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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  J. J. Jackson
Bio: J. J. Jackson
Date:  November 8, 2008
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The Blind Leading The Greedy

When you look at the 2008 Presidential Election, American was screwed either way and no matter who won. That is exactly why I neither supported nor voted for either of the two major candidates. I refused to play a game where we either elected a man in John McCain, who while at times talks a good game, really has embraced the socialism that has infected America or we elected a man in Barack Obama who does not think that socialism goes far enough and has talked extensively about full blown Marxism. Although listening to your typical newscast you would not know of the later.

When the dust settled, America decided to give enhanced socialism and Marxist principles one more whirl despite its dismal track record, and to redistribute wealth at the point of the government’s gun. Khrushchev was right when he predicted that we Americans would eventually embrace communism (or at least what passed for communism in the Soviet Union) after years of being slowly forced fed bits of socialism.

The political leaders of this nation who are preparing to take over this nation are blind to the truth that whatever shade of socialism they give to us to vote for fails. Whether it is communism (Marxism), fascism, Nazism. Corporatism or some other version, they are all just different flavors of the same ice cream and all taste just as bad. They are all the same with only minor differences in texture and sweetness. They only vary inasmuch as in whom the power to dictate from the top down rests. The only real difference between them is the fine details. But all have the same overarching goal; to control and punish by government force those that are not deemed worthy and to inhibit inalienable rights. And the greedy have supported them in droves.

The greedy are those that think someone else should work hard for their benefit without any say in the matter. They are the people who want to tax other citizens so that they can be given a check by the government for money they did not go out and earn. These are the people at the top of corporations that work hard to punish their competition through the tax code and crush them by flooding them with regulations while seeking tax breaks, government favors and subsidies for themselves. There is no starker example of greed if ever there was one.

Now America is going to get what they think is “change” that they have “hoped” for. But rather than actually listening to what Obama has promised, those Americans that voted for him, mostly out of their own greed, are going to be surprised to learn that the “change” they expect is really just more of the same.

The “change” America can expect is more federal welfare programs. But we already have such things though. We will just have more now. The “change” America can expect is higher and more progressive taxes on the successful. We already have those though as well. The “change” America can expect is more vilification of hard working and successful entrepreneurs. Yes, we already have that in spades. The “change” America can expect is big corporations gaming the socialist system to punish their competition that they see as doing things better and cheaper. Oh … yeah … that’s right … we already have that too.

We have been promised a lot of “change” by president-elect Obama. He has promised a new tone in Washington and to bring in new faces so as not to get locked into doing the same old thing in the name of “change.” But in one of his first official acts he has named Rahm Emanuel to be his Chief of Staff. This is a man who has ties to Freddie Mac and served on the board of the institution while it was underwriting the bad loans that eventually lead to its collapse and while the government run enterprise was misreporting profits by the billions. This is a man who after Bill Clinton was elected to his first term repeatedly stabbed a steak knife into a table as he rattled off a list of political enemies and labeled them as “dead.”

So much for “change” and “hope” huh?

So if “change” means more of the same then I guess we have indeed gotten our “change”. Amazing how the meanings of words evolve isn’t it? Change, for example, used to mean something different. Now “change” means more of the same. And the greedy would have it no other way. They clamor for what they have decided is theirs because of some imagined harm visited upon them by people they have falsely vilified.

The same thing has happened with the term “greed” as has happened with the term “change”. Its definition too has been redefined. Greed use to mean, “a selfish desire for more of something than is needed” (Source Merriam-Webster Dictionary). The term “selfish” though has been completely removed from the definition to assuage the consciousness of the truly greedy who clamor for the productivity of others and think that they are not greedy.

Being selfish means of course means, “concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others.” Now, with these smooth reworking of definitions, “greed” is no longer defined as such. Being concerned with one’s self at the expense of another (like greedily demanding money from the American taxpayer) has become a virtue. The term “greed” never meant simply “a desire for more of something than is needed,” as it does today and is now used to vilify hard working Americans paying the freight for the majority of America.

But I will continue to use the term as properly defined as must we all despite the howls of those that do not want to be labeled as greedy while they scramble for the wealth of others.

I weep at the thought of the blind leading the greedy with false promises everyone knows are false promises. But that is where we are at this point in time in America. We will be lucky to survive and I will not sugar coat the bitter pill that must be swallowed. Because the greedy, those that believe they are entitled to what others have for their own advantage, have destroyed every nation that has ever attempted such policies. But the blind spouting platitudes to appease the masses of the greedy continue to lead on regardless because their eyes cannot, or will not, see the lessons of history.

And for those of you that still do not understand, stay tuned for next week’s article: “Welcome to Obamaburger! May I Take Your Money Please?” For those of you cannot understand the simple and failed principles Obama promotes, you will get a spoon fed example that even you can grasp.

J. J. Jackson

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