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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Juanita Holloway-Walters
Bio: Juanita Holloway-Walters
Date:  March 15, 2013
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Topic category:  Capitalism & Liberty vs. Marxism & Slavery


You ask, by whose standard? I will tell you today what you should have known, and should have protected ...

As Americans wear their blinders instead of facing the realities of life head on, life as we believe it should be is spinning out of control. When America was adamant about personal responsibility for endeavor (an honest day’s work), we lived in such abundance that we began sending real aid to countries all over the world. Not only did we send food, but we were regarded as the bread basket of the world. Our Christian religion was given respect because the innately good results were undeniable.

Today, we send our useless inflated dollars and our weapons to our friend and foe alike. We ask our honorable troops to fight with rules of engagement that cause our own casualties. How can we stand as innocent when we send our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, and parents to fight a war fixed for our failure. As I write today, I am concerned that our troops are being set up by the enemy within and the enemy afar for something catastrophic. Please pray for our troops, for we have abandoned them to our errant government and pentagon.

We let truly evil purpose stalk the funerals of our fallen warriors in the endless war on terror. There are a few honorable among us who ride their motorcycles to form a barrier between the grieving, and those of ill purpose. Why have we not impeached the judges who uphold this vile group, by ill use of our Bill of Rights? Are we so ignorant that we do not understand that the Bill of Rights is not extended to those who use them for evil purpose?

You ask, by whose standard? I will tell you today what you should have known, and should have protected, but in final effect have not. Men’s standards without God’s purpose are vile and evil. America openly abandoned God, and we are reaping what we have sown. This evil has permeated our classrooms, our daily endeavors, our entertainment, our marriages, our families, our churches, and now our government and military at all levels. With God, our history shows us that all things are possible. Consider . . .

1) In a world where good and evil exist, you can NEVER be totally “safe.” Being “safe” is the stuff of fairy tales that are not real. To be relatively “safe” in our world, YOU MUST EACH be the bearer of good enough weapons to keep evil at bay.

2) It is a good thing for “birds of a feather to flock together.” There is always safety in numbers of like-minded Christian American citizens.

3) You can be “reasonably safe” in a community of Godly people, who have good enough weapons to keep evil guys out, and to encourage your youth to choose the good side over the evil one. When you work to keep evil out of your individual lives, and as a Godly community, evil is more easily recognized for what it is.

4) A "reasonable weapon" for each citizen is the same weapon, or a better weapon than your enemy – the bad guys – has in their possession. Sometimes, the bad guys infiltrate and come to power by deception – and a good people must be able to recognize this phenomenon, and be prepared to be at minimum as equally armed as the infiltrating enemy. This arming of all citizens will discourage evil communities from infiltrating our Christian nation.

5) In this “reasonably safe” environment of Godly Christian men and women, we are able to understand that our Bill of Rights is only as good as those who protect it with equal or better weapons than the enemy. We cannot disarm evil by disarming good people. Disarming good people is similar to sending men to grow wheat to feed their community without seeds. Dismantling good people turns them into excellent targets.

6) Because you can count on the bad / evil people to always have the best weapons they are able to muster by deceit and thievery . . .
a. This means the enemy will have the best physical weapons such as tanks, guns, and military training for each of their group (even if only a group of one).
b. This means the enemy will strive for the best word weapons by using the best writers, rhetorical devices; and equipment available for their propaganda.
c. This means the enemy will strive to have the best troops they can organize – military and civilian.
d. This means the enemy will work to have the best spies and spy equipment.
e. This means the enemy will have infiltrators pretending to be Godly men, with an evil agenda to take your earned wealth, and to enslave you.

This means that good, Godly men MUST always have the best weapons they are able to muster, as good as or better than their enemies . . . We promote peace by being stronger than our enemies in all ways.
a. This means we strive for the best weapons such as individual guns and training for the entire Christian population; as well as protective machinery and equipment for the entire nation.
b. This means educating the Christian population in the Holy Bible, and Christian Values as well as English, English Composition, Math, Economics, History, Science, Languages, Physical Education, Music, Art, and such.
c. This means we must endeavor to have better troops than our enemies.
d. This means we must have better ability at spying to know what our enemies are about at all times.
e. This means that we must be diligent in our prayers, and our ability to recognize those who are enemies of our American Christian nation.
f. And doing all of these from a position of protection for God’s people; knowing that protection of God’s people comes from a position of superior strength.

7) The enemy within works very diligently to make you believe there is no Creator / Christian God, OR that there is no evil / Satan. Those who defend a citizen’s right to be evil in our good Christian nation, IS EVIL personified.

Wake up America from your childish and willful ignorance. Good and evil do exist. We are in the midst of the battle for our very souls. We must defend our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. All of these protections were created for American citizens, as protections from our government on every day that our government decides it is our god, and works against our best interests. TODAY, take back our schools, churches, families, endeavors, government, and military in the name of American Christianity. We The People are INDIVIDUALLY accountable to God.

Do you wonder why so many, especially those young committing murder, do not feel anything? You need not wonder, for they are a glimpse of a Godless nation of our own making. The enemy within is trying to take our American rights away from us with our blessing. The death of our Christian nation . . . the light of the world . . . man’s stand of good over evil . . . is the beacon that is being snuffed out of existence.

God created us for His glory. We have forgotten who we are; but, today we must remember our purpose in our Christian human lives. We must again investigate the writings of our great Founders – not just be exposed to a few comments our enemies take out of context. Our Christian faith, the words of our Founding Fathers, and our Holy Bible must never be silenced – the intended purpose of our First Amendment. Our Christian faith, and our Christian fellowship and communities must never be defeated – the intended purpose of our Second Amendment. We The People began as a Christian nation and we must ask the Lord for his protection and providence once again. Our enemies seek to shred our Constitution and our Bible. Our enemies seek to continue stealing the profits of our labor, and to disarm us. Disarming the good American people would ensure that we will be enslaved, and will keep not one citizen safe from those who desire to destroy us.

Think of these words and their meaning: Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. To insure each American life, their liberty, and their ability to pursue their happiness, we must never allow evil purpose to use our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We must not allow our enemies within to continue to harm us in any way. Our American laws were made by God’s standard, not by the ever changing standards of any mere man or woman.

Juanita Holloway-Walters

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Biography - Juanita Holloway-Walters

Juanita has forty five years experience as an Accountant. During her last twenty eight years she specialized in the start up phase and / or the recovery phase of businesses from two million in revenue per year, to fifteen million per year. Her sphere of successful influence ranges from accounting, to operations, to the backroom marketing effort. Streamlining and organizing out of control businesses is serious fun for her.

The art of raising a family while working was of supreme importance to her; and she chose a route of self-education coupled with some college. Her endeavors in self-education range from philosophy and history, to Christian studies outside of mainstream religious organizations. Much of her college dollar was spent on enhancing natural management skills and writing skills.

Although Juanita has lived in many regions of the country, she is settled near the Gulf coast in her home state of Texas.

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