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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  J. J. Jackson
Bio: J. J. Jackson
Date:  November 7, 2009
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Would You Bet Your Life?

Those who support murdering children in the womb are in a tizzy with the news how of a former Planned Parenthood director in Texas, Abby Johnson, turning away from the organization after witnessing a child actually being aborted on ultrasound and its life literally being sucked out.

Those who support murdering children in the womb are in a tizzy with the news how of a former Planned Parenthood director in Texas, Abby Johnson, turning away from the organization after witnessing a child actually being aborted on ultrasound and its life literally being sucked out. Oh, it is not good news for an organization that survives on the industry of murdering babies, keeping quiet its atrocities and sugar coating them while actively promoting a hideous holocaust whose toll is in the tens of millions. Nothing irks the “free thinking” liberals of the abortion movement more than to call them murders and comparing their act to Hitler and the NAZIs against the Jews. It makes them wince at the mere insinuation. But the truth is the truth.

In recent years, and as technology continues to advance, the pro-murder of children crowd has lost support. The average person might not be able to understand how even by the most basic of biological standards that “lump of cells” is a human life from the moment of conception but what they can understand by just watching ultrasounds is that at just eight to nine weeks that “lump of cells” looks too human to deny its true nature. Of course “looking” like a human being is not the standard of human life and never has been although it is one of the extra conditions the pro-baby murdering crowd tries to tack on to the definition of life in order to justify their wrongheaded beliefs. A newly hatched tadpole doesn’t look like an adult frog but only an idiot would claim that the tadpole is not alive.

There are other superfluous claims that the liberal baby killers will also try to make as well. Sometimes they will claim that the baby is not alive because it is a “parasite.” But so are tapeworms and leeches and no one with even a basic understanding of biology claims that these animals are not alive. They will claim that because the “lump of cells” has no ability for higher thought that it is not a living being. Well, bacteria have no mental capacity either and once again they are most certainly alive. Sometimes they get the idea that because this very young child cannot survive on its own means that it is not alive either. Oh, I am sure that the parent of the 2 week old or the quadriplegic in the hospital who are completely dependant on others will be glad to hear of this standard of “life.” Then when they are really desperate they claim that the mother should not be “punished” by being forced to host this vile organism inside of her. Of course they have no qualms about “punishing” the child and stripping life from it without the child having done a single thing to warrant such.

Yep, it is a pretty pathetic existence those that try to rationalize their anti-life, anti-child and pro-murder stance live day in and day out. Thankfully though more and more people each year are awakening to the horror of abortion and the sinister types who work for Planned Parenthood, an organization which follows gleefully in the footsteps of infamous eugenicist and racist Margaret Sanger, and they have fewer and fewer people to prey on each year in order to sustain themselves. Yes, abortion is big business, and a huge special interest that generates lots of cash for those in the racket.

There is, however, a good way to speed up the rejection of the murdering of innocent human life however. And while the murdering of children should not be a game, perhaps making it one for the proponents of such acts would see how much they really believe in their own ideology and theory that that “lump of cells” is not a living human being.

We could call it, “Would You Bet Your Life?” and it would be very simple. Every abortion proponent would be brought in one by one every time there was an abortion about to be performed. They would be sat in a room before two buzzers. Before them would be placed two sets of DNA; one from themselves and one from the child that they would normally want to abort. They must pick one and the person belonging to the one they pick gets their life ended. They will get to study the choices as much as they like and come to a conclusion as to which is not a human being and which is not alive. If that "lump of cells" is not either than it should be relatively easy right?

In reality though it would basically be a 50-50 game of Russian roulette for the pro-baby murder supporter sitting in the chair. And you know damn well that no proponent of killing babies in the womb would ever take this challenge because they could never tell the difference between that “lump of cells” (a very young human being) and themselves in such a scenario and they would have to wildly guess each time they were called in to participate. Sure, they might get lucky a couple times but even the brain dead supporters of abortion know that their luck will run out and that their own life will be snuffed out. Perhaps by having their brains sucked out of there skulls or some other grotesque means like they love to see done to helpless children.

Most of the people that support abortion know that that thing inside the mother’s womb is a human child from the moment of conception. But they need a reality check to get them to stop being so cavalier about how to treat it. When their own life has to be put on the line perhaps that will be the trigger to kicking their brain into gear and they will decry the violence and disgusting acts that they support day in and day out.

J. J. Jackson

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