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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Eugene Narrett, PhD
Bio: Eugene Narrett, PhD
Date:  May 5, 2007
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The Unmentioned Parallel to the Duke Rape Case

The storm of the Duke Rape case has subsided. Unless there is an after-shock should district attorney Mike Nifong be indicted rather than merely chastised, the enormous significance of this matter will be buried by tomorrow’s catastrophes and absurdities. But beyond the reverse racism and victim feminism at Duke, there is one major area of American life that went unmentioned throughout the saga: the routine, vicious, and family-destroying methods of the divorce industry and courts, methods and biases that destroy lives for profit.

Read carefully because more than the damage done to the students at Duke the injustices and damage of the Divorce Industry tear out the heart of our Constitutional Republic and of the relationships of trust, honor and honesty at its core.

In closing we will consider why the torrent or media coverage somehow missed, or buried the connection between the injustices at Duke and the divorce industry.

First parallel: an accusation by the state-favored party destroys the rights and most of the legal standing of the accused. This dynamic is even more extreme in cases of divorce, over a million a year for almost thirty years than it was in North Carolina; more extreme and strange because divorce is considered a “no fault” civil matter rather than a criminal one. This makes it worse for the pre-designated ‘guilty’ party (the father in almost every case) because none of the evidentiary protections and due process owed to the accused in a criminal matter applies in divorce law or, rather, lawlessness.

Twelve years ago, a panel of Massachusetts judges wrote guidelines confirming the horror already in place. “The rules of evidence shall not apply,” they wrote, “and hearsay shall be admitted” when a woman claims, often by phone with no supporting evidence that she is “in fear.” These subjective claims are enough to put a man from his house and children, a reviled “abuser,” a “defendant” with none of the rights of a genuine defendant.

Just as the multicultural politics meant to destroy our culture made the young white athletes ‘guilty’ so too they make men ‘guilty’ in cases of divorce where they endlessly try to justify why they should be allowed to be with their children. In the Duke matter, contradictory evidence was destroyed leading, eventually to acquittal and, hopefully, restitution. In the Divorce Industry evidence doesn’t matter; it’s irrelevant, not requested, or, when provided, it is blatantly suppressed and ignored by judges, lawyers, and “family service officers.” So are outrageous and irrational statements and behavior by the accuser.

Any father who has been through this process of state-sanctioned torture knows that its hostile indifference to truth and contempt for the child-father bond pervades every aspect of the industry and of culture. It pervades academia and advertising, too.

Second parallel: the complicity of the elites, their vicious political correctness rooted in Rousseau and Marx in vilifying and silencing the accused, in burying relevant facts and obscuring revealing cultural connections. This is why you did not read anyone mentioning the divorce parallel to the system’s drive to condemn and destroy the innocent while smugly complimenting itself on its ethics and “concern,” its faked and self-serving “compassion” as it fed the multi-cultural machine. It’s another form of what happens at our southern borders. Remember the eighty-five faculty who rushed to condemn the young men, evidence be damned? These cowards and sadists are nearly all that’s left in Academia, at least in disciplines in the Humanities where persuasion and (supposedly) rational inquiry are the methods rather than the set formulae, math and proofs of the hard sciences that can’t be faked or forced.

If you complain about academic attitudes toward illegal immigration, the threat of jihad, Globalism or junk science like global warming or the ‘gay gene’ just remember that the education industry is a mono-culture filled with feminists. Americans let it get this way and now pay for it in every sense. It’s a bizarre blend of the remedial, dogmatic and anti-cultural theatrics degrading almost everything it contacts.

Again and again in comment on the Duke case one heard “conservative” pundits ask where were faculty with the courage and integrity to uphold innocence until proven guilty. The fact is that such faculty, unless old and tenured do not exist on university campuses anymore. They will not get hired; if they are already there, they will not get promoted or renewed.

Our campuses are filled with cowards and thugs just like our newsrooms as John Swinton, dean of New York journalists declared in 1936 when, asked to give a toast at a banquet he called his colleagues on the carpet: “We are intellectual prostitutes,” he told them. “The business of a New York journalist is to lie, pervert; to vilify; to sell out his country.” Three generations later the competition is less and the sins more engrained. Political correctness, a Marxist term rules our major institutions from law, to education, to politics and media. Our institutions produce death and injustice. The Republic dies.

This leads to a third parallel: any dissenting voices were shouted down and cowed from the outset by the pre-designation of the correct victim and villain by self-serving intellectual prostitutes in government, law and academia. No dissent is allowed, no mercy shown by the petty deities in the brave new world of the Marxist-feminist combine that rules a dying America.

The media would never connect what happened at Duke to the Divorce Industry because they are owned by those who want government to displace fathers. As you may have noticed, America is not surviving this revolution of federally supported father-dearth. The autocracy of State intrusion into and breaking of the family is the root of the “Homeland Security” that will reduce us all to serfs while leaving the real terrorists at play.

The good news: the Duke Rape case was a criminal matter and just as in great drama, the villains ensnared themselves by an arrogant belief that they could get away with anything by serving the outcome-based plan. Perhaps this column will lead Americans to examine the horrors (that lead to failure in school, self-abuse of many kinds, crimes and anguish) perpetuated by the Divorce industry and demand the return to it of due process; even better, that the parent desiring divorce must prove with real evidence the unfitness of the parent they want to discard and rob of their children. Then divorces would decline dramatically. Family life would be happier because women would know they would not be rewarded for destroying it; and children would grow up stronger, more respecting of others and themselves in a world where truth matters.

As it is, the real war of terror is in the courts and media. The post-Modern West's longstanding war on fathers is central to breaking nations and creating a world security state in which all humans are clients who will turn to the State in place of the fathers that have been destroyed.

Eugene Narrett, PhD

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Eugene Narrett has been writing and teaching in the greater Boston area since 1979. He has published extesnively on American politics and culture and on the history and geopolitics of the Middle East. His two most recent books on these topics are Israel and the Endtimes: Writings on the Logic and Surface Turbulence of History (2006, and WW III: the War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State (2007,

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