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Author:  J. J. Jackson
Bio: J. J. Jackson
Date:  February 19, 2011
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The Unserious World Of President Barack Obama

Amateur hour at the White House continued this week. President Obama, who swears up and down, cross his heart and hope to die, that he is serious about tackling the federal budget deficit released his proposed budget for fiscal year 2012.

Amateur hour at the White House continued this week. President Obama, who swears up and down, cross his heart and hope to die, that he is serious about tackling the federal budget deficit released his proposed budget for fiscal year 2012. In an attempt to control the message, the Obama White House made sure to spin the budget as the President calling for a trillion dollars in deficit reduction. The media then dutifully ran with that message to make it sound like the era of big spending was over.

But then the truth came out. It was revealed that the proposed budget for next year was to be just over $3.7 Trillion and that the trillion dollars in deficit reduction would come over the next decade. The so-called deficit reduction then became a paltry $100 billion a year. Which means what exactly? That President Obama wanted a $3.8 Trillion budget but graciously would settle for the $3.7 Trillion he has now asked for?

Oh thank you massah!

Look, here is the truth. President Obama and the liberals in both major political parties are not serious in their self-professed pursuit of tackling the federal deficit which is hovering right around $14 Trillion. Just to put that into perspective, since there are 308.7 million people in America this amounts to a bill of $45,351.47 per man, woman and child in America. The further truth is that when you look at the revenues our federal government has brought in over the past decade we are on pace to add another trillion dollars to that deficit in 2012 if President Obama and the liberals get their way.

Just for the sake of edification, here are the total federal government revenues since 2000:

2000: $2.025 trillion 2001: $1.991 trillion 2002: $1.853 trillion 2003: $1.782 trillion 2004: $1.880 trillion 2005: $2.154 trillion 2006: $2.407 trillion 2007: $2.558 trillion 2008: $2.524 trillion 2009: $2.105 trillion 2010: $2.163 trillion


Now tell me, exactly what in those numbers gives anyone expect people living in Liberal La La Land any expectation that we are going to have anywhere near $3.7 trillion dollars flowing into the federal coffers for fiscal year 2012 to pay for President Obama’s so call serious budget? You know, the one that is supposed to contain all this deficit reduction? Even if we were to return to the level of revenues seen in 2007 and 2008, which were the best years on record for federal revenues, we are still going to add at best just $1.2 trillion to our federal deficit this year.

Liberals are out there right now in full force complaining that if anyone dares to cut a single penny from President Obama’s proposed whopper of a budget that it will be the elderly, the widows and the poor that will suffer along with tens to hundred of thousands of jobs. It is the same old song and dance we hear every year when anyone dares to question their sanity and intelligence on fiscal matters.

Here is reality however. If we add another $1.2 trillion to our deficit this year it will mean approximately $3,887.27 more that each of us as Americans will owe. It means another that a child born tomorrow will be on the hook for nearly $50,000 in debt and that he or she will be shackled with this burden before the doctor even gets a chance to slap them on the rear and they draw their first breath of air. And liberals in both major political parties are fine with that. The important question though is are you?

President Obama’s budget is a trap designed for fiscal conservatives with their heads screwed on straight. The President, like the good community agitator that he is, wants to put the conservatives in Congress on the hot seat and force them to propose massive cuts so that he can paint them as cruel and uncaring. I personally do not think that the conservatives should shy away from this challenge. But the simple fact of the matter is that there are not enough people within the GOP who have the balls to do what needs to be done.

So in lieu of seeing Republicans stand up and showing us their non-existent pair, I think that the conservatives can turn this back around on President Obama very easily and drag the Republican Party along for the ride. All they have to do is pass a simple budget out of the House that says the Executive Branch has $2 trillion to spend this year and everything brought in above and beyond that amount is to be spent on deficit reduction. They say that it is a blank check and that it is the President who gets to decide where to spend every penny of it. Do not compromise with the Senate if they refuse to agree. Go to a government shutdown if necessary and pin it all on Harry Reid for that if it happens.

But by passing a blank budget without the line items filled in, President Obama will be the one forced to decide who gets what. You want to see liberals lining up with pitch forks and torches preparing to storm the White House? This is the way to do it.

Enough is enough. It is time to stop spending more that we bring in each year. It is time to start paying down the debt. It is time to make the liberals show their cards as to which of their dependents they value most and which they are willing to cast aside for the sake of those they have chosen. It is time to stop living in the unserious world of President Obama.

J. J. Jackson

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