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Author:  Larry Simoneaux
Bio: Larry Simoneaux
Date:  December 23, 2007
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Topic category:  Other/General

Christmas Eve.

Iím going to work today. I probably wonít stay long and, for sure, I wonít get much done.

Itís just a chance to go in on a quiet day, put a few odds and ends to rest, call a few people to wish them Merry Christmas, and wander around the building without having to deal with some crisis or other.

Being that itís Christmas Eve, thereís seldom a lot going on which makes it kind of nice. Peaceful, I think, is the word Iím looking for.

At any rate, Iíll probably be home for lunch and will just continue to putter for the rest of the day basically making sure that the dog doesnít chew any more Christmas tree ornaments and keeping our granddaughter out of the presents.

Iíll help my wife a bit with cleaning and pester her to bake some cookies and maybe even the chocolate pecan pie thatís the hands down favorite in our family. Truth be told, I think that pie is a big reason our grown kids come home for Christmas. It sure disappears quickly when she puts it out.

To help keep the stress down, Iím going to pretty much ignore the news for the rest of the week.

The situation in Iraq, the price of oil, the mess in baseball, slumping housing sales, global cooling - which is whatís coming after the current warming period if history is any predictor Ė will all continue to unfold pretty much as they will. Iíll worry about them and other things later.

Neither will I concern myself with any presidential candidateís latest goof. Politicians have been putting their feet into their mouths and doing dumb things since about the time Moses wore short pants. Theyíll still be at it next week. Donít think Iíll miss anything earth shaking by ignoring them either.

Iíll also not pay any attention to any foolishness foisted upon us by the ACLU and the PC hordes around the country. If I think about them, I get spun up pretty quickly, so Iíll just set their foolishness aside. If these folks can get themselves all a-twitter about the mere mention of Christmas in a public place, then theyíve got issues far beyond any help I can give them - which would mainly be a word of advice telling them to get a grip.

One big thing I wonít worry about is whether or not what I eat this week will be good for me. Sorry, but thereís never been a calorie conscious meal served in this household over the holidays. Honey baked ham and eggnog rise, for a time, to the top of my food pyramid to be very cheerily consumed. Anything with the word "Lite" attached is usually tossed into the garbage can where the racoons can turn up their noses at it too.

Iíll spend some time listening to Christmas carols and trying to keep our 3-year-old granddaughter giggling as much as possible. She loves my reading her "The Cajun Night Before Christmas" because "Poppy sounds funny."

Iím going to pick up my son at the airport. Heís been away for several years teaching in Japan. Iím not going to let on but Iíve missed him badly. Heíll be bringing his fiancť along with him for a visit. From what Iíve come to know about her, heís probably saying the same prayer I said 36 years ago. "Please God, just donít let her open her eyes until after weíre married."

Other things:

Iím going to put some fake antlers on my dogís head. Seeing him wandering around looking like that should be good for a laugh.

Iím going to build a fire and keep it going all Christmas Eve and all Christmas Day. A good fire just seems to make the house a lot warmer. Al Gore and John Edwards can just shut off their swimming pool water heaters for a day and I figure it'll all balance out.

Iím going to read the story of the birth of Christ to remind myself what all of this is really about. I confess that I need that.

And, right here, Iím going to thank all of you whoíve read this column and especially thank those of you whoíve taken the time to write. Youíve been great. I hope that some part of the joy this holiday represents finds its way into your homes and lives.

It truly is a special time of the year.

Merry Christmas.

Larry Simoneaux

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Biography - Larry Simoneaux

Larry Simoneaux is a regular columnist for The Everett Herald in Washington state. He is a retired ship driver for the US Navy and NOAA.

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