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Author:  J. J. Jackson
Bio: J. J. Jackson
Date:  December 12, 2009
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Milk Toast Republicanism

If anyone had any doubts whatsoever that the Republican Party has lost its way and is no longer a true friend to the core conservative values of individual liberty and limited government, those doubts should be put firmly to rest considering the current debate in Washington over the proposal for socialized health care coming out of the far left.

If anyone had any doubts whatsoever that the Republican Party has lost its way and is no longer a true friend to the core conservative values of individual liberty and limited government, those doubts should be put firmly to rest considering the current debate in Washington over the proposal for socialized health care coming out of the far left. It is no wonder that conservatives, people who actually believe in the Constitution, are upset with Republicans who time and again run out to stand before the cameras and at Tea Parties to proudly proclaim how much they understand us and that they will stand with us only to stab us in the back with the longest and sharpest knives they can find on any given day once the crowds have dispersed.

For history’s sake, because history is important, let us roll back the clock to the 1990’s and the Clinton Administration. With the Republicans in charge of Congress, and swept in on a wave of desire for fiscal discipline, there were calls for cuts in the rates of growth for government welfare programs. Not actual cuts mind you, which of course showed them as not really Constitutionalists concerned for the liberty of Americans, but just cuts in the increases from year to year of tax payer money handed to those these slimy politicians were trying to buy votes from.

And Republicans were excoriated by the leaders of the left as well as their minions for such talk. Oh the wails and the complaints were nearly deafening as those with their grubby little hands in the cookie jar felt threatened that they might actually have to take responsibility for their own welfare after being whipped into a frenzy by the hard core socialists within our government.

Now let us fast forward to the modern day. It is a day of strife caused by rampant spending where the economy has suffered because the left, and aided by moderates who cannot decide which side of the fence to land on, refused to understand how spending money government did not have for people to buy goods they could not afford (such as houses) was a bad idea. It is a day where we are living in the aftermath of government compassion where they leveraged every unconstitutional law passed over decades to force banks to lend to the unworthy. It is also a day where the left wants to once again repeat the same mistakes of the past as they try and push socialized medicine upon the American people thinking that this time is the time that they can make the case for it considering the suffering they have succeeded in causing. And baring that, well, they plan on passing it anyway even if they cannot convince Americans that what is not good for them is really good for them.

However fiscal reality is catching up to the left and they seem to realize this, which is astonishing in and of itself. With deficits as far as the eyes can see and more on the way, they are realizing that the only hope they have of not being drummed out of Washington on the points of pitchforks and then burned with torches next year is to play tricks with the American people. Their latest trick, worthy of the proponents of man made Global Warming, is that they are proclaiming that their latest unconstitutional spending plan will be paid for with cuts in other unconstitutional programs.

In other words, we will have the same amount of unconstitutional spending just now in different places. They propose to cut waste, fraud and abuse in one place and bring us waste, fraud and abuse elsewhere.

Enter the milk toast Republicans. They raise a stink excoriating the left for trying to cut unconstitutional spending in programs like Medicare. The left, which once supported higher rates of growth, now however has gone back to the well and reworked their claims. Now they are trying to calm cries of outrage against them by senior citizens and others seeing that they want to raid this and other programs to pay for new ones by saying that the cuts really are not cuts but just cuts in the rate of growth and will be mostly made by eliminating the aforementioned waste, fraud and abuse. Yep, a complete turn around from the 90’s for both sides as they both try to triangulate how to gain support and either pass or defeat the plan.

You expect this sort of stuff from the political far left because they have always been about their own power and will give a group just enough slop from the public trough to earn their support until that support is no longer needed. Then they throw these same poor souls under the bus in favor of someone else. Usually a bigger and more influential special interest group.

But this sort of diabolical act from the Republicans? Well, it is no surprise if you read my columns every week! The fact that many so-called Republicans have gone from seeking cuts in the rate of growth of unconstitutional spending to defending the unconscionable increases and the status quo on unconstitutional spending might shock you if you have had you head under a rock lately. But not me as RINOs with their own vision of a soft-socialist economy and political structure with themselves at the head continue to infest the party lead by RINO in Chief Senator John McCain and his lieutenants.

For all the tough talk coming out of the Republican Party lately, they are still letting the RINOs, the milkiest of milk toast Republicans, run the show because the party is too damn scared of what would happen if they actually stood up and supported the proposed cuts, albeit for different reasons, than the far left. The far left wants to pay for a new unconstitutional program and pay off a whole new special interest group with the “savings.” The Republicans want to continue to pay off senior citizens by maintaining the status quo.

Neither is a good option for America.

Of course all these poor, coddled souls in Washington D.C. living the high life have put themselves in this position with no easy way out. Americans too, especially seniors, have done the same. For decades politicians have defended unconstitutional programs growing far too fast and paying out far too much in benefits in order to help their reelection chances. Yes, even Republicans. Over those same decades, the poor, seniors, and other special interest groups have all allowed themselves to become depended on that government check each and every month believing that there was no way in Hell the federal government would ever run out of money.

And while conservatives have screamed about ourselves and our children and our children’s children being sold into slavery to pay off these debts the milk toast Republicans have kept attaching their names to nearly every bill the left threw in front of them that expanded the federal government beyond its constitutional bounds. And if they did not do so when the bill was first passed they refused to end it when they themselves were in power proving their culpability as accomplices.

Thanks guys and gals. You have done a bang up job handing America to the same people that destroyed so many nations over the past century. How about taking an extended leave of absence and a permanent vacation and letting the grownups drive for a while?

J. J. Jackson

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