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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Eugene Narrett, PhD
Bio: Eugene Narrett, PhD
Date:  March 25, 2007
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The Good News and the Bad News, Vignettes on Perversion and Holiness

There is a lot of good news concerning Israel, the land and people, every day: they exist by miracles of faith, efforts, devotion, applied insights, holiness and a demonstration of the divine promise. There is a lot of bad news every day about Israel because the sovereignty of the nation is tenuous, the hostility of the world powers, government and NGO’s is relentless as expressed by the “world community”; a miracle of existence because there are enemies without and weak spirit within the Land, a self-hatred, projected onto other Jews that invites attack from Amalek (cf. Exodus 17; 1 Samuel 15; Esther, v. Haman the Agagite).

And there is bad news because even when one of the major media unveils some of the implacable genocidal hostility and propaganda masked as education of Israel’s enemies within and around it they manage to bury their minimal and belated revelations by not mentioning its most salient points.

This happened throughout the shoah; the lies of omission are if anything even more pronounced in recent years.

The good news for the evening of March 15, 2007 was that the Hannity & Colmes show on Fox News featured a five-minute segment with Brigitte Gabriel on the topic of female homicide-suicide bombers. In the major media they are, of course, referred to simply as “Suicide bombers” or “killers”; in the Arab world they are termed “martyrs” (shaheeds) all misleading or just plain false phrases. Since these “martyrs” purpose is to murder Jews, and that is the reason that jihadists term them “martyrs” than it is misleading and false not to term them murderers since that is their avowed purpose and what in fact they do, if they are successful.

To them success means murdering Jews, destroying the state of Israel and naming it Palestine as the perverted and genocidal Roman Emperor Hadrian did after his legions defeated the third Jewish war for independence and desolated the land and the people.

Jews speak truth to power …

During this five-minute plus discussion, the word “Jews” as in “kill” Jews was used only by Brigitte Gabriel (several times, but not several other times when the context demanded it for clarity); Sean Hannity used the term once; Alan Colmes, of course, did not used the hateful term “Jews” at all although it is for the purpose (and often with the result) of murdering Jews that these “martyrs” are dispatched. The term “murder” went unspoken.

One good thing, -- truth is a good thing, obscuring it is evil – that was discussed was the brutality and injustice of Islamic treatment of and attitudes toward women. A Muslim women can give mortal offense to members of her extended family by talking, in person or on the cell phone to someone that some male members of her family do not wish her to talk; she can give mortal offense be being seen with someone a family member decides he does not wish her to be or be seen with. She can give mortal offense by being accused of adultery, a kind of hideous version of how the accusation of a man, husband, co-worker, friend, acquaintance – by a woman in Anglophone nations can result, the mere accusation alone in that man being treated by the judicial system as a violent criminal.

Maybe that’s why feminists like Colmes and legions of others do not so much or anything about Islamic “honor killing” of women, one form of which is ordering and equipping them to gain “atonement” by murdering JEWS by exploding themselves in the midst of Jewish men, women and children, including doctors and nurses giving them free medical care.

Maybe it’s because of the hatred of Jews that pervades western culture since its origin, a culture which is entirely indebted to the Jewish people whose principles it pillaged and deformed in establishing itself (and that’s why it’s been disintegrating ever since it was cobbled together, for all its wondrous accomplishments) that western mass media, despite the pitiless and unjust feminism they have promoted for forty years or more if one includes the push for legal and limitless abortion and female-initiated divorce that has destroyed this culture from within; maybe it’s because of this hatred of Jews and because of this feminism that western mass media don’t mention that it is legal in several Islamic states to punish women that offend male members of their family by gang-raping them. Why don’t the feminists who rule the western mass media make a big, big story about that? It’s the reason that gang-rape is endemic in Eurabian-ruled portions of Europe. Maybe that’s what feminists want here, too… the other side of the coin to what they are and what they have done.

