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Author:  Eugene Narrett, PhD
Bio: Eugene Narrett, PhD
Date:  September 26, 2007
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Acronyms in Afghanistan

An acronym is a neologism, a new word formed of the first letters or groups or letters of several words. For example, UNESCO is the acronym of the “United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization” whose first Director, Sir Julian Huxley wrote an important book, On the Purpose of the United Nations (NY, 1947).

Huxley believed fervently in evolution and the ability to foster it socially by applying “the thesis, antithesis, synthesis of Hegelian philosophy and the Marxist reconciliation of opposites based on it.” He wrote that “dialectical materialism was the first radical attempt at an evolutionary philosophy” (ibid). Sir Julian’s grandfather, publicist Thomas Henry Huxley was instrumental in turning Darwin’s theory into a dogma.

Sir Julian argued that the Hegelian-Marxist dialectic, a model of fusion by conflict “must be a mass philosophy, a mass creed” that relies on the modern media to “overcome the resistance of millions to desirable change” which for him meant “international education as a function of a world society” (ibid. 29).

The Great Depression and the “Alphabet Soup” of Federal Agencies, as our history books soothingly called them familiarized us with acronyms for vast government agencies that would “help” families with welfare and save us from poverty. For sixty years, the United Nations, helped by the media, has continued this process of bureaucratic gigantism, media promotion and education for world citizenship.

Ever heard of WUFA? It is one of the growing body of stealth groups and acronyms. It stands for the “World Federation of United Nations Associations” one of which is UNA-USA: the United Nations Association of the United States of America. They publish the Global Citizen a magazine for school teachers and students that is carrying forward Julian Huxley’s mission. They also offer a text, the Economies of Globalization “that can be used as a full-length, standards-based curriculum unit in high school classrooms” ( This is what happens today to educational standards....

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Eugene Narrett, PhD

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Biography - Eugene Narrett, PhD

Eugene Narrett has been writing and teaching in the greater Boston area since 1979. He has published extesnively on American politics and culture and on the history and geopolitics of the Middle East. His two most recent books on these topics are Israel and the Endtimes: Writings on the Logic and Surface Turbulence of History (2006, and WW III: the War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State (2007,

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