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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Lloyd Marcus
Bio: Lloyd Marcus
Date:  April 19, 2011
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Topic category:  Government/Politics

Liberal Dominance: You're Not in Kansas Anymore!

Attention patriots. Captain Lloyd Marcus of the Tea Party Army reporting on my mission in Hutchinson Kansas. I was the keynote speaker for the Hutchinson Tea Party. Our Kansas patriots are strong, committed and warm salt of the earth great people.

Attention patriots. Captain Lloyd Marcus of the Tea Party Army reporting on my mission in Hutchinson Kansas. I was the keynote speaker for the Hutchinson Tea Party. Our Kansas patriots are strong, committed and warm salt of the earth great people.

It was interesting to learn Kansas grows wheat for the world. The Kansas wheat field's “amber waves of grain” is famed in the song “America The Beautiful”. Kansas is also famous for its salt mines. Time did not permit us to take the 650 foot underground tour of the mines.

My wife Mary accompanied me on my trip to Kansas. It was Mary's first time flying since the installation of the federally mandated full body scanners at airports.

Nicknamed “Mr Tea Party”, I fly a lot speaking and performing at events and rallies across America. Thus, I have pretty much resigned myself to endure a certain level of humiliation; removing my shoes and any other article of clothing they request; standing arms out stretched and legs a part for their wand scan.

I thought once you passed through security, you are safe from further intrusion. However, on one occasion at my gate just before getting on the plane, I was stopped for a random “spot search”.

Rather than getting angry and making myself crazy over something out of my control, I have developed a, “whatever” attitude. If they instruct me to drop my pants, fine, “Whatever!” OK, I am exaggerating a bit, but you get my point.

My Irish part Cherokee feisty wife, is not so passive. She is furious! Mary finds the idea of strangers viewing her naked or patting her down an extremely humiliating violation of her rights as an American.

We flew out of Orlando. Fortunately, we were not selected for full body scan or pat down. We simply had to pass through the metal detector. Walking to our gate, Mary was an emotional wreck. She said her legs felt wobbly and she wanted to cry. Heartbroken, Mary said, “I can not believe Americans are putting up with this”.

At first I thought, “Honey, just get over it. Accept it and move on”. And then I thought, “Wow, what if I've become like the zombies in the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers? What if while I was sleeping, democrats injected my brain with mind numbing spores which destroy my will making me passive and receptive to government control? What if my passivity has made me a part of the problem contributing to the loss of our dignity?”

Perhaps, my wife is reacting like a “real” American. Displaying “true grit” American outrage, Mary is screaming “HECK NO!” to government infringement on her space and privacy.

The all volunteer grassroots Patriot Freedom Alliance hosted the Hutchinson Kansas tea party. After the tea party, patriot Larry volunteered to pick Mary and I up at the hotel 4:30am to drive us to Wichita to catch our flight to Florida where I was scheduled to speak and perform at another tea party.

Through my prompting, Larry, a senior, shared his life story. Wow, what an amazing man. His grandparents came to America via Ellis Island. Their boat trip to America took seven weeks.

As a young man, Larry worked at a slaughter house while attending college. He said, “I fell in love with sausage”. Larry and his bride invested everything into making sausage. For five years, they used his wife's income as a school teacher to keep their business going.

I asked Larry, “After two and a half years of the business not producing income, what prevented you from giving up on your sausage business?” Larry replied, “My debt to the bank and faith”.

Still, Larry lost everything and amazingly started his business over again. For several years, Larry worked twelve hour days.

Larry told me how two black employees arrived at the perfect time. One of them was so efficient and productive, he earned more in wages than Larry for ten years. A bit tearful, Larry said, “With employees like those guys working with me, I could not fail”. Over the years, the two black employees kept recruiting family members to come work for Larry. They became family.

One employee had ten kids and a drinking problem. Larry said the guy could not make it home with his salary. Larry's wife adopted the family and delivered groceries two times a month.

When Larry sold his two sausage factories, each employed around five hundred people. Though up in years, Larry is still working another successful business.

Larry risked everything numerous times, endured countless sleepless nights, sacrificed blood sweat and tears to achieve he and his wife's American dream. In the pursue of their dream, they touched many lives along the way. And yet, arrogant “snot nose” wimp liberals say the Larrys of America “owe” and demand that they “give back”. Larry is an extremely generous, kind and gentle man, but Larry does not owe anyone ANYTHING!

According to his recent budget speech, Larry is on President Obama's excrement list of selfish rich SOBs whose wealth is targeted for redistribution.

Obama, our great divider and grief administrator in the White House, is exploiting class envy to nurture his political party's tried and true faithful vote producing “entitlement mindsets”; deadbeats who think government should take from Larry to give to them. Totally outrageous and despicable.

Folks, Barack Hussein Obama is the unprecedented incredibly destructive bull in our china shop called America. Politically removing Obama in 2012 is vitally crucial to the survival of America as we know and love it; ending his War on Achievers.

Larry asked for my address. He is sending me a four foot pepperoni sausage which he pridefully claims to be the best in the world. Mary and I thoroughly enjoyed fellowshipping with our patriot family in flat windy Kansas.

Here is my little tribute to Kansas which was the setting for the movie, The Wizard of Oz. Sing it to the tune of the song, “If I Only Had a Brain”.

If you voted for Obama
I'm gonna tell you moma
'Cause he has caused us so much pain
I don't know what you we're thinkin'
His administration's stinkin'
Obviously, you were not using your brain.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Lloyd Marcus
Lloyd Marcus

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Biography - Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd MarcusLloyd Marcus, is a Proud Unhyphenated American.

Lloyd's childhood began in a Baltimore ghetto. He grew to manhood in the 1960s. He is an artist, singer, production designer and musical producer, all professions frequently inhabited by leftists. Even his hairstyle – his hair is long and usually woven into a tight ponytail – bespeaks avant-garde. He is outgoing with an infectious laugh. He has become a major Deltona civic leader. His songs and artwork have uplifting, often patriotic, themes. And, as his work on Republican campaigns shows, his politics lean toward the right.

For more, visit Lloyd's website at

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