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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  J. J. Jackson
Bio: J. J. Jackson
Date:  November 5, 2011
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Topic category:  Local Politics & Government

Liberal Predictability Index Up In Recent Months

Liberals are not that hard to understand. Like my dogs, they are very, very predictable. However unlike my dogs, liberals are not pleasant houseguests to have around.

Liberals are not that hard to understand. Like my dogs, they are very, very predictable. However unlike my dogs, liberals are not pleasant houseguests to have around.

Every day my dogs engage in certain, limited activities. They want fed in the morning and the evening. They want to go outside to poop and pee. They want to chase each other around. Sampson wants to lie on the couch. Cisco wants his butt scratched. Both want to avoid the children at nearly all costs. They both want to bark incessantly at anyone or anything that comes within a quarter mile of the house. And they both want to go to sleep at night.

There is no mystery as to how their schedule is going to pan out even if the order of these events may vary slightly from day to day.

Liberals, as I already said, are essentially the same; predictable. How predictable they are exactly is measured by what I like to call the Liberal Predictability Index. While the scale is only officially from zero (meaning highly unpredictable) to one hundred (meaning having the predictability of the finest Swiss watch), on a typical day the Liberal Predictability Index is somewhere in the 110-120 range.

But even as bizarre as it sounds, the Liberal Predictability Index is on the rise even above its normal levels. In July it was up to 125.4. In August it rose to 129.2. In September the index jumped to 140.7. In October, the latest data available for me to use as a guide, the index pegged at 160.0! I currently have an extension for the scale on order because it simply cannot go any higher at the moment. And judging by the way things are going, the scale is going to have to go higher in the coming months.

With the “Occupy” crowd on Wall Street and elsewhere around the nation the typical, predictably liberal, behaviors are in the news every day. They have:

• Taken over public property for their own private use • Interfered with productive citizens trying to earn a living • Bussed in and paid protesters to make their astroturf movement appear “grass roots” • Initiated riots • Pelted police with rocks and bottles, trying oh so hard to get themselves arrested so that they can then run to the media and claim that they did nothing wrong and are innocent victims of a police state • Garnered support from groups such as the Communist Party USA and the American NAZI Party • Had many Democratic Party politicians offer up support including Nancy Pelosi and he current President of the United States, Barack Obama • Spouted their racist, anti-Jew, anti-Capitalist rhetoric on camera • Burned a few American flags • Begun raping and pillaging their own for their own perverse gratification • Begun whining when others whom they do not officially approve of (i.e. the homeless) start to show up and want the occupier’s stuff which they hypocritically decide is theirs while at the same time the protesters claim that others are not entitled to their own stuff • Begun infighting over how money they have “earned” for the cause should be spent and holding a tight fist on said cash while at the same time demanding the taxpayers freely give and give and give some more unto them

Yes indeed, the Liberal Predictability Index is on the rise. Because this is who liberals are!

While they have been content for many years to play their true beliefs close to the vest and then act oh so indignantly when their ideology was correctly labeled as socialist, communist, fascist, and even hypocritical, they have abandoned all pretense of illusion now.

And that is a good thing for America. Right now America is getting to see who liberals are and what the left believes in. People tend to believe what they see with their own eyes. And they are seeing liberals at their finest right now.

J. J. Jackson

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