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Author:  Marie Jon'
Bio: Marie Jon'
Date:  June 6, 2008
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Obama Slowly Walked Away

Rev. James Cone, the founder of Black Liberation Theology is the same man who demands that Jesus Christ become a Marxist. Dr Cone's theology effectively portrays white churches in America as the Antichrist. He would have all white people despised by all of black America. Rev. Cone is a close friend of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Trinity's creed is centered around Cone's teachings, as well as other black liberation "theologians."

America is entering a brand new era. For the very first time we might elect a black president. God bless America. We have awaited this occasion since the struggling days of the Civil Rights Movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King. It is most unfortunate that Senator Barack Obama was the one chosen for the honor, however.

The Democrat National Party picked a man who was not sufficiently scrutinized and vetted. The truth is that Obama is not the suitable uniter for our country. In fact, it is quite likely that he will turn America upside down, bringing about divisive racial retrogression.

Do not question why you may be feeling uncomfortable with Obama. He is the epitome of what we've seen through the prism of those with whom he has chosen to associate for over twenty years.

If you are a person of faith, God has given you the gift of spiritual intuition. Use it wisely. Everyone has common sense. Obama said he resigned his membership from Trinity United Church in Chicago "with some sadness." He also said he was not going to denounce the church that has caused so much pain and ambivalence for so many, including Democrats.

Some Americans are highly insulted by the church congregation that delights with flagrant jubilance while listening to pastors viciously attack their own country while mocking and insulting other people. Their behavior is not Christ-like. Americans must understand that Black Liberation Theology is not Christianity. It is a perversion of the Gospel of Christ.

Both Michele and Barack Obama took Black Liberation Theology studies before they were allowed membership at Trinity United. Their views were formed long before they ever stepped through the doors of a church whose pastor would further indoctrinate them with his own bigoted, anti-Semitic, anti-America doctrine.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright had a politically Marxist agenda shrouded in a false theology. Barack and Michele Obama bought into it because it felt familiar and comfortable to them. They also accepted every political gain that was afforded them by virtue of their association with Wright.

The fact that Obama has left Trinity says that he will do whatever it takes to play out his political hand. Obama has not denounced Black Liberation Theology, and therein lies the real story. He will probably wait until after the election in November before he joins another church that teaches the very same theology being taught at the Trinity United Church of Christ.

The twisted, unscriptural teachings of Rev. James Cone, the founder of Black Liberation Theology is the same man who demands that Jesus Christ become a Marxist. Dr Cone's theology effectively portrays white churches in America as the Antichrist. He would have all white people despised by all of black America. Rev. Cone is a close friend of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Trinity's creed is centered around Cone's teachings, as well as other black liberation "theologians."

It is not unfair to make the assumption that Sen. Obama holds the same beliefs as his religious mentor, Rev. Wright. Obama and his wife remained in Trinity until it was no longer politically expedient. He then left to grab the gold ring on the political carousel.

In his book, "Black Power and Black Theology," Rev. Cone states: "What we need is the divine love as expressed in black power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal."

Obama's writings are spiritually linked to the "religious left," who have no difficulty with late-term abortions and agendas that are contrary to biblical teachings.

As president, Obama would be able to revitalize enormous powers and galvanize black churches across the country, effusing them with the poison of Black Liberation Theology. It is possible that if Obama becomes America's first black president, advances in race relations gained through the Civil Rights Movement will become severely damaged.

Listen to your troubled mind. What we've seen throughout the divisive Democrat campaign has indeed been all about race. Reflect upon the words that came from a disrespectful and bigoted man who had the nerve to demand that "God Damn America" and blame the United States for what took place on September 11th, 2001.

Excerpts from National Review; The Gospel According to Barack Obama:

"At this rate, Barack Obama will have repudiated every one of his friends in Chicago by November.

"First, he claimed that as long as he belonged to the church the controversial views of its pastors and guest preachers would be unfairly imputed to him. Perhaps so. But the real question is how Obama could have been a member of the church for 20 years and accepted the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as a personal spiritual mentor without appreciating the radical 'Black Liberation Theology' that is at the church's heart. Obama's claim to be innocent of Wright's radicalism is not credible.

"...The fact is Obama didn't feel obligated to do his fellow parishioners this courtesy until dumping Trinity became a political imperative for him.

"Obama has slowly walked away from the church as political calculation has dictated. When the first videos of Wright damning America surfaced, Obama compared him to an obnoxious but harmless uncle and gave a widely acclaimed speech in Philadelphia, saying he could no more repudiate Wright than he could repudiate the black community or his own family.

"Now, Obama the presidential candidate selling the soothing politics of unity and inspiration has carefully pirouetted away from his former church. But he has yet to give a full, honest accounting of his relationship to Wright and Trinity. The public and the press should demand one." Full Article

Obama shares Rev. Jeremiah Wright's views. The dismal excuse that he did not know what was going on at Trinity United Church of Christ, is too much the suspension of disbelief. "It is inconceivable that Obama was not aware of all of this." Stanley Kurtz

Obama's connections to the radical far left, which also includes a false racist's religious theology, should be rejected by American voters. It will be up to the (Ronald Reagan) Blue Dog Democrats, Independents, and conservative Republicans to make sure that Obama is defeated in November.

Marie Jon'

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Marie's refreshing and spirited point of view is reflected in her writings, genuine and spiritual opinions regarding God and his teachings. Marie is a practicing Christian, a nurse, a student of the Bible, and a patriot. Many of Marie's articles are a reflection of her great admiration for those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. She is an advocate for the troops, as well as the Blue and Gold Star Mothers of America, and their families. Marie has appeared as a guest with political talk show host Bruce Elliott on WBAL-1090 AM.

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