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Author:  Marie Jon'
Bio: Marie Jon'
Date:  October 21, 2006
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Pastor Barry Black, Capitol Hill's 67th Chaplain

Pastor Barry Black is the first person of color in the nation's history to serve the spiritual needs of our country's lawmakers as Chaplain of U.S. Senate. He was appointed to the position by Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill First in 2003.

Pastor Barry Black is the first person of color in the nation's history to serve the spiritual needs of our country's lawmakers as Chaplain of U.S. Senate. He was appointed to the position by Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill First in 2003. He serves God in a non-partisan way by ministering to all people of faith. Because of his faithfulness to the Lord, he holds the honored position with great humility.

Pastor Black had to overcome unpromising beginnings. He was raised in the ghettos of Baltimore. Through his faith in Jesus Christ he overcame many obstacles that impacted him in a profound way. He took his humble beginnings and used them to set his feet on higher ground.

From the hood in Baltimore, he went to the prestigious halls of Congress. Barry revels in the love and deliverance of his merciful Lord and Savior. Through hard work and countless hours of studying the word, Pastor Black has gained the wisdom needed for his ministry. He is admired and looked upon with favor. (Audio Interview)

For twenty seven years Pastor Barry Black served as a chaplain in the U.S. Navy. He is a two-star admiral and the only black American to ever serve as the U.S. Navy's Chief of Chaplains. The pastor holds doctorate degrees in Psychology and Divinity.

Barry Black was dedicated as a baby to the Lord. He is a born again Christian and a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Barry's father died at an early age, leaving his Godly mother to raise him and his brothers and sisters. The good pastor was taught the Holly Scriptures at his mother's knee. Because of his loving mother's leading, Black finds his life a blessing. He is an affectionate man who can harness prayer power and share the gift of the Holy Sprit with others.

Many believers wonder if a born again Christian can take the positions of both hawks and doves during war time. The answer is yes. God leads a person to think critically and balanced. The diplomatic approach should always be used first. However, there may come a time when diplomacy fails and we are left with no choice but to go to war.

The people of God must stop a Hitler, and any other cruel, brutal, murdering dictator who become a great threat to the United States of America. Saddam Hussein was no exception to the rule. He threatened neighboring countries. He oppressed his own people with torture and genocide. He allowed terrorists to train in his country.

American and coalition forces have saved millions of innocent Iraqi lives, while protecting our homeland. Under President Bush's watchful eye, we have had no terrorists' attacks since 9/11.

The majority of our troops serving our country are of the Christian faith. Pacifism is not a luxury that the world can afford because of the perplexed and tumultuous times we live in.

President Bush, who is a practicing Christian, is once again pointing out the differences between the Democrat Party and the Party of Lincoln. The GOP is strong on defense. It will not shirk its duty when fighting the war on terror nor desert the good people of Iraq.

Unfortunately, prayer often is not enough to fight the evils of our time. Christians, prayerfully, must move forward to save the multitudes. When evil prevails, Godly men and women of the cross must not stand by idly. John 15:13: "Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends." Indeed, we are to follow our Lord's example. Christ laid down his life for all mankind.

(Proverbs 14: 23 ) "In all labor is profit." There is profit in giving the Iraqi people their freedom and protecting them until they can rightfully protect themselves from terrorism. By taking a firm stand in Iraq, we protect America.

You can be assured that the good pastor who serves on the Hill is offering his mighty prayer power. He is praying for President Bush and our men and women serving their country with valor.

Pastor Barry Black prays for the protection of the United States and asks God daily to spare us from further terrorists' attacks. (Matthew 5:9 ) "Blessed are the peace makers." Unfortunately, in this sin filled world, peace can only be achieved after we fight back the darkest evils.

Excerpts from an Associated Press article:

"Attacks in Baghdad Rose by 22 Percent as 46 killed Across Iraq"

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Attacks in Baghdad rose by 22 percent during the first three weeks of Ramadan as a U.S. military spokesman said a two-month-old U.S.-Iraqi bid to crush violence in the Iraqi capital has not met 'overall expectations.'

The assessment came as attacks in the northern cities of Mosul, Kirkut and Khalis killed 38 people, officials reported. Police reported four were killed by bombs in Baghdad, and four policemen were shot to death in Dora. U.S. authorities said two U.S. soldiers were killed Wednesday.

We are seeing many more deaths of our troops because they are now stepping in the path of the evil doers. Our men and women are stepping in harms way, while protecting the innocent people of Iraq. [,2933,222357,00.html]

Until there comes a day when "we study war no more," there will always be the need for our brave men and women to serve our country. They want to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan because they believe in their noble goal of setting the captives free.

America needs Godly pastors, such as Chaplin Barry Black, that can pray with our leaders who serve in our Capitol.

Marie Jon'

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