election. Calling our soldiers thugs and murderers could hardly term them as patriots. What does that really tell you about that conglomeration of elitists who call themselves democrats?

If war with Britain had occurred, the Federalists would have remained sympathetic to the British but would have postured as passive observers. . The Cultists today, unlike the Federalists have already taken that extra traitorous step by openly siding with the enemy against our nation and against our warriors.

This would have been high treason in Jefferson’s era but today a brain washed nation has become immune to the dangers of the socialist society postulated by the Cultists. The polarization of the two parties during Jefferson’s time brought him to remark that the present situation was “unnatural” and time would heal it. “A little patience” he said, “ and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people recovering their true sight, and restoring their government to its true principles.”

In Part I of this essay the author firmly established the unfortunate presence of an un-American Cult comfortably nestled within the bowels of our nation. A group surreptitiously replacing the Democrat party as we once knew it. The likeness of this Cult to Penguins at the zoo is not to be discounted since they tend to look alike, act alike, talk alike, walk alike and with a philosophical objective aimed to destroying the American heritage and culture. Treason, pure and simple, unabated, barely noticed and deliberately disregarded by our news media as well as their fawning sheep.

It could be poetic justice for one could call it the Woodstockers revenge. We remember the heroin ridden, marijuana smoking, long haired flower children of the sixties, spawned by those considered to be the greatest generation, my generation, who vowed to change America into its own image. These were the earth people who wished to cleanse our country and yet left a month’s garbage clean-up in their wake. Just as today. In compounding their numbers with conditioned offspring they strategically infiltrated all our key institutions from the field of education to the communications corporations, to the industrial complex, to the churches, to state politicos and yes, even to the Congress of the United States. The continual and under the radar indoctrination had borne fruit.

How could so few fool so many? How could so many people within such a short span of time be so completely deficient in judgement as to believing that society with a socialist/communist bent could possibly be superior to that whose beliefs are in freedom, liberty, the free market, personal creativeness , the sacredness of private property and the rule of law? To have successfully established robotic control over so many with the belief that the failed philosophy of the Bolsheviks is of a higher standard than that of the free enterprise system is mind boggling. The credo of the Cult today is nothing more than the sixties Woodstockers warmed over.

One cannot expect a Cult to field leaders of stature, depth, knowledge or statesmanlike qualities. Their standards are too low. Its leadership is nothing more than a pseudo-intellectual cesspool. We have seen this in the latest two who had been vying for the coveted prize as nominees. With Hillary out of the way, as of this writing, we are now faced with an individual whose credentials are so limited and whose philosophy is so alien to the American culture and mores that considering him as the person to lead this nation would be laughable if not so tragic. His ambivalence to our flag and to our anthem is now legendary. As it stands at this moment, they have no one in that profane spewing conglomerate who could conduct him or herself in the manner befitting the station to which they have been striving. This particular nominee has already surrounded himself with human debris.

The Cult and its splinter groups have pulled the biggest scam in world history called Global Warming. The Cult and its splinter groups have kept America from drilling its own oil, building refinery plants, building nuclear plants, and strangling our total infrastructure in the name of an environmental phobia supported by a mediocre politician, junk science and pseudo scientists.. These people deliberately wish to keep America energy dependent. Every belief of these leftists is entirely contrary to the American way of life and living. We are listening to people who are talking in algebraic terms but who haven’t learned basic arithmetic.

Obama attended a black church for 20 years, whose pastor Jeremiah Wright hates whites, hates our country, cowers behind the First amendment, and blames America for the world’s problems. His hatred had been so intense and his sermons so vitriolic that he just moved into a white neighborhood. Obama supported that church with thousands of dollars, and didn’t have the courage nor the inclination to release himself from the yoke of this traitor until it appeared that he had a chance to become a nominee of the Cult. From his writings there is now strong reason to believe that the Christian church was nothing more than a front and that in truth he is of the Islamic persuasion. Aside from the fact that his wife, Michelle, recently stated that she was never proud of this country until now and there is excerpted from his book, Audacity of Hope “I will stand with them (the Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The admissions by this pair are like reading from a grade school primer.

