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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  David M. Huntwork
Bio: David M. Huntwork
Date:  January 14, 2009
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The Seductive Temptress

The modern political persuasion called Liberalism can be compared to a beautiful seductive temptress. Alluring and destined to feel good for a while but after a fling with this wily ideology one is left realizing that the intoxicating goddess was more like a cheap prostitute. This seducer of the mind and soul leaves one intellectually and spiritually bankrupt, and infected with a life long hatred of tradition, morals and values. The Liberal or Progressive ideology is definitely a feel good political philosophy. As the Bible so wisely warns us to resist the temptations of the flesh so must we resist the emotional temptation and seduction of modern Liberalism.

Liberalism is full of great sounding ideas such as inclusion, acceptance, dignity, equality, social justice, human rights, and diversity. It seduces the naive and the idealist with its promise of compassion and tolerance. Who doesn't want peace, harmony and justice? Who doesn't want to feed the hungry and house the homeless? Such simple sentiments stir the hearts of the masses. It is a slippery slope philosophy that sucks one in with statements that are hard to disagree with but the Utopian dreams lead to social engineering, the nanny state and the abandonment of common sense.

Its taint touches every issue. It begins with calls for responsible pet ownership but soon leads to an animal bill of rights, pet guardianship and the picketing of KFC. Legitimate condemnation of brutal attacks based on hatred leads to homosexual high schools, same sex marriage, and gays in the military. Sympathy for the plight of migrant workers somehow compels us to accept and support the millions of illegal immigrants filling our schools, hospitals and prisons and the accompanying multi-billion dollar tax burden. The call for celebration of other cultures is revealed to be a mere mask fueling the fires of racial and class divisions. This dismantling of Western civilization continues unabated under the guise and tutelage of smiling bureaucrats.

Far too many people inclined to the conservative cause have been lured into compromise and eventual abandonment of their creed by the sirens song. It is a trap too easily sprung upon the unwary, uneducated and even the occasional weary veteran of the culture wars. Overwhelming in its pervasiveness and unending in its preaching it is a difficult ideology to stand against. For those in politics or the public eye it becomes even more difficult. Principle is abandoned for practicality. Cooperation becomes compromise. Public relations become political correctness. And the path of least resistance leads to surrender.

There is no doubt that behind the appealing bumper sticker slogans and picture perfect ideals there is a sinister agenda of massive government regulation and control of our daily lives. It is an agenda that shreds the moral fabric of society. One that seeks to destroy nationalism and sovereignty, promote internationalism and globalism, and carry out its own jihad on tradition, authority, respect and all things Christian. Its idea of acceptance leads to perversion, compassion to idiocy, inclusion to self-destruction. The shrill cry of tolerance, tolerance! no matter what the cost or how absurd it may be is the mating call of this ideological temptress. It demands the complete suspension of judgment with no regard for consequences or the damage caused to society.

The ultimate goal seems to be some Frankenstein cross between the state of California and the modern day public university. The enshrinement of the immoral, uncontrolled immigration and massive government giveaways of California combined with the speech codes, white guilt, political correctness, and ideological intolerance of college campuses. A frightening vision to say the least but one that is being successfully foisted upon the American people and wholeheartedly adopted by the elite of media, education, entertainment and popular culture. The seductress has been successful in her conquests but the ugliness that lies behind the mask of compassion is slowly being revealed.

We have seen the daily attacks upon the Boy Scouts, the Ten Commandments, the pledge of allegiance and heterosexual marriage. The institutions, symbols, and traditions that have been the heart of the American culture and society are under constant assault as they are dismantled one by one.

Environmentalism, humanism, feminism, anti-capitalism, multiculturalism and all the allied isms of the Left are among the greatest threats to the Republic since secession tore it apart in a bloody civil war. These ideologies are perhaps even more insidious for they seek not to separate themselves from the rest of us but seek to conquer us. Not just physically but emotionally, mentally, culturally and spiritually as well.

The Liberal ideologies that seek to destroy the dream and vision of the Founding Fathers deserve to be ruthlessly fought, exposed and defied at every opportunity. Beneath the thin veneer of civility lies an iron fisted philosophy that wages an unending war on all that is good, holy and moral. It is a topsy turvy view of the world where wrong is right, God is mocked, perversion is normal, infanticide is liberation and the profane is praised. They have had their chance to shape our culture. The results have been disastrous with the American family paying the price. There is still a glimmer of hope if the lies of the Left are exposed for what they really are and the American people choose to flee from the lair of the temptress.

David M. Huntwork
David Huntwork (Author)

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Biography - David M. Huntwork

David Huntwork is a conservative activist and freelance columnist in Northern Colorado where he lives with his wife and three young daughters. He is the author of the book No Apologies: In Defense of Common Sense and the Conservative Ideology which can be purchased at Feel free to contact him with any comments or questions at You may also view his bio and past columns at:

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