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Author:  Eugene Narrett, PhD
Bio: Eugene Narrett, PhD
Date:  May 15, 2007
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Regionalized World for Killing Fields or Peace and Prosperity?

On April 30 President Bush co-signed, with Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany and a Spanish EU diplomat a lengthy document applauding American and European leadership in globalizing commerce. The document urged increasing integration of the economies of America and Europe. There were many lines about lowering trade barriers and tariffs (less sovereignty for individual states) and integrating education and medical protocols.

It seems that America’s ruling cadres along with Germany that leads the EU are pushing harder toward the regionalized world state championed by the Round Table, UN (“global security state” – Kofi Anan), Trilateral Commission and people as superficially diverse as Walter Cronkite, Kurt Waldheim, Hillary Clinton, Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Mikhail Gorbachev and George H. W. Bush…

George W. Bush is leading America’s integration into a Peace and Prosperity Security Partnership by dissolving our borders with Mexico and Canada at the same time that distinctions between America and Europe/Eurabia are erased. Will Americans be more secure and more prosperous when this occurs? One way to judge is by considering the progress toward the Middle East Free Trade Association also called “The New Middle East” and in 1919 described simply by Round Table editor John Dove as “the Arab Federation, its front door on the Mediterranean.”

There are two geographic bookends to this entity: let’s examine the eastern end first.

Operation Freedom and Democracy in Iraq is a complex and protracted surgery. Al Qaeda, the nominally Sunni jihad-umbrella group has been fighting mostly with Iranian elements against the members of the Sunni ISI (“Islamic State in Iraq,” see archives at which is straining to take down the US-backed government headed by Shiite Abdul Maliki. The northern third of the state has become a semi-autonomous Kurdish region while the Shiite majority south, seen by Saddam Hussein in the 1970s as “a different country; they don’t even speak Arabic,” drifts in the eddy of the feckless and unreliable British presence.

Are American troops there to protect the oil infrastructure and sustain Britain’s project of binding the oil fields of Mosul to the Persian Gulf below Basra? And/or are they there to complicate and keep the violence (intrinsic and endemic in any case) simmering? Why should our boys undertake casualty-intensive urban warfare in Baghdad when history affords no instance that Mesopotamia ever has been unified except by the imposition of raw force by one empire or another? Why not stand off and bomb when jihadists threaten the infrastructure built and paid by westerners? Why not define victory as what is good for the American people and republic?

To date the four big winners are arms manufacturers; advocates of population reduction; proponents of the notion that only the UN can peacefully solve a crisis (the second most hyped delusion of our era); the regime in Iran who steadily builds its military and economic outreach through the fuddling of the western powers and their enemies of convenience, Russia and China.

(The greatest delusion of our era is the media-manufactured notion that there is such a thing as a “Palestinian people.” As for UN “peacekeepers,” consult the history of the Congo [Zaire] in the 1960s and of what UNIFIL did for Hezbollah in southern Lebanon the past twenty-five years).

The eastern bookend of the Arab Federation-NME-MEFTA would be Israel if peace and prosperity were the goals. In a speech to the House of Lords in 1923, Sir Alfred Milner stated that the Jewish areas of “Palestine” would always be productive and its Arab areas always show a deficit. Thirteen centuries of history already had borne out his assessment and has proven it again in the decades since he spoke. Despite massive infusion of funds from Europe, the UN, America, the House of Saud, the mad governments of Israel (which provide electricity and potable water as well as work and cash) the Arabs in this area prefer to murder than build.

If the echelons which dominate the “Oceanic Commonwealth of English-speaking nations” wanted peace and prosperity in the western part of MEFTA they would long since have built Israel into a nation approximating its Scriptural boundaries and ordered it to assert itself firmly: they have done the opposite. All the world powers and associations intend that Israel and those areas where it should be are places of endless attrition, ignorance, poverty and relief works that serve mainly (like UNRWA) to foment violence.

Israel must never be allowed to win a war or peace, a lesson dictated by Western diplomats that Israel’s leftist cadres march to as shown in the “peace” marches of 1982, at Oslo, in summer 2006 and since. It often is forgotten that in 1948, as during the holocaust, America’s top echelons defeated all attempts to rescue, stood by and watched and, in 1967 had covert plans to attack Israel lest it retrieve its heartland.

The latest dictates of the NSC and World Bank to Israel is that is create a corridor from Gaze [hence, from Egypt] to the West Bank [hence Jordan and Iraq] for the free flow of ‘goods’ [i.e. weapons]): “free trade” for prosperity or attrition and dissolution of Israel?

Since 1920 the powers have hemmed in the Jews with a plethora of artificial states, lines drawn in Whitehall, Paris and backed eventually by Washington and Moscow. The result is one long war, vivisection with a “security fence” and EU troops and ships offshore. As for the fence: one’s coming soon at a border near you, -- porous and poor as an “Amero” that will turn dollars to dolors…

This grim picture should not surprise us for it is consistent with the killing fields of the abortion industry, the exaltation of contraception and feminism’s redefinition of women’s role, -- to the detriment of the family and life; to the (usually) killing fields of the divorce industry and the toxic anti-culturalism of public education, K-12 and higher. Desolation, death and madness not productivity, life and continuity are the goals of the gang.

As Jerusalem re-unification day arrives, American diplomats lead the world in shunning it and continue to insist, officially, that Jerusalem is not a part of Israel at all but as the EU and Vatican term it, a corpus separatum within Israel. Banning the Temple Mount to Jews, even as more evidence of David’s and Solomon’s ruins are unearthed daily shows the persistence of the British plan to internationalize Judaism’s city as part of triumphant Globalism, bloody attrition and the burial of history.

The facts on the ground suggest that the goals of the ruling interests are crisis creation and mis-management, population control and reduction, and a regionalized world system whose serfs are kept down by “security measures.” The Republicans push it along; the Democrats come in for the kill in a nasty geopolitical tag-team.

Be warned Americans: this is the future present of peace and prosperity partnerships.

Eugene Narrett, PhD

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Biography - Eugene Narrett, PhD

Eugene Narrett has been writing and teaching in the greater Boston area since 1979. He has published extesnively on American politics and culture and on the history and geopolitics of the Middle East. His two most recent books on these topics are Israel and the Endtimes: Writings on the Logic and Surface Turbulence of History (2006, and WW III: the War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State (2007,

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