He professes to the fact that he will cut back on unproven defense systems with the assumption that in research it is either right the first time or it is a failure. Proof that he knows little or nothing of the exigencies of research or of the necessary experimentations for success. He avows to slow our development of all defense systems. He will not develop any future nuclear weapons thus leaving us to the mercy of those countries who do not share his archaic views. He will negotiate with Russia to take all ICBMs off nuclear alert and achieve deep cuts in nuclear spending. This, of course, would indicate that he gained his delusional education in a vacuum and has no clue that Russia has never known a treaty it wouldn’t break. In short, his naivite and his leftist bent will strip us of our military defenses. Ronald Reagan reminded us by stating, “of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong”

Listening and reading about this individual is like a bad dream. Every time he opens his mouth he is letting us know ahead of time that as a Marxist he will expand the role of government; he will differentiate in no uncertain terms the role of the white man and the black man; that government is the answer to all our ailments by taking more control over commerce, industry and private property; that gun control will become law and Americans will be stripped of their second amendment rights; that there should be a redistribution of personal wealth; that higher taxes are imminent; that our Constitution and Bill of Rights are only guide lines to be manipulated as the judiciary and the government see fit; that our missile defenses will be put on hold; that our military will be cut back and the money saved will be distributed to lofty social goals and services; and for our successes as a nation we owe the world an apology. Circa Carter and Clinton

Either the man is completely ignorant (as in limited knowledge) or completely stupid (as in idiotic.) The belief that disarming his country is the road to peace is utterly insane in the light of American and World history. Without an arsenal of defense and a fierce loyalty to its principles, our country would not be in existence today. This is the nominee chosen by the Cult. We are faced with watching half a nation awed by the braying of a jackass while suckling at his feet.

After the Cult’s henchmen took control of Congress we have seen the continual steady rise of gasoline and other principle products. We have witnessed consumer confidence on a downward slant at an increasing rate, home equities dropping to stunning depths, an unprecedented number of homes in foreclosure and stock and mutual fund stability evaporating. Two years ago America voted for change and got it. And with their kind of change the smell has thickened from the altering of a musical rhapsody to the distinctive odor of barnyard manure.

These people with their Bolshevik views and their environmental fanaticism have forced the president of the greatest nation on earth to travel to the mideast with hat in hand begging the Arabs to increase the oil supply. To what depths has this mob sunk us? When will we be fed up with individual liberties being attacked and individual freedoms being eroded? Michelle Malkin recently wrote and called the shot when she said, “What a sad, empty, narcissistic, ungrateful, unthinking lot.”

The members of the Cult who profess to be members of the Democrat party have all broken their oath of office and should be impeached. They all solemnly swore (or affirmed) to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Their oath like a United Nations credo has been meaningless.

We had learned, prior to Vietnam that when a nation goes to war it is no longer just the responsibility of the soldier ----- it is the responsibility of the whole nation. During and after Vietnam, it became evident that when we turned our backs on our military this nation had gone into the first phase of losing its self respect. Watching us move steadily into dry rot and listening to the Cult’s leadership downgrading its country was all it took to strengthen the Insurgents resolve against us.

The time has come for us (as originally voiced by Jefferson) to become more active as sentinels of freedom, as enemies of federal encroachment, as defendants of representative government, and as champions of the liberties of individuals.

As Americans, if we are in any way going to save or to preserve any form of decency, honor or integrity in our country we need to start now................and with this election. ---------------------------------------------------------------

George M. Haddad

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Biography - George M. Haddad

George M. Haddad has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and a Masters Degree in Social Administration with extensive work experience with the mentally ill. He is a World War II veteran having served in the Infantry; Interpreter of the French language; Interrogator in Technical Intelligence and Sgt.-Major of a Separation Center. Also the former Executive Director - National Institute for Burn Medicine - affiliated with the University of Michigan. He is retired from the National Staff of the YMCA as a troubleshooter in financial management and administration and has worked as a management consultant to non-profit corporations. He has written frequently on medical, social and political issues and has many published articles to his credit. He currently writes from Franklin, Michigan and can be contacted at

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