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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Eugene Narrett, PhD
Bio: Eugene Narrett, PhD
Date:  March 9, 2007
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It’s Coming: Gulf War III

Ancient history is intersecting with the end game of modern and post-modern Globalism. The western powers or, rather, the financial-diplomatic-intelligence and industrial cadres that use the politicians of the west as their masks and whose goal is a regionalized world system or global security state of a few major ‘communities of interest’ are preparing for an overdue showdown with the regime of the Ayatollahs. Shiite apocalyptics ensures the date will be kept.

The ugliest truth is that the overweening tycoons that rule our media, politics, life styles and de-limit our policy ‘options’ are in bed with the various (and competing) leaders of jihad, also a system of global hegemony that never will be whole (witness the Sunni - Shiite bloodbath of thirteen centuries). It’s a marriage made in and for hell and both the Emperor and Empress are naked.

Both Republican and Democratic administrations have obscured from the American people the enormous involvement of Iran not only in worldwide jihad but their degree of collaboration with Al Qaeda and other Sunni groups. Hizbollah is funded by Iran and is part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Syria is its free lancing client state. But since at least the early 1990s Iran has worked with Cuba (and its bacteriological weapons group), Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, funding and paramilitary operations that have become plainly visible in recent months. Iran seems to have assisted Iraq to carry out the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. And “the Islamic Republic declared war on the United States in March 1982, thirteen months before the bombing” of the US embassy by Hizbollah (Baer, See No Evil). Ali Khamenei remains supreme head of this anarchic jihadist- hydra as has been periodically reported by media from the AP, The Los Angeles Times, CBS, NBC, to the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism, to depth studies like Bill Geertz’s Breakdown.

After 9/11 most of this knowledge was swept out of sight and the genie grew great. The client regime of Ehud Olmert was ordered to keep Israel’s reserves shut down and its air force under wraps so Hizbollah could get bragging rights, inflame the Muslim street, and prepare Israelis for defeatism and a doomsday bargain.

That bargain is just about here …

Al Qaeda and Iran collaborated on Project Bojinka and 9/11 as today they join in slaughtering Chaldeans in Iraq. Memri has carried transcripts of letters of Iraqi Sunnis to Al Qaeda pleading for clarification and neutrality. It doesn’t seem forthcoming, but a ‘draw down’ of American and British troops is projected for the near future. That must whet Khamenei’s appetite.

Shiite apocalyptics state that the 12th Imam, the rightly guided one will manifest his glory and power in…Mecca, that’s right, stronghold of the house of Saud and Islam, especially Sunni Islam (Shiite holy cities are Qom and Karbala). After the Mahdi destroys his enemies in Mecca he will march triumphantly to Baghdad and rule from there, always the goal of Persian hegemony.

From 1815-1979 English and then Anglo-American diplomacy and military deployments centered on keeping Russia out of Iran, but Iran is now a major regional power and a close ally and tool of Russia. Would Russians love to murder millions of Jews via Iran? Would Russia love to queer the Anglo-American Arab Federation of which Jewish ghettos churn out medical, aeronautic, cellular, and military technologies? You bet they would and are mighty close to doing so.

What triggered the first Gulf War? What triggered operation freedom, democracy, and drivers-ed in Iraq? Mesopotamian threats to the House of Saud which is “untouchable” in Washington; it’s coming…

American troops are withdrawn from Iraq or redeployed to Kurdistan. Fueled by messianic mania, Iran and Shiite factions overwhelm Mesopotamia, blow through Kuwait and mass on the northern deserts of the artificial Saudi state. Hizbollah and Syria renew attacks on Israel as do recipients of their largesse and technical support, Hamas and Jihad Islami.

The expulsion and surrender regime in Jerusalem, the perennial anti-Jewish regime of Labor Zionists is consuming itself and about to collapse: to save itself it must save the state it rules for the Anglo-American interests. America must save the House of Saud. In the nick of time, Persian arrives to play the heavy, just what the “Bear” of the Middle East has done during so many centuries of history (Daniel 7:5). Caspian Sea oil will then flow undisturbed to the Persian Gulf as will oil from Mosul.

How much carnage will the Anglo-American branch of the globalist cartel accept before the counterstrike and how thorough this strike will be? They monitor events like a stock ticker and probably have not decided. It was profitable to create this mess and will be profitable, for them to rebuild afterward. Be sure of two things: ordinary people will pay for it in blood and money; and afterwards, there will be more security measures and less freedom and peace.

As in Brave New World (chapter 3), Mustapha Mond chortles away. From a very different perspective: “only on slippery places do you set them…” (Psalm 73).

Eugene Narrett, PhD

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Biography - Eugene Narrett, PhD

Eugene Narrett has been writing and teaching in the greater Boston area since 1979. He has published extesnively on American politics and culture and on the history and geopolitics of the Middle East. His two most recent books on these topics are Israel and the Endtimes: Writings on the Logic and Surface Turbulence of History (2006, and WW III: the War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State (2007,

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