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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Dr. Robert Owens
Bio: Dr. Robert Owens
Date:  August 24, 2009
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Topic category:  Conservative/Libertarian/Right

Fool Me Once ...
If you don't work for what you want you have to take what you get.

The Progressives are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of America and if we don't watch out we won't see what's coming.

Don’t be fooled. The Progressives may backpedal. They may make noises about dropping the government option. They may call Obamacare insurance reform. They may talk about saving money and being more efficient. But they won’t retreat from their objective of re-making America into a nation of the government, by the government and for the government. All this backpedaling shows is that Progressives can’t campaign on what they really intend to do because they know that despite generations of dumbing-down education and endless Mainstream Media propaganda this is still a center-right nation. Beside when they tell people what they really intend to do they never win. Instead they campaign as centrists and rule as leftists. After the 2006 and 2008 elections the extreme leftwing of the Democrat Party controls Congress and the White House. During their time in power the Republicans discredited themselves with their big government mentality and big spending ways. As a minority the Republicans no longer have enough votes to slow the Progressives down. Following Bush’s lead the Alinskyites continued the takeover of the financial market, along with their union allies swallowed GM and Chrysler now they want to nationalize Health Care. However, despite overwhelming majorities in both houses of Congress they weren’t able to get’er done making the mistake of going back to their districts without victory in their hands. When people let them know loud and clear they’d gone too far in their effort to socialize America what did they do? Listen to the people and pull back from the brink? No, instead they attempt to marginalize and defame the people who showed up to petition their government for the redress of grievances. The Progressives ridiculed the Tea Parties using sexually-tinged slurs only they understood showing their lack of connection with middle-America by their choice of words. Who knew what tea bagging was until the media miscreants started calling people tea baggers not only showing their lack of understanding of the movement but accentuating their own field of expertise and experience. Now the same insolated elite attacks those who’ve left their comfort zones to tell their representative that driving our financial future over the cliff goes beyond anything anyone sent them to do. What is the reaction of the perpetually re-elected? They call their constituents, a mob, and Nazis, yelling at them and having them ejected from meetings. Obviously Obamacare isn’t about insuring the uninsured since all of their proposals leaves millions uninsured. It isn’t about lowering costs the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has scored the bills and said all of them would increase the costs. So what is it about? It’s all about power. It’s about gaining control over our most intimate decisions as well as unfettered access to the medical records of everyone. From the very people who’ve used the court discovered right to privacy as the license to abort more than a million Americans a year for the last 36 years. One Progressive friend of mine is convinced that the protesters are really minions or hired actors sent out by the big pharmaceutical companies and their Insurance henchmen. In reality president Obama held big-splash photo ops with these very people announcing that they were on board with his plan and are paying for ads in favor of the health care take over.
The fog of fraud swirls around the Health Care debacle. The Mainstream Media is portraying the power grab as insurance reform . Yet a quick review of government regulatory efforts show that the regulated industries end up controlling the boards meant to control them. This is called Agency Capture. Councils of Commissars become revolving doors for people who’re regulators one day and executives or consultants in the regulated industry the next and vice-a-versa. This Health Care monstrosity will be one more example along with Roosevelt’s NRA and WPA of socialist experimentation working out poorly in the end. It will also be as unconstitutional. The Democrats who now run Congress are threatening to use a procedure described by the Media as reconciliation that sounds nice as in “Let’s get reconciled.” Or, “Can I get a little reconciliation here?” When the Republicans who ran Congress wanted to use the same procedure to confirm the huge backlog of appointees the Democrats wouldn’t allow to come up for a vote the Media called it the nuclear option. Interesting how language can be used to shape public awareness. When Bush wanted to have the FBI or the NSA listen to conversations placed between domestic phones and overseas phones that specifically mentioned Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, or some other terrorist linked terms it was fascism yet when Obama spams half the country and wants everybody’s private medical information he’s just trying to help. When Congress returns they may make a show of debate and compromise but rest assured the Progressives know this is their do-or-die moment. They know that if they can’t socialize the country when they control every branch of government they can’t do it. In consequence, they’ll pass something calling it Insurance Reform until the ink is dry when it will become National Health Care knowing once it’s law the Regulation Czar will turn it into whatever they want and once it’s here like all entitlements it will always grow and never die.
Many people are beginning to feel they got fooled when they voted for change, the Who once wailed, “We won’t get fooled again!” and we all know, “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice …..” Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, Religion, and Leadership for Southside Virginia Community College. Contact Dr. Owens. © 2009 Robert R. Owens Dr. Owens is available for speaking engagements.

Dr. Robert Owens
The History of the Future

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