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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Marie Jon'
Bio: Marie Jon'
Date:  May 20, 2007
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Sorry Dr. Dobson, But There Is A Season For All Things Under Heaven

A prominent and powerful evangelical Christian leader, James Dobson, said yesterday that the Mormon faith practiced by Governor Romney of Massachusetts could pose a serious obstacle if Mr. Romney makes a bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. "I don't believe that conservative Christians in large numbers will vote for a Mormon but that remains to be seen, I guess," Mr. Dobson said on a syndicated radio program hosted by a conservative commentator, Laura Ingraham.

Within the GOP there are well-meaning individuals who need to keep their convictions to themselves. Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus On The Family, spoke words that were intended to tarnish Senator Fred Thompson. On a slow news day, Dobson, in a prearranged statement, singled out a good man to impugn his Christianity. No one asked Dobson for his religions or political opinions. There were no liberal media hounds drooling for a sound bite. He alone arranged an interview to lambaste a fellow believer. In more recent publications, Dobson has tried to backpedal from his uncalled-for remarks.

Dobson's comments about Thompson's core Christian beliefs were designed to discourage an extremely popular Republican from entering the presidential race. The conservative, 64-year-old former Tennessee senator is a member of the Church of Christ.

"'Everyone knows he's conservative and has come out strongly for the things that the pro-family movement stands for,' Dobson considered the most politically powerful evangelical figure in the U.S. said in a phone call to Dan Gilgoff, senior editor at U.S. News & World Report." [Link to article]

Excerpts from The Washington Times:

"Christian conservatives pledge support for '08 Thompson Bid

"Several leading Christian conservatives say they will rally to former Sen. Fred Thompson, who they expect to announce 'in a matter of weeks' that he will seek the Republican nomination for President next year.

"'It's not if but when he will announce,' one Protestant evangelical leader says of the behind-the-scenes maneuvering for position in the 2008 race.

"A prominent Roman Catholic social conservative says the three Republicans who have raised the most money and have led the polls former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, Arizona Senator John McCain and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney fall short of social conservatives' expectations, but Mr. Thompson doesn't. 'He's right on the issues ... He's better than all of the above.'

"Both the Protestant and Catholic activist, like other Christian conservatives, spoke to The Washington Times on the condition of anonymity." [Link to article]

Dobson recently claimed that the Mormon faith practiced by Governor Romney of Massachusetts could pose a serious obstacle if Mr. Romney makes a bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. "I don't believe that conservative Christians in large numbers will vote for a Mormon but that remains to be seen, I guess," Mr. Dobson said on a syndicated radio program hosted by a conservative commentator, Laura Ingraham.

Evidently, Thompson and Romney are not Godly enough for Dr Dobson, however, Newt Gingrich is. This is because Dr. Dobson and the religious right have their own political agenda that does not necessarily appeal to all GOP voters. There are Republicans who don't wear their religion on their sleeves. That the Party (and, ergo America) can ill-afford such condescending comportment goes far beyond understatement.

The grim facts must be understood by every conservative Republican. There will be gnashing of teeth and calamities never seen before in America's history if we do not elect Republican president in 2008. "The Grand Old Party" must take back this country and get serious about leading it or we all will be in deep trouble.

Republicans, who claim to be the party of reason (versus emotion, of which they accuse the opposition) should be smarter than this. We are in a fight for our lives and we need to not only understand the days we are living in, but enlighten others as well. Radical Islamists want their Jihad whether or not we are ready for it.

Al-Zawahiri, a prominent member of al-Qaeda, speaks sarcastically of the Democrats wanting to pull our troops from Iraq. [Link] Believe the terrorist's words. They want all Americans dead and any others who will not adhere to their brand of Islam. We are all infidels who must convert to Islam or die. Being hate-indoctrinated barbarians at heart, the killing done throughout this process will simply be a fringe benefit.

Any one of the GOP candidates are far superior to the Stalinists the Democrat party is offering. They are all eminently capable of compromising our safety; their ultra-liberal mindset prevents them from doing otherwise. They do not understand the concept nor the necessity of being proactive regarding further attacks upon our homeland.

Day after day, the Democrat leadership try to slow-bleed our troops fighting the war on terror in Iraq. Indeed, they have become traitors to our country. Politically, we are seeing a very strange act that, if not stopped, could lead our nation to total extinction.

What we do not need is religious potentates telling us whom we should not vote for. We can't afford to have conservatives stay at home on Election Day because they are not enthralled with the Republican candidates. As citizens, they have a duty to vote, particularly in the upcoming 2008 General Election.

Republicans lost their majority in part because of their own backbiting. The results are that the "Eurostyle" far leftists in Washington now have that majority and are wantonly abusing their drug of choice: Power.

It is time for all Godly people to pray and listen to His voice. We know what needs to be done in the voting booth.

Let's move forward without finger pointing. There is a bevy of GOP candidates who have good political qualities and are worthy of the office of President. We are most fortunate because our candidates will vow to protect the unborn (if they wish to get nominated). Any of them will select judges who will uphold the laws of our land, no matter what Dr. Dobson believes.

It appears that Dobson would rather stay at home than vote. He sets a poor example for others making such statements. "I might not cast ballot at all if faced with 'Hobson's choice'. " He shows his lack of judgment as he encourages others to hand over their votes to the Democrat Party.

We are tossed to and fro by those who want to enforce a religious Evangelical litmus test. As a result we could lose once again come Election Day. We simply can't allow that to happen. The Democrats will win the day and force their liberal socialistic regimen on a war-tired lackadaisical nation. Keep your minds open and take us to a win in 2008.

Sorry, Dr. Dobson, but "there is a season for all things under heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3:1) Let's embrace Evangelical Christianity, but simultaneously, keep things in their proper perspective.

I hope that Christians will back the man or woman the Republican Party eventually put forth to run for the highest office in the land. A Stalinist Democrat regime is not acceptable in its stead. We see what dangerous outrageousness they are capable of more with each passing day.

Marie Jon'

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