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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Juanita Holloway-Walters
Bio: Juanita Holloway-Walters
Date:  January 30, 2013
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Topic category:  Capitalism & Liberty vs. Marxism & Slavery


Every race in the nation is able to talk about themselves as a unique group, except White Americans. Why do we shrink from talking about ourselves as a group?

Every race in the nation is able to talk about themselves as a unique group, except White Americans. Why do we shrink from talking about ourselves as a group? I suspect we do not talk about White people as a group, because we believe we would be accused of being racist. Christian White Americans (CWAs), were the predominate culture in the formation of our Republic. Our preachers were instrumental not only in the formation of the American Republic, but were instrumental in ending slavery. In the last forty years, the demise of our CWA culture can be attributed by the slow seeping of evil into our institutions. Entertainment and Social Media has seeped evil into our lives, and the lives of our children, in ever increasing frequency and substance. We have been slowly brainwashed that the absolutes of right and wrong do not exist, and our culture is now hanging on by a thread somewhere deep in the gray area.

Most CWA’s never want to talk about the “elephant in the room”, but it must be talked about if we are to discover the remedy for the demise of our culture. White folks, who are three fourths of America’s citizens, are in the end-game process of losing their historical CWA culture by way of Racist Politics in every aspect of our lives. Beyond all reason, many White folks are participating in Racist Political Diversity in favor of any race not White, and not Christian. If that isn’t their bag, then their contentment in a ‘live and let live’ attitude lends zero help in preserving their own culture. CWA culture is defined by Constitutional Justice, Christian Values, Christian Principles, Christian Law, Christian Family, and hard work / earning one’s way in life. Historically, the majority of White Americans were Bible based Christians. Americans who were not Christians were supportive of CWA society, because the values and principles allowed all men to live in liberty and justice.

Secular Christianity and Fad Christianity have been supported by Racist Political endeavor as a key weapon to destroy the CWA culture. I have met more than one preacher who came out of seminary believing that the Bible is not to be taken seriously. I have met many Christians who have never studied the words of Jesus in the Bible, but their “faith” is entrenched in the phrase “What would Jesus do?” The whole foundation of our Republic has been compromised from within by our weakened and watered down Christianity. The Bible defines these Christians as luke-warm.

In a nation of about 225 million adults, only a relative few are politically active. Many of us talk of a third political party, and my question is, who will join? Even though the Democratic Party and Republican Party are infested with the Racist Political enemies within, there are millions of Americans who are willfully stubborn in their loyalty to their grandfather’s or father’s party. It doesn’t seem to matter how deep the corruption in their party is, they are lazily and earnestly loyal.

Tea Party, Independents, Libertarians, Communist and / or Socialists for America . . . the fringe list goes on, but the size of these splinter parties is relatively small. Up to the current moment we are not seeing any groups joining together and making a positive difference. Sadly, the 2010 conservative rally in Congress did not survive or grow in 2012. If we cannot meld the Republican Party into the Tea Party (not the other way around), or disband the Republican Party, where are we to find enough members to elevate the Tea Party into the success the CWA culture so desperately needs to survive.

One of the most dangerous anti-CWA groups in America is her newest Racially Political Muslims. If CWA’s speak out against Sharia Law, they are called racist by this group that desires to minimize all others by bringing Sharia Law to America. By definition, Sharia law is anti-American. Sharia law not only demoralizes women as second class citizens, but it preaches the assimilation or demise of all non-Muslims. Where are the CWA women rights groups who should be screaming injustice at the top of their lungs? The injustice of how women are treated in the Middle East has shown up in American cities from coast to coat. Where are the White American men denying that our anti-Muslim stance is racist, but rather, an act of self-preservation of CWA Culture?

Previously, I had erroneously thought we would give the more traditional anti-Christian White groups in America enough rope to hang / expose themselves. They are out in the open now, in the guise of "diversity" and most of CWA has very little to say or do to preserve their culture. Half of our youngest generations of voters think Socialism is a good ideal because this is what they have been taught in American schools. It is important to note that historically, socialist regimes have outlawed religion, and specifically Christianity. The diversity and socialist devices used to change our school curriculum against CWA in every subject of study is powered by Racist Politicians. The White child feels a demeaning kind of guilt because their schools teach them a diversity that is anti-CWA in essence - celebrating every ethnicity except the White Christian child. Many children who have promoted Christian prayer groups, or Christian references in their school work have been criticized, disciplined, and even sued in our courts. What they are actually being accused of is racism, with the argument that what they are engaging in is forcing their White Christian faith on other children. The First Amendment which protects these White Christian children’s faith is being used against them. At the same time our schools are introducing other faiths in the name of diversity, and rationalizing that same First Amendment right is being fulfilled by the faiths of other races in our schools.

The whole primarily anti-CWA culture via faith in schools end result, in essence, has the same effect as fulfilling divisive racial quotas via “Affirmative Action” in colleges and jobs. Affirmative Action is primarily a Racist Political machine used to affirm votes for the enemy within, infiltrate organizations with their members, and for the demise of the CWA Culture. The enemies within have been becoming very bold in not disguising their agenda in the last few years. In a moment of un-cloaked racism, President Obama insinuates that White folks are their enemy when giving a speech to a large political Latino group. Where is the outrage from our CWA base? All Americans need to realize that if a mere man can promise you political favor today, he can take away that favor tomorrow. When the same politician is speaking to Black folks, the anti-CWA racism language only changes in who the victim is from the enemy’s view. Here is the whole point – the Racist Politician does their dirty deeds in full knowledge that the majority of the CWA culture will say and do nothing substantial to oppose them.

The anti-White racial stereotypes are so commonly used in our present time, that it is painfully evident that CWA will not get itself organized enough to do a damn thing to correct the perceptions. Check out these to see if you agree that “White” is associated with these few in a derogatory way: --- Being rich and successful is repeatedly represented as an "unfair" White folk’s game. The Hard work of White folks is now demonized. If you are a successful Black person the black folks say you are not Black, and demonized as actually being "white." --- Clinton was named our first Black president - and the Black population believed he was for Black people - and against White people.
--- Prayer is denied in our schools - and it is usually Christian White people pictured and targeted.
--- Inner city "minority" schools must be awarded the redistribution of money from the suburbs primarily "White" schools. It is usually presented in such a way as to have one believe the white folks have done something wrong in generating enough property school tax to build nice schools. Most urban areas have large buildings that also pay school taxes.
--- Short phrases used in derogatory ways, and usually visually / mentally associated with White folks: "soccer moms"; "gas guzzling S U V’s"; "hoarders”; "clinging to their Bibles and guns”; "using the words illegal aliens"; "White cops targeting Blacks and Hispanics"; "homo-phobic"; "anti-union", “individualism”; “employer” . . .

I could go on and on with "White" stereotypes being blamed for all the "perceived ills" in the Republic. The Racism Political movement against the CWA culture becomes pronounced when groups of newer citizens (and often illegals) refuse to meld into our Christian American Culture. The reasons to meld into our CWA Culture are: ease in understanding capitalism (not the crony capitalism of politicians and corrupt corporations); ease in making friends; ease in schooling; ease in finding good employment; ease in understanding our moral and legal codes; ease in changing allegiance. The perception that America should not expect immigrants desiring citizen status be legal, and be truly interested in melding into our Republic is a ridiculous premise. Huge pockets of immigrants from America’s southern border that do not meld, especially when settling along the southern border, pose a risk to law abiding American citizens, American law enforcement, and to America’s sovereignty. In practicing elusive case law instead of America’s foundational Constitutional law, our courts are full of the Politics of Racism. One example is that millions of Americans believe OJ Simpson was proven guilty before our eyes - and given a free ride because it would have been "racist" to convict him. Case law has no roots in justice. Another example is the raw deal our southern border citizens receive in our courts and federal government regarding illegal aliens and drug traffickers in trespassing on private property. Our foundational Christian based law of protecting one’s life, and property has been turned on its head and nullified in this example. Recently, our Supreme Court Chief Justice deemed Obamacare a taxing system when it is a racist and unconstitutional redistribution of wealth scheme aimed at crippling the CWA who is still the majority of the working middle class.

According to our CWA morality, all men are innocent until proven guilty. The Racist Political themes played out in the courts of television “news” shows paint local court cases in very biased anti-CWA culture strokes. The Roman Empire was not defeated; it died a slow death defined as multi-culturalism. In America’s case, the multi-culturalism disease currently has the CWA culture dying unless CWAs restore their culture soon. Restoration of the greatest nation known to mankind will require nothing less than the restoration of America’s Bible based Christian faith, which will result in Christians of good moral character to be elected representatives in our Constitutional Representative Republic.

The million dollar question of the day . . . How? Return to your churches and turn them back into Bible based institutions, if not already so. Host home Bible study groups. Take your children to Bible based churches, and discuss Christian values with them often. Much of America’s divides started a long time ago with the division of denominations. I would ask you to think on this: Do you believe Jesus would have wanted “the Body of Christ” / “The Church”, based on God’s mercy and the blood of Christ would be divided up into hundreds of groups fighting over how they interpret the Bible’s meaning? Here is a clue – The Bible’s meaning is the same for everyone, and it really isn’t that hard to read and understand. You can accept the evil that grows larger day by day, or be a Christian force for America’s healing . . . now. Imagine the resurgence of a SUPER-majority of CWA’s who are living their Christian values and principles, the progress in America could be well into positive change in a month’s time.
Two things to remember: 1)Once they take your guns away (even if by running the gun companies out of existence, and the government taking them over) it will be game over; and 2) There is nothing wrong in CWA’s talking about the largest American group – Christian White Americans.

Juanita Holloway-Walters

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Biography - Juanita Holloway-Walters

Juanita has forty five years experience as an Accountant. During her last twenty eight years she specialized in the start up phase and / or the recovery phase of businesses from two million in revenue per year, to fifteen million per year. Her sphere of successful influence ranges from accounting, to operations, to the backroom marketing effort. Streamlining and organizing out of control businesses is serious fun for her.

The art of raising a family while working was of supreme importance to her; and she chose a route of self-education coupled with some college. Her endeavors in self-education range from philosophy and history, to Christian studies outside of mainstream religious organizations. Much of her college dollar was spent on enhancing natural management skills and writing skills.

Although Juanita has lived in many regions of the country, she is settled near the Gulf coast in her home state of Texas.

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