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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Eugene Narrett, PhD
Bio: Eugene Narrett, PhD
Date:  July 12, 2007
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The West’s Ruling Cadres are Not Stupid

Commentators that have national, right-wing sentiments have a striking and regrettable tendency to base their critiques of Israeli and American policies on the notion that the leaders of these nations are stupid, unable to learn from their mistakes. For example, they complain that these policies and leaders can’t seem to learn that releasing jihadists from prison always produces more dead and wounded Israelis and more demands that Israel make more unilateral concessions to allay the “cycle of violence in the region.” And then they’re ‘surprised’ when this leads to more attacks ad infinitum.

Don’t they know, the most informed of these “right-wing” commentators exclaim, that Fatah has a long history of jihadist activities, that it is supported by Egypt and now, Memri reports, by Saudi Arabia and Iran, too; that Syria is an expansionist Iranian and Russian client that wants to destroy Israel, exterminate Jews and is hostile to everything America was meant to be?

On and on they beat their breasts against keyboard and microphone bringing postprandial contentment to the very leaders whose “mistaken” and “futile” policies they perennially lament and chide. This kind of criticism insures them a ‘place at the table,’ albeit off to one side.

This writer is a simpler person, a scholar who like Sherlock Holmes studies things as they are done and said, lets the pattern assemble itself and excludes theories that don’t fit the facts. See my books and previous essays for extensive analysis of the trees of this dark wood. This piece will focus mainly on the forest and suggesting that our rulers are not stupid but evil. They know their policies lead to murdered Jews; why is that their policy?

History demonstrates that the West’s dynamism is profoundly self-destructive, that this tendency has become increasingly blatant in recent centuries along with ideological and physical attacks upon Jews and Judaism. It also is clear that the geopolitics of the modern and post-modern West are power-based and remarkably consistent in their attack on national sovereignty and desire to create an extractive, global corporate socialism.

In the ordinary sense of the word the formulators of these policies and their salesmen-puppets, the politicians, are not stupid but evil: callous, power-mad and greedy. Anglo-American policies in the Middle East are not stupid or blind; they are clear-sighted and viciously consistent in facilitating jihad and keeping the cauldron of attrition simmering.

‘Don’t they see,’ wail nationalist commentators, ‘that Fatah and Hamas have the same goal, the destruction of Israel?’ Yes, they see; they know; that’s why they arm and train both, the former overtly and the latter via the former. ‘Don’t they hear Ahmadinejad saying over and again, like Khomeini that Israel must and will be destroyed? Don’t they see Iranian missile capabilities expanding for more than a decade?’ Yes, they hear and see; building up Iran is a choice they have made as shown by their tolerance of its regime since 1979, even though “Iran had declared a secret war against the United States in March 1982 and the US had chosen to ignore it” (Robert Baer, See No Evil, cited in D. L. Cuddy 2003, p 45). And they knew in depth since at least 1936 that a catastrophe was coming for the Jews of Europe but British geopolitics worked strenuously for a German-dominated continent and then, during the war worked overtime with the State Department to insure that no Jews were rescued from Europe and that giving them haven in Eretz Israel was not even to be discussed. Britain armed and trained the Arab armies that attacked the Jews in 1948 and with the USA applied an embargo that kept arms from reaching the Jews…

‘Don’t they see that Syria is a terrorist State that supports a myriad of terrorist groups’? How could they not; this artificial and volatile state is an excuse for various multinational forces to dominate news with their plans to “patrol” and monitor the violence. Victory over jihad has been ruled out because, we are told, “there is no military solution.”

The question addressed by serious commentators is why the powers of the West, like those of Russia or China whom many people understand are evil, want to reduce Israel and enable jihad? Why didn’t Britain establish and foster a powerful “Jewish National Home” in Israel west and east of the Jordan River and make it a mighty keystone in the “Oceanic Commonwealth, “ the “fraternal association of English-speaking peoples” of which Americans and Britons like Churchill spoke so often and glowingly from the 1920s – 40s? Why not give Israel the Sinai Peninsula (a.k.a. “the wilderness) and develop the oil and natural gas there and in the offshore waters? Instead of creating and then laboring to sustain artificial states like “Lebanon” (the name of a mountain range) and “Syria” (the Greek mis-pronunciation and mis-location of ancient Ashur) why not give all of the former and much of the latter to Israel to develop, nurture, and protect for the same reason and to assist in the geopolitical battle with Russia and Germany to control the Eurasian “world island” and thus dominate the world?

So what are they doing? If they wanted hegemony for Oceania which includes Japan by Halford’s original definition (1904) and Brzezinski-Rockefeller-Kissinger-Carter’s re-formulation in the “Trilateral Commission” why not foster Israel much as the League of Nations Mandate and, later, the overt contests of the “Cold War” and subsequent “War on Terror” demanded? Why arm and train jihadists some of whom work with Al Qaeda and demand that Israel open its checkpoints?

The ruling powers of the West, like their Franco-German and Russo-Chinese enemies of convenience and partners in global piracy prefer conflict at a more-or-less measured level of attrition. This weakens all smaller states, preparing for their incorporation into various regional blocs whose instability and lack of national coherence will make them and their resources, human and material easier to exploit. The grand game of the massive three blocks also prepares for their increasing internal fragmentation (the plans to balkanize and integrate North America, as has been done in Europe and the former Soviet Union) and their self-interested dance behind the ever-expanding fig leaf of the UN, also known as the world community.

As we have noted before in regard to the south-central part of the “world island,” the geographic and spiritual center of the world, John Dove’s plan for “an Arab Federation, its front door on the Mediterranean” (1919) has been pursued with tenacity by Britain and then Anglo-America ever since, material self-interest and pre-Machiavellian notions like morality be damned. The Russians pursue their plan for influence at the center, writ large in Iran and Syria, and from 1955-73 in Egypt, too, and the German-EU has its stake in Iraq and Iran. All blocs control Israeli political parties and politicians which perennially betray Jews to slaughter; the Germans and allies did this for the British in Europe in the 1940s (the Aryans had their own indigenous purposes, too); jihad does it for all the blocs since 1920, picking up where it had somewhat let up about 1800 as the Ottoman Empire waned and the European powers exerted sway over the Middle East.

The West’s leaders are not stupid in the ordinary sense although ultimately suicidal acts may be said to be the highest form of stupidity and decay. Dove’s “Arab Federation” became the “New Middle East” fronted for Eurabia by Shimon Peres; via the designs of the Bush –Clinton –Bush – Rodham / Romney dynasties this has been pressed toward the “Greater Middle East” that will include Iran and Turkey, seal off the Russians and allow the EU to maintain and expand its substantial financial, industrial and military involvement in the region. This all advanced as a result of the summer 2006 conflict sparked by Hezbollah and obligingly “bungled” by Olmert whom Cheney and Rice wear like a boutonniere. As for alternatives, the leader of the “nationalist opposition” Mr. Netanyahu says Abbas is a moderate whose Fatah must be strengthened and calls for a Jordanian brigade to police Judea and Samaria. The “rightwing” Strategic Issues Minister wants NATO in Yesha; Labor and Kadima want the EU. NATO and EU commanders have told Israel it must go it alone against Iran and it would, -- if America would not block it, militarily…

Eric Blair (“George Orwell”) did not invent but only described in his 1984 (1948) the geopolitics, fierce political correctness, and commitment to deceit and forgetting of the media and Academy. But political correctness and groupthink (also a major feature, along with multi-culturalism and sterile sex) of Huxley’s Brave New World (1931) are Communist terms and methods. Their absorption, codification and enforcement by the Modern West indicate that the Marxist-Leninist drive for a world state is congruent with and appealing to the Western blocs. The major influence on Marx’s system was Hegel (German) and the theories of Malthus, Darwin (propagated by T. H. Huxley), Mary Wollstonecraft – M. Sanger laid the social, anthropological basis for the reduction of humanity to resources, peons and pawns, to atomized families and anxious persons who face a future as credits and debits to be traded and deleted.

The rulers of the West and the other blocs know what they’re doing; when Iran has been used to crumble what remains of Israeli sovereignty they will, to cope with the crisis they’ve largely created, ingest the IDF into NATO and the emerging EU armed forces. Iran will be ‘democratized’ into the Greater Middle East while a German Europe dances alternately with Oceania and Eurasia. It is as Orwell wrote in the last sentence of Animal Farm (1946), to paraphrase: “the creatures [ordinary folks, tax payers] outside looked from the pigs to the bankers and the bankers to the pigs but found they could no longer distinguish one from the other.”

Our rulers know what they’re doing; courageous and thus clear-seeing observers recognize the problems as evil, power-lust and greed. The sovereignty of Israel would suppress jihad and restore light to a world darkening into tyranny. Otherwise, Orwell’s nightmare that “the lie will become truth” will be a dark reality in a depopulated new world order.

Eugene Narrett, PhD

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Biography - Eugene Narrett, PhD

Eugene Narrett has been writing and teaching in the greater Boston area since 1979. He has published extesnively on American politics and culture and on the history and geopolitics of the Middle East. His two most recent books on these topics are Israel and the Endtimes: Writings on the Logic and Surface Turbulence of History (2006, and WW III: the War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State (2007,

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