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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  J. J. Jackson
Bio: J. J. Jackson
Date:  August 12, 2007
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The Constitution For Dummies (i.e. Ron Paul Supporters)

I will freely admit that I did a bad, bad thing last week. Well, it wasn’t a really “bad” thing unless you were one of those that fell for it I guess. What did I do that was so bad? I set up the Paulbots. Yes, evil rotten me, I know.

I will freely admit that I did a bad, bad thing last week. Well, it wasn’t a really “bad” thing unless you were one of those that fell for it I guess. What did I do that was so bad? I set up the Paulbots. Yes, evil rotten me, I know.

When I wrote “Earmarking Our Way to Oblivion” I purposefully left out any mention of Ron Paul even though I knew he was just as dirty as all the rest. See, Mr. Paul’s own earmark fetish was certainly no real secret to anyone paying attention and with enough desire to dig a little. But the Paulbots were quick to comment about how because of the corruption that earmarks bring and how that they many times violate the Constitutional powers of Congress that this is exactly the reason why we needed Ron Paul.

Not a day goes by that supporters of Ron Paul aren’t out in droves proclaiming any conservative that does not support their candidate is an evil neo-con, trumpeting how Mr. Paul is a true “constitutionalist” and is the only man qualified to be President. Well, I guess we now see how accurate their description of their own golden boy really is considering news that has really taken off in the last couple days about his own requests for earmarks.

It is no secret to those of us that are out there everyday taking fire from the Paulbots that when Ron Paul commands them to jump they not only ask how high, but also at what angle, what flavor of Kool Aid Mr. Paul would desire they bring him after they land, how many ice cubes he would like in said drink, what color he would like his house painted, how many gallons of gas he needs them to put in his car, what time he would like his wakeup call for the following morning, how he desires his eggs cooked and whether or not he wants them to polish his fine silver clockwise or counterclockwise. The answer to that last one is that Ron Paul demands they first polish it six times clockwise followed by a single counterclockwise finishing polish. Their loyalty to the illusion of their candidate as a savior of us all and as someone that actually holds the Constitution dear is admirable if not highly misguided and naive.

Now the Wall Street Journal and other sources have what Paulbots are robotically and predictably calling a “hit pieces” on their candidate. Of course I still question whether or not Ron Paul really can be considered a “candidate” when he barely cracks one percent in the polls. But that is another topic for another day. Anyway these “hit pieces” detail how Mr. Paul, supposedly a libertarian, has requested millions of taxpayer dollars for roles not delegated to the federal government by we the people. Hardly a “libertarian” stance. Hardly “hit pieces”. Simply the truth.

Oh ... well ... uh ... Ron Paul 2008! He’s still the man! Right Paulbots?

Last week the Paulbots were flooding me with comments about how we needed Ron Paul and about how I was right about the earmark problem. But this week I have particularly loved the responses by these same hacks to these new revelations and that have again flooded into my mailbox on cue since I blogged about Paul’s own earmarks on Tuesday. They say things like, “Well the money was going to be spent anyway!” and, “It’s ok because he is just serving his constituents like he is supposed to,” or boldly proclaim, “there is nothing unconstitutional about Paul’s earmarks!” or my personal favorite, “Well, yeah he requested the earmarks but he voted against them!”

That last one makes me chuckle. It’s a pathetic having your cake and eating it too argument that no true libertarian would embrace. Anyone with half a brain sees through this tactic as nothing but style over substance worthy of the staunchest liberals. Mr. Paul certainly understands that in the current corrupt Washington culture his earmark requests would pass even as he votes against them. He knows all he has to do is attach them to the spending bill in order to reap the benefits. A true libertarian would not even request them in the first place.

But rather than calling for his impeachment for violating the constitution, something I have done time and again for all politicians, regardless of party, that violate the Constitution, the Paulbots rush out to defend the man they have deemed as “the one.” Truth be damned! He really is a TRUE libertarian! Full ludicrous speed ahead!

It doesn’t matter that they were out there in mass decrying earmarks just a week before. It doesn’t matter that the Constitution is clear in Article I, Section 8 when it limits the powers of Congress to tax and spend on a concise list of things defined as the “general Welfare.” It doesn’t mater if Ron Paul has requested federal money to deal with issues found nowhere in these federal powers from funding for shrimp to building hospitals to maintaining trolleys. None of that matters because ... well ... Ron Paul is da man! Praise the Savior of our Republic! Hallelujah! And how dare I and others take his name in vain!

Blind loyalty is never attractive. And it is often deadly.

The Constitution is simple. It allows for laws and spending on the only a short list of topics which are clearly stated and any libertarian worth their salt knows of James Madison’s discussion of this in Federalist 41. The list that is there is the list. That’s it Mr. Paul. That’s it Paulbots. Nothing about shrimp. Nothing about trolleys. Nothing about most of what Paul’s earmarks are spending money on. No amount of whining about Ron Paul getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar will change the facts. No amount of hurling slurs like “neo-con” or “fascist” or “globalist” at those that exposed Mr. Paul will make a difference in the truth. Such tactics don’t work for liberals and they will not work for you.

I’m sorry I entrapped you last week. But it is something you are going to learn from as you progress on in life. Principles are only principles if you are willing to put your money where your mouth is and always watch your own glass house before you cast the first stone.

It’s so simple even a Paulbot can understand it. And I call on Ron Paul to be a true libertarian and draw up articles of impeachment against himself, convince his fellow Congressmen to approve the action and finally vote in favor of the action when the time comes to pay the piper.

But he won’t. He won’t because the fact is there are few true libertarians out here in the real world. We are a lonely bunch for sure. Even though lots of people envision themselves as such, when push comes to show they are at best nothing more than a bastard cousin; the liberaltarian. And that is why we are in trouble.

J. J. Jackson

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