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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Larry Simoneaux
Bio: Larry Simoneaux
Date:  July 23, 2006
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Topic category:  Other/General

More odds and ends.

I was doing some mental housecleaning this week and found some things tucked away in the far corners of my mind:

  • I found myself encouraged (and even smiling) while watching the recent video of President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair having an unguarded conversation in front of an open microphone. Encouraged because what they said was far more understandable than the normal run of dainty, delicate, diplo-doublespeak wherein hundreds of words are frequently used to say precisely nothing. My only regret is that such "direct" discussions are not heard far more often.

  • Has anyone else noticed that radical Islamic groups donít really play well with others? Such seems especially true if said others just so happen to believe in such bizarre things as self-determination, justice, the equality of women, the simple goodness of music and song, and the right to worship (or even dress) as they see fit.

  • Given the fact that the most recent outbreak of violence in the Middle East can be laid squarely at the feet of Hamas and Hezbollah, Iím having trouble summoning up the slightest outrage (I admit Iím not trying very hard) over Israelís response to the situation. In fact, I think Israel should be allowed all of the time they need to send these groups directly to the hell they so richly deserve.

  • On a different note, one wonders what would happen if the leaders of all of the major religions on this planet flew to the Middle East and began preaching an idea common to every religion worthy of the name. Namely: "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."

    Were this to happen, the fundamentalist moonbats (a redundancy) would be presented with some tough choices. Theyíd have to decide what to do if the Pope or a cardinal of the Catholic Church faced them down. Theyíd have to decide what to do if a bishop or metropolitan of the Eastern Orthodox Church did the same. Theyíd have to decide what to do if a Muslim cleric, a Buddhist monk, a Baptist minister, or the Dali Lama blocked their weapons. Would they claim that the killing of such individuals was Allahís will?

    Says who? Anyone checked with Allah on that?

  • We almost lost another infant. This one was stuffed into a garbage bag and tossed into a water containment area in Marysville. He survived because a woman who lived nearby heard his cries.

    I donít know the problems that the mother of this newborn was facing. I do, however, know that whatever they were, they just Ė very rightfully Ė got a whole lot worse.

  • A recent study found that individuals who use cell phones while driving are every bit as dangerous as those who drive while legally intoxicated.

    Saith the study: "Driving while talking on a cell phone is as bad as or maybe worse than driving drunk."

    Do tell.

    One hopes that the researchers didnít spend a lot of money conducting this study. Thatís because anyone who drives nowadays couldíve told them the same thing and given them endless examples of the automotive antics of those who have these things surgically attached to their ears.

    Minor aside: the researchers also found that those who use cell phones believe that it doesnít affect their driving at all.

    Remarkably similar to the thinking of those whoíve been drinking, isnít it?

  • Is this how it all starts?

    The other night I went on a foraging mission to the kitchen. In the fifteen or so steps it took to get there from the sofa, I started thinking about something else - a new widget for my toolbox, going fishing next week - whatever. When I came back to the moment, I found myself staring at the innards of the refrigerator with no earthly idea of why I was there.

    My wife looked up and said: "Milk."


    "Look in your hand, Larry. Youíre holding an empty glass. It had milk in it, but you drank it all and wanted more. Thatís why youíre standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open. Thatís why our electrical bill is so high. Your attempt to single-handedly cool the North America is costing us money. Take the carton out, pour yourself a glass, and come sit down."

    That made me feel a bit foolish but itís not quite as bad as those moments when Iím talking with someone Iíve known for years and just canít quite remember his or her name.

    Such things seem to be happening a lot more often lately.

    Itís only going to get worse, isnít it?

    Larry Simoneaux

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    Biography - Larry Simoneaux

    Larry Simoneaux is a regular columnist for The Everett Herald in Washington state. He is a retired ship driver for the US Navy and NOAA.

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