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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Jerry Todd
Bio: Jerry Todd
Date:  September 9, 2016
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Topic category:  Partisan Politics

“A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever"
Donald Trump is a gift that will keep on giving to America.

What some critics see as a bull in a china shop approach to Politics USA really is a reflection of Trump as the American everyman.   Donald Trump's honesty, basic goodness, and courageous refusal to give in to the corrosive political correctness present him as our man of all seasons… a leader who rises to the occasion in our time of most need!  The ideology now strangling us by our worthless and deceptive political class literally has been put in Trump's bright white glare of exposure.

"They only care about themselves," a late night WalMart clerk said last year right before our Christmas holiday. The young clerk's offhanded remark about America's political class is reflective of the futility and despair our young people are feeling, especially those trapped in violent inner cities, depraved drug dens and the progressives' snare of words, but no jobs for thee.  What the loser political class and its shills, their mainstream media, fail to realize is that just as they attack Mr. Trump, they really attack the American everyman.  They are revealing their utter disdain for the average American citizen of whom Donald Trump exemplifies.

He comes from privilege but unlike Romney, the Bush travesty, or the Clintons' bootstrap abuse of America's come from behind work ethos, Trump is of, for, and by the common man. That man broke from a tyrannical royal class across the ocean. Pouring into overloaded passageways from Europe over 200 years ago our founders threw over the chains of political privilege, do-nothing verbiage and corrupt halls of power. 

Trump is the narrator in Greek drama who speaks the wisdom of the people, the chorus director in Elizabethan theatre who has the pulse of the people, the American presidential candidate who reaches the trueness of who we really are!

We have bought into the divisive diversity argument - race, creed, gender, sexual urge as ways people-even-kids are labeled. Have we forgotten we are endowed by our Creator with an infinite range of gifts and talents found among any human population?  With a sense of awe and beauty, these talents can be drawn from each child.  We Americans have been blessed with a Constitutional Republic that created room for us to rise above our station, to fail, to join hands, to succeed. This is what we as world leaders should be developing and exporting, rather than population control schemes and screwball trade deals that reduce us to third world status. We have a duty to lift all peoples by educing them. It's not a zero sum game. Like a dollar spent into the economy, it circulates at least nine times unless interdicted by a currency manipulator. Thank God for Trump who understands it.

As for our media hacks who cluck that he doesn't understand the world stage, let's focus on the international understanding he has mastered, one of which they woefully are ignorant.  He has created a global real estate conglomerate in nine countries, from Istanbul and Mumbai to Rio and Makati. His properties for the golf division alone range from Scotland to Dubai, UAE. He has owned everything from the Empire State Building to The Plaza in NYC. His commercial developments reflect an international conglomerate that has exported his American can do spirit into the national politics of many very different countries!  When media critics berate his lack of experience on the global state, they really are projecting their painful ignorance.

Why don't we understand when God told our first parents to "subdue the Earth, be fruitful and multiply," He spoke to us to explore, discover, refine, utilize and develop the infinite range of Earth's resources with the infinite diversity of human gifts and talents He gave us.  We can only be fruitful if we are good stewards and develop a penchant for making things not only utilitarian, but beautiful. It'll never be perfect, but we have to put beauty first, not the present sewer of depravity. Things of beauty require more of the human spirit.

Trump exhibits many of the traits of King David, Jesus' ancestor.  He is also a very childlike man - "Of such is the kingdom of God." The best clue is his love of beauty and quality -expressed in his over 500 successful, beautiful, quality, well-run projects and their surroundings.  He's had enough failures and missteps like all of us to give mockers plenty of ammunition.  My saintly wife started praying for him and writing him well before he announced.  There are others "prophesying" his role. He deals roughly with what Jesus might have called "a brood of vipers" in both parties, Academe and the media.

Trump has yet to share his greatest asset, namely his love of Beauty in what he develops, builds, and operates. Just like a legal US immigrant who has special skills in food presentation, a delicate hand with an air brush, or a grape vine, how to make the most with very little, this American everyman knows how to bring out the best is all of us. He doesn’t trade on our worst traits to divide and hurt us.

Our current, feckless leaders line their own pockets because "they don't care about us," just like the young clerk said. One of the worst historical examples of not putting America first is our current Presidential candidate who held over 80 meetings with non governmental world leaders who, incidentally, also donated to her personal marital foundation.  Mr. Trump sees through this devastating pay to play abuse of America!

Donald Trump couldn't build a thing without the skilled hand of the carpenter, steelworker, landscaper, the designer and builder of fine furnishings and those who manage and tend the end product for the appreciation of all and for the glory of God.  Trump has to draw on this appreciation for Beauty in everything he builds and in his surroundings. These require the attention and love of people of like mind exercising their own best talents in what they do for a living.  You don't get full employment out of slipshod construction, restoration, maintenance of operations.

"Make America Great and Beautiful Again." Vote TRUMP!

Gerald V. Todd and Suzanne Eovaldi--University of Illinois, 1957 – Engineering and Journalism respectively

Jerry Todd
Jerry Todd (Writer)

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Jerry Todd is a brilliant conservative thinker whose essays and analyses appear online at several websites including and WEBCommentary. He has been in the environmental technology field for over 40 years, and in semi-retirement represents - Magnation Corporation water and energy saving crop enhancement technology.

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