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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Marie Jon'
Bio: Marie Jon'
Date:  August 20, 2006
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America, Take a Walk

On September 10th, Americans will be asked to take a walk in remembrance of the 2,973 who died on 9/11.  The “Freedom Walk” will kick off in Washington, D.C., and simultaneously take place throughout the rest of the country.  Patriotic ceremonies--as American as mom and apple pie--will set the tone on this somber yet important day.

On September 10th, Americans will be asked to take a walk in remembrance of the 2,973 who died on 9/11.  The “Freedom Walk” will kick off in Washington, D.C., and simultaneously take place throughout the rest of the country.  Patriotic ceremonies--as American as mom and apple pie--will set the tone on this somber yet important day.

As September draws ever near, groups from all over the USA are registering to take part in the walk, including the military families of The Blue and Gold Star Mothers. 

President Ronald Reagan often referred to America and our nation’s capitol specifically as the “Shinning city on the hill.”  It would only seem appropriate then that the largest of ceremonies be held there.  Important dignitaries from around the world will attend as well as the masses of Americans from around the country.  

And since other cities all across the Unites States will be taking part in Freedom Walk simultaneously, we will be coming together as a nation to remember the horrific attacks on 9/11.  

On that day, Americans will give pause in their hearts and minds for the defenders of the nation’s freedoms.  It is a day to remember our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and all around the world.  It is 24 hours--out of a lifetime--to praise and respect America’s fallen heroes, and shake the hands of our veterans and say “Thank you for your service.”

The first Freedom Walk took place In Washington, D.C., on September 11, 2005, when more than 15,000 people participated; including 9/11 family members who lost loved ones in the attacks.  This year, the number of those taking part is estimated to be much larger.

Americans must never forget what took place on 9/11, and who it was that attacked us.  The Freedom Walk will give Americans time to reflect.  It is a day, I believe, best spent thinking about all the heroes who have died trying to rescue those who became victims of that unforgivable terrorist attack.

Among the innocent whose lives were robbed by the Islamofascist were firefighters, policemen, medical personnel and other rescue workers.  When you take that "Freedom Walk," remember all the people who died helping others on the attack sites in Washington, New York, and Pennsylvania.

On September 10th, 2006, walk to also remember and honor those who helped clean up the aftermath of 9-11.  Their work to clean up the horrendous yet incredible amounts wreckage and debris left from the attacks was almost insurmountable.  These are the tradesmen of the country:  the plumbers, carpenters, electricians, steel workers, and many others.  They, too, deserved to be called heroes.

Here are the flights that were involved:

Flight 77, from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon.

Flight 11, from Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center.

United flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center.

United flight 93, from Newark to San Francisco, crashed into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

Listed also are the victims and heroes who died at The Pentagon and The World Trade Center.  Take some time to muse through each name and make the acquaintance--however slight--of your fellow Americans who lost their lives to the insane and barbaric violence of Islamic terrorism.

As the many days turned into weeks and months following that horrific day, people began to fully understand that America had been dealt a fearful blow by an enemy that had no morals, nor no soul. 

Because of that day that Americans know now as simply, 9/11, the country should have gained extraordinary wisdom.  But instead, we find the nation confused, restless, and even divided by those who should know better. 

Unfortunately, some Americans continue to aid our enemies by politicizing the global war on terror.  That kind of political backstabbing will bring about more death and destruction.  Terrorist know that a people divided are very vulnerable.

We are then perceived to be lax, lulled into complacency by the voices of demagogic leftist and the so-called Ivy towered elitists who seemingly behave as if they live in the Land of Oz.

These naive liberal thinkers make America appear weak to those whose would destroy its civilization.  It seems that those who fall back on the Neville Chamberlain style of thinking wind up repeating the same foolish mistakes.  After a while, one must come to the realization that it becomes futile to try and talk with terrorists -- and extremist’ rogue countries -- that do not want peace.

The far left have caused America great harm.  Like the onetime Communist leader Vladimir Lenin once said of people who supported his totalitarian ideology, they are best described as "useful idiots.   Tremendous damage has been done to the nation by a borderline seditiousness of the far left of the Democratic Party, aided by an out of control mainstream media.  Its behavior has been unconscionable, and patently biased. 

But it is not just the elected Democrats or the mainstream media that imperil the country with their behavior.  Liberal federal judges as well put our lives in jeopardy by trying to halt the programs that President Bush implemented that are keeping America safe from terrorists attacks.  The evidence of just how important these programs are was stunningly displayed only last week.

A week after the news of a plot to kill thousands of Americans with planes and explosives, US district Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit decides to push her own dangerous ideology.  Judge Taylor, A President Carter appointment in 1979, seems to be influenced by the likes of the ACLU and CAIR.

Why a federal judge sees fit to try and stymie a program that is instrumental in protecting the nation is a mystery except for the obvious, if disturbing answer:  Judge Taylor is more concerned with her political party (Democrat) than with the well-being of her countrymen.

The mainstream media has also willfully disclosed national security programs that the administration has legally set in place to protect the county from terrorist’s attacks that attempt to be far worse than 9/11.

Administration initiatives such as NSA wiretapping program and the Treasury Department financial tracking program have lost their effectiveness--and its anonymity--because of newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post, who decided that they knew better than the administration.

Because of the very nature of what it stands for, America will always have to keep her guard up.  For America represents everything that the Islamofascist’, led by the likes of Osama Bin Laden of the world fear:  Freedom.  Because America will never stop living in freedom and supporting Democracy around the world, terrorism will always be with us.

It may be massive, as in 9/11, or it may be a series of small pinpricks that do more to annoy than enrage.  Nevertheless, terrorism is as real as the death it harvests.  

It is time for all Americans to wise up to that, and join with one another all across the political spectrum.  We must strive to put our differences behind us, and see the enemy before us.

Rallying together will help to remind all that another 9/11 is only a news report away. There is no "left" or "right" in the minds of the Jihadist.  We can only be successful by being united.  The September 10th Freedom Walk is a good place to start to familiarize ourselves with the concepts of “Good vs. Evil."

Marie Jon'

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marieMarie Jon' is a political/religious-based writer.

In addition to having written for WEBCommentary, Marie's writings have appeared on many sites, including The New Media Journal, ChronWatch, and Commonconservative, to name a few. Marie is no longer writing online commentary.

Marie's refreshing and spirited point of view is reflected in her writings, genuine and spiritual opinions regarding God and his teachings. Marie is a practicing Christian, a nurse, a student of the Bible, and a patriot. Many of Marie's articles are a reflection of her great admiration for those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. She is an advocate for the troops, as well as the Blue and Gold Star Mothers of America, and their families. Marie has appeared as a guest with political talk show host Bruce Elliott on WBAL-1090 AM.

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