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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  J. J. Jackson
Bio: J. J. Jackson
Date:  November 19, 2011
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Topic category:  Local Politics & Government

“Occupy” Protesters Find Willing Media Dupe To Bring Back “Tea Party” Comparison

Desperate to be seen in a positive light in the wake of murders, rapes, riots, destruction of private property, rampant drug use and open support from the American NAZI Party and the Communist Party USA, “Occupy” protesters are in a bind.

Desperate to be seen in a positive light in the wake of murders, rapes, riots, destruction of private property, rampant drug use and open support from the American NAZI Party and the Communist Party USA, “Occupy” protesters are in a bind. They just cannot get the majority of the American people to take them at all seriously and join with them in their anti-American tirades. Scream as they might that they are the "99%", they just cannot make it so.

Enter Nafari Vanaski from Gateway Newspapers here in Pittsburgh. Ms. Vanaski is apparently desperate to help out the “Occupy” movement. She has penned an article[1] trying to once again equate these lawless left wingers, who think defecating in public is free speech and who are calling for mob violence, with the Tea Party Movement. She even found a local yutz willing to tell the lie she is apparently desirous to propagate.

Vanaski has taken time off of her normal beat of complaining how when blacks gets front page coverage in the news 36% of the time it is for crime, moaning about crossing guards and controversies over chicken coops in local backyards to cover the “Occupy” Pittsburgh movement. Before this though she wrote a puff piece about how kind, generous and thoughtful the local "Occupy" Pittsburgh protesters were. Although she did chastise them for their loony method of repeating instructions like mind numbed robots.

And now she’s back. Apparently articles about the passion vehicle owners display for their rims just were not cutting the mustard. So Vanaski has dug up someone by the name of Jan Kiefer from Westmoreland County who she describes as, “a full-time activist”. Mr. Kiefer makes some bizarre claims that Ms. Vanaski is obviously not interested in investigating for truth but all too willing to promote.
She reports that this activist claims to be both an "Occupy" protester and a Tea Party member. Gee, I do not know anyone in the local Pittsburgh Tea Party movement that considers themselves a “full-time activist”. And considering that every member of the Tea Party I have ever talked with laughs at the astrotuf movement that is the "Occupy" protesters, Mr. Kiefer would be a unique oddity indeed.
Ok, so let’s go on ... Mr. Kiefer opines that the Tea Party has changed for the worse which is why he is now with the "Occupy" crew harassing local businesses and citizens. "I was in the early Tea Party, before there were Republicans” Mr. Kiefer spouts.
Really? Ok, I call bull crap on this one. I call bull crap because I watched the very birth of the Tea Party movement. Way back BEFORE there was a “Tea Party” I was inundated with emails from people talking about how they were getting together to take the country back from the liberals that were destroying it and wanted me to mention their organizations. I watched as loosely knit and very small groups grew slowly into larger and larger groups all which were formed exclusively of conservatives and quite a large number of Republicans. These groups became what was eventually dubbed, the Tea Party.” Again, I was there. I watched it happen.
So yeah, Mr. Kiefer is full of it. How about a little bit of actual journalism on Ms. Vanaski's part? But no, he goes on and Ms. Vanaski is happy to report on his words. "A lot of those people that were in the original Ron Paul Tea Party show up here," Kiefer said.
No. I got to know a lot of people who were joining the burgeoning Tea Party Movement, started local Tea Party groups and conversed with them often. They were certainly not a “lot” of Ron Paul supporters. In fact, going through my emails there was actually a lot of people who were explicitly anti-Ron Paul because he would say stupid things about America being the source of terrorism around the world. Most Tea Party patriots were much more intelligent than that and found those remarks disgusting. As to Mr. Kiefer's claim that Ron Paul supporters are now showing up in the "Occupy" movement, Ron Paul and his supporters are a lot of things. But communist agitators and people who run around destroying private property not some of those things.
Ms. Vanaski then continues to pimp Kiefer’s views without contention. “Kiefer considers himself,” she writes, “an independent progressive, free of political ideologies.” What? Is this chick for real? Or is she auditioning for a job at The Onion? She writes that this guy is a “progressive”, progressivism being a left wing political ideology, and then has the gall to say that he is “free of political ideologies”? Wow. Nothing like journalistic integrity huh? But wait, it gets better! She reports that Kiefer thinks the Tea Party patriots and the "Occupy" insurgents have some common ground such as, “the idea that there is something wrong with government.” Well, ok, yeah. But the "Occupy" crew wants bigger, badder government, that we have right now. Hence the reason why the Communist Party USA and the American NAZI Party support them. Meanwhile the Tea Party wants smaller, constitutional, liberty promoting government. But don’t expect this gal to get that in depth in her "reporting". She might as well say that the "Occupy" movement and the Tea Party have common ground because they both understand that the sun will rise in the East every morning. On second thought, I cannot confirm that your average "Occupy" protester understands this simple fact. So never mind.
Concluding the need to further perpetuate the lie of the "Occupy" protests, Ms Vanaski paraphrases Kiefer’s vision that “to change the system, it will take revolutionary measures used by the likes of Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr.” But she nowhere states the fact that "Occupy" protesters regularly rant about the need for violent revolution, assault and batter police officers and generally act completely counter to this claim.

It is just pathetic that not only do we have idiots out there, but that we have idiots in the media willing to help them promote themselves. For shame.


J. J. Jackson

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