One last word on this selective attention that numbs and conditions consumers of news: the ironies here described are treated in the opening discussion of the sages of the Zohar (Exodus 193) on Torah portion Ki Tisa (Exodus 35-38:20). Among several salient lines of discussion the sages compare Israel, the nation that builds the sanctuary on this earth for its Creator Who designated them as His am segulah (“intimately beloved people”) to its two relentless opponents, Edom and Ishmael who have been entwined genetically via forbidden marriages since the days of Esau whose behavior “was a bitterness of spirit to his parents.” Esau, he is Edom it states thrice (Genesis 36) which is Europe in its imperial sense, the EU and the religions of Rome; Ishmael is Islam whose founder thence traced his descent from Kedar.

Noting the insightful and timely metaphors of the sages, the big beautiful “cow” of Edom offers its rump to the per'adam, the wild ass, the human beastliness of the rapists of Kedar whose legal brutality via customary applications of Shari ‘a complements the lawless law and engrained perversion of Edom as observed in the ideology, media, courts, academia and other institutions of the post-modern west. Together they generate Eurabia and postmodernism, monsters worthy of Ovid and foreseeable from his fables.

Noting the insightful and timely metaphors of the sages, the big beautiful “cow” of Edom offers its rump to the per'adam, the wild ass, the human beastliness of the gangrapers of Kedar whose legal (by their law) brutality is the complement to the lawless law and engrained perversion of Edom as observed in the ideology, media, courts, academia and other institutions of the post-modern west. Together they generate Eurabia and postmodernism, monsters worthy of Ovid. The sages teach that the evil impulse for forbidden sex is particularly desirous of dwelling in Israel, the desirable land as embodied in the calves set up by Yeravam, the female one being in Dan toward which Israel tended (Zohar, ibid). We see this in the past two centuries in simple terms as many Jews are attracted to western (Edom's) norms that themselves are deformations of Judaism. So Israel's institutions and categories of thought in this century is doubly removed from itself, a mockery of mockery of itself, which explains much of the bad news. The goddess worship the pagan west injected into Israel corrupts and cripples Israel and keeps it from being a Jewish state. The monstrously unjust condemnation of Israel by the UN commission thus is bitter poetic justice. It is a wake-up call, a shofar in the city. Amalek is the snake of sexual perversion and profligacy as evidenced by widespread prostitution. “They who kiss the calves” will slaughter people as is done to the settlers. This perversion will be suppressed by Yesod Ha Tiferet, “beauty in holiness” when the covenant is honored, fathers teach their sons and genuine peace follows victory and dissipates the lies of the War on Terror (Zohar 200a on portion Vayakel). Then Israel will have a sanctified covenant and state…

When the UN Commission on the Status of Women issued its report, as Anne Bayefsky ( noted on March 20, the only nation in the world it condemned was Israel. The million female slaves in Saudi Arabia, their passports confiscated; the hundreds of thousands of raped and mutilated women of Darfur; the forced abortions in China, the Christian women and schoolteachers murdered in Nigeria all were ignored in order to demonize the Jews. At the very time that gangs of Israeli-Arab thugs were raping Jewish women to ‘resist the occupation’ Euro-UN mouthpiece John Dugard was condemning Israel for racism and the Germans introduced a prissy qualification.

But as we have seen, Jews in Israel have no human rights and no humanitarian crises because the nations do not consider them human. Israel will live only be standing up in its own resistance and asserting its humanity, promise and mission.

Secretary of State C. Rice admitted that American tax-dollars sent to Fatah wind up with Hamas, as the Arabs defiantly state. “We will have to be more careful,” she told Congress asking for an amount less than the original $86 million. “I’m doing my best,” she added, her words lacking a direct object which clearly is to murder Jews and destroy Israel. Abu Mazen – Abbas stated weeks ago that “our rifles [received from the US] will be raised against the occupation,” that is, used to shoot Jews.

As long as it means alliance with those who want to murder Jews and call it “martyrdom” and “resistance to the occupation” Europe and the US State Department will join the jihadist enemy in every form of perversion, including those of language and thought that describe Jews living in the Israeli heartland as “occupiers” who must be expelled. That lie is called the Road Map; bad news for other days.

Eugene Narrett, PhD

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Eugene Narrett has been writing and teaching in the greater Boston area since 1979. He has published extesnively on American politics and culture and on the history and geopolitics of the Middle East. His two most recent books on these topics are Israel and the Endtimes: Writings on the Logic and Surface Turbulence of History (2006, and WW III: the War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State (2007,

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