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Author:  J. J. Jackson
Bio: J. J. Jackson
Date:  September 11, 2010
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Blame America Contortions Continue Over Threatened Qur'an Burning

Do I condone Terry Jones leading his little Florida congregation in what is now an on again off again threat to burn copies of the Qur'an on September the 11th? No. Does he have every right to do it? Sure he does. But should he do it? No. Will he even do it? No one knows.

Do I condone Terry Jones leading his little Florida congregation in what is now an on again off again threat to burn copies of the Qur'an on September the 11th? No. Does he have every right to do it? Sure he does. But should he do it? No. Will he even do it? No one knows.

Sort of like … oh I don’t know … like how Muslims who keep talking about how they want to promote peace and understanding shouldn't be even thinking about putting up a Mosque at ground zero or even in the immediate vicinity thereof. They of course have a right to do it. But it is a highly insensitive plan considering that it was wackjob Muslims who flew planes into the World Trade Center Towers on a fateful September morning nine years ago. And it is especially tactless considering that it has been standard operating procedure for Muslims over the centuries to build holy shrines on the sites of their conquests.

Yeah, call me silly for saying that ulterior motives will always be suspected if that Mosque goes up. Forgive me for thinking. I know that such an act is unpopular these days because thinking leads to uncomfortable realizations. But thinking some more anyway, and ticking off those who hate the fact that I do it, we all know damn well that radical lunatics from around the world will make pilgrimages to the proposed New York City mosque to celebrate the Islamic conquest of the infidels. Deny this if you like. But you only show how ignorant you are of those that think like those nineteen hijackers on September 11th, 2001.

Yes, it is September 11th again. How did you guess? And once again it seems to be fashionable on the run up to this day every year that some people seem Hell bent on finding new and innovative ways to blame America for the anger of radical Muslims around the world. That is precisely why I started out this article with a mention of Mr. Jones.

See, because Mr. Jones has threatened to defile the sacred book of Islam, radical Muslims around the world are once again rushing to partake of their favorite pastime which is rioting, protesting and denouncing America. There will be flag burning and maybe even a beheading or three. These loons are using Mr. Jones as the latest reason to take to the streets and shout, “death to America!” Please note that when those nineteen hijackers flew planes full of civilians into several targets up and down the east coast these same people did not condemn the act but also, not surprisingly, cheered in the streets, lit American flags on fire and denounced the, “Great Satan.”

The mainstream media has also chimed in this week to tell the tale it is Mr. Jones who is provoking Muslims to act this way by threatening to burn Qur'ans. Also chiming in on the issue and wringing their hands over the action of lunatic Muslims has been General Petraeus and President Obama. Not to be outdone, Governor Eddie Rendell here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has also expressed outrage over Mr. Jones and his threatened act of desecration. Guess he needs something to keep his name in lights for the few remaining months he has in office.

This tale however about Mr. Jones inciting the Muslim street, if the truth be told, is actually a blatantly false storyline that is being fed to Americans. Radical Muslims do not need Mr. Jones as an excuse to hit the pavement and make asses out of themselves and show the world why goofballs like them need to be taken seriously and dealt with severely.

The list of things that offends radical Muslims is long. There is never a shortage of reasons for radical Islamists to riot in the streets. By my count there are now somewhere around three and a half million known items on this infamous list and any one of them sets off a riot and condemnation of America. More items are added every day as current ones just are not sufficient enough reasons to riot.

We know well the most notable items that cause radical Muslims to jump into contortions. Defile or even threaten to defile their holy book is right up there at number one. Support Israel when they are being bombed by Hezbollah or Hamas, draw a picture of Mohammed, perhaps with a bomb in his turban, or dare to speak ill of a Muslim nut job like Mahmoud I-Need-A-Jihad over in Iran and well we know that the radical Islamists will go nuts, pour into the streets and denounce America.

Heck, even if you mention how odd it is that one of the things that does not drive radical Muslims into a tizzy is the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children in flaming airplanes of death you get you standard, boilerplate, Islamic Wacko riot.

Other things on this long, very long, list that drives the radical Muslims into riot mode includes Christians, women daring not to cover their hair, bare female ankles, butterflies in Acapulco, the color puce, Orville Redenbacher popcorn, salt water, fresh water, having no water, the pathetic acting of Jake Lloyd in Star Wars: Episode 1, the sky being blue, piñatas, Riverdance, Minni Riperton’s “Loving You”, the Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish novelty, the fact that the Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish novelty doesn’t sign “Lovin’ You” by Minnie Riperton so that they can hate it even more, squirrels, sand in their sandals, Facebook, the Swedish Bikini Team, Mario Mendozia’s lifetime batting average of just 0.215, Pop Tarts, the moon, not having a sharp enough knife for which to cut out the hearts of unbelievers, people who spell the name of their holy book as Koran instead of Qur’an and people who spell the name of their holy book as Qur’an instead of Koran. Even soap and people bathing drives them to the streets with lighters, American Flags and gasoline in tow. Heck, this article alone is enough to send a radical Jihadi on the warpath because it is written by an infidel.

So forgive me for not buying the line that Mr. Jones is the reason radical Muslims are protesting and condemning America today. History shows us that these goofs protest America at the drop of a hat even if America has nothing to do with whoever dropped said hat. Mr. Jones may be looking to get a rise out of radical Islamist wackjobs, but they were radical Islamist wackjobs before his announcement and they will be radical Islamist wackjobs after September 11th comes and goes again this year regardless of what may happen on that day.

And as sure as the sun will rise in the east, these radical Islamist wackos will find something else to be upset about tomorrow so that they can hit the streets and riot again. After all, their only export is videos of their insanity and their lunatic rants.

J. J. Jackson